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Google Chrome 104 released: fixes 27 security issues

Google Chrome 104 released: fixes 27 security issues. A new stable edition of Google’s Chrome internet browser has been made available. All compatible desktop os as well as Google Android and Apple iOS smartphones may use Google Chrome 104. There is also Google Chrome 104 for the Extended Stable Channel.

The complete build numbers of the releases are Chrome 104.0.5112.79 for Mac and Linux, Chrome 104.0.5112.79/80/81 for Windows, Chrome 104.0.5112.69 for Android, and Chrome 104.0.5112.71 for iOS.

Users of Chrome 104 Desktop may immediately install the Chrome 104 update on their devices by doing a manual search for updates. Users using mobile devices must wait till the updated version is sent to their devices.

The following steps can be taken by desktop users who want to install the update straight away:

  1. Start Chrome web browser.
  2. Enter chrome:/settings/help in the URL bar of the browser. The current Chrome version is visible on the first website that loads. It runs a check for updates, downloading and installing any that it discovers.
  3. To complete the installation the Chrome 104 update, restart Chrome.

Chrome 104 is a security update

There are 27 different security flaws that Google Chrome 104 fixes. Only the severity of security flaws revealed by independent security researchers and groups is disclosed by Google. The reported vulnerabilities have a maximum severity rating of high, which is only exceeded by critical.

Exploits currently being used in the wild are not mentioned in the release notes. To safeguard Chrome against attacks that target the vulnerabilities, an immediate upgrade is still advised.

There are several changes in Chrome 104 that aren’t related to security. Thirteen feature changes, all of which are connected to development, are listed on the Chrome Platform Status page.

The page on Chrome 104 Beta, which outlines some of the changes in Chrome 104, may be of interest to developers.

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