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How to Teleport in Minecraft?

How to Teleport in Minecraft 2022 or how to tp in Minecraft- To teleport command in Minecraft is explained in detail in this article for Windows PC, PS4, and Xbox One. 

Although it may not be instantly obvious, it is possible to teleport in Minecraft on PC, consoles, and mobile devices as well. The good news is that. The bad news is that there is no complete solution for Minecraft fans because the teleportation method in the game varies based on the platform.

To help you learn how to teleport and reach where you’re going quickly, we’ve divided our guide into sections that are particular to the PC, console, as well as mobile versions of Minecraft.

How to Teleport in Minecraft on PC?

Step 1: Open Minecraft

Step 2: The world that you want to play in can be created or loaded.

Step 3: Go to the location you want to teleport to later; this may be your base, a farm, or a project you’re working.

Step 4: To see your current locations below the mini-map, click F3 + Fn + F3 on a PC or Alt + Fn + F3 on a Mac. You’ll need all these coordinates to teleport again, so make a note of them.

Step 5: Enter the console by clicking the / key on your keyboard when you wish to teleport.

Step 6: Using the same sequence that you initially typed the coordinates down, type the teleport command teleport name x y z, substituting name with the username of your character, x with the east/west coordinate, y with the vertical coordinate, and z with the north/south coordinate. Your completed command should resemble this: LewwyPaints 2 43 72 teleport

Step 7: By using the command transport Bert Ernie, you may teleport to another player’s position (or bring them to you) as well. This will teleport Bert to Ernie’s current location.

Step 8: To teleport your player to the specified coordinates after typing the command, just press Enter.

Note:  it’s conceivable that you may teleport yourself into solid ground if you don’t input the coordinates correctly. Your health would swiftly deteriorate as a result of this, and death would shortly follow. Simply finish your command with the word true to prevent this. This makes the game make sure there aren’t any solid blocks at the site of your teleport, and if there are, it will cancel the teleport.

Other teleport command-

/tp @a @s:

Do you want everyone to assemble at your location? That is what this command accomplishes. Replace s with the locations you wish to teleport everyone else to in the other direction.

/tp £e[type=EnemyName] @X Y Z:

This command teleports specific enemy types that are nearby to where you are. In lieu of EnemyName, replace X, Y, and Z with the mod type you wish to spawn.

/tp ~ 62 ~: 

If you wish to hop up or down to a specific level, this command lets you lock some locations while altering others. Simply substitute a tide () for the coordinate you wish to remain the same, then alter the others.

How to teleport in Minecraft on Console

Before we get into the console-specific teleportation instruction, it’s important to note that, unlike on PC, you can only teleport to the position of another player while you’re hosting a multiplayer world.

Here’s how to teleport in Minecraft on PlayStation, Xbox, or Nintendo Switch now that that is out of the way.

  1. Open the main menu on your console and start Minecraft.
  2. Select Play Game, then choose the planet you want to load, but wait until you have done so.
  3. Make sure that Host Privileges is checked under Game Options.
  4. While prompted about the lack of achievements and leaderboard updates when using host privileges, choose Load and click OK.
  5. Press Options on an Xbox or the Touchpad on a PlayStation to open the Host menu once the game has loaded.
  6. Select Teleport to Player under Host Options.
  7. This ought to bring up a list of all the players that are currently active in your globe. You just only choose a user from this list, and you’ll be transferred right there.

How to teleport in Minecraft on Mobile

While inputting coordinates on a mobile device could be challenging due to the absence of a real keyboard, teleporting is possible.

  1. The world you want to play in should be loaded when you open the Minecraft app.
  2. The pause menu may be accessed by tapping the top-right corner of the screen; while the symbol isn’t always visible, it is present.
  3. To utilise teleportation, choose Settings and turn on the Cheats option.
  4. Reopen the menu by selecting Resume Game.
  5. At the very top of the screen, click the Chat icon.
  6. Make sure to substitute YourUsername with your Minecraft username when type /tp YourUsername to obtain your current coordinates for future usage. Your current coordinates should be shown in the command menu, but this won’t transport you anywhere.
  7. Click the Chat button once again to open the text box and input /tp to teleport. YourUsername X Y Z is a coordinate system where X stands for the east-west coordinate, Y for the vertical coordinate, and Z for the north-south coordinate.
  8. To teleport your character to the given locations, click the Enter button, which resembles a chat box with an arrow in it.

How to Enable the Minecraft cheat mode

To teleport in Minecraft, you must enable cheats. Thankfully, Minecraft often makes this simple. Wait a bit on the Create new world screen if you are making a new Java Minecraft world to explore. Make sure the Allow cheats button is switched on and can be found.

The procedures are the same whether you’re using a console, Bedrock, or another game. Make sure Activate cheats is toggled on in the Game options section of the Create new world box.

Simply access the game menu and seek for the Cheats section to activate cheats if you are in a planet you have previously built. To view this option in the Java version, you might need to create a LAN session in settings.

What is the Limitations of teleporting in Minecraft

  1. Set the Y coordinate with care. You will find yourself in the Void with nothing to help you if you go below -64. Or you’ll disappear into thin air, which is extremely irritating.
  2. Normal teleportation to The End or The Nether is not feasible. As long as you indicate to execute in one of the other dimensions while using the Java edition, you may sneak in by combining the “/execute in” as well as “run tp” commands.
  3. It can be irritating to have to remember precise coordinates. If you wish to remember the coordinates of a certain location, copy & paste them or write them down.
  4. There are several commands that go nicely with teleportation. You may teleport directly to the closest village by using the “/locate village” command, for instance, which will provide you with its coordinates.
  5. Only in the Java edition and comparable versions are command blocks with specialized teleport capabilities available.

How to Enter the Command in Minecraft

1. Activate the chat window.

Within the chat window is where you may perform commands in Minecraft the simplest. Depending on the version of Minecraft, the following controls are used to access the chat window:

  1. To start the chat window in Java Edition (PC/Mac), click the T key.
  2. Click on the chat button help command at the top of the display for Pocket Edition (PE).
  3. Tap the D-Pad (right) on the controller to operate Xbox One.
  4. Tap the D-Pad (right) on the controller for PS4.
  5. Click the right arrow button on the controller to activate Nintendo Switch.
  6. The chat window will open for Windows 10 Edition when you click the T key.
  7. Click the T key to bring up the chat box in the Education Edition.

2. Enter the Command

We’ll go over examples of how to teleport to relative locations, specified coordinates, and to another player in the game using the /tp command.

Teleport to a Relative Set of Coordinates

First, let me demonstrate how to teleport to a nearby set of coordinates.

For instance, you might use the tilde character () for the x, y, and z values to move the player DigMinecraft to relative coordinates:

/tp DigMinecraft ~53 ~-6 ~17

In the chat window, enter the command. The command will show in the lower left corner of the game window as you type it. Run the command by pressing the Enter key.

The player known as DigMinecraft would be teleported to a location 53 blocks east, 6 blocks down, and 17 blocks south of the present location with this /tp command.

When the tp command has finished, the message “Teleported DigMinecraft to x, y, z” will show in the lower left corner of the game window.

Teleport to a Particular Set of Coordinates

Let’s now demonstrate how to teleport to a certain location in the game.

With the following command, for instance, you may teleport the player DigMinecraft to a certain set of coordinates:

/tp DigMinecraft 85 72 -200

To execute the command, type it in the chat window and hit Enter.

By using the /tp command, the player known as DigMinecraft would be teleported to the coordinates 85, 72, -200.

When the tp command has finished, the message “Teleported DigMinecraft to x, y, z” will show in the lower left corner of the game window.

Teleport to Another Player

Let’s conclude by demonstrating how to teleport to a different player in the game.

Using DigMinecraft as an illustration, you may transport Steve to DigMinecraft:

/tp DigMinecraft Steve

To execute the command, input it in the chat window and click Enter.

The player DigMinecraft would be teleported to Steve’s current location in the game by using the /tp command. has finished.

Congratulations, you now know how to use the Minecraft /tp command.

How To Teleport in Minecraft PS4 :

Step 1: Double-click the Minecraft program on your PC.

Step 2: Decide whatever world or stage you want to play in. If you want to, you have the power to make a new planet.

Step 3: Tap the Play-selected world’s icon.

Step 4: Identify yourself since this is where you will teleport the other player. To check your current location, press F3.

Step 5: By now, you ought to be familiar with all of the coordinates. Press the forward slash key (/) on the keyboard. The process of opening your console will start with this.

Step 6: In the console area, enter the commands “teleport (put the player’s real name here) X Y Z.” Remember that case matters when typing in a player’s username.

Step 7: Click the Enter key to instantly transport the other player to your position.

How to teleport in minecraft xbox

To enter the Host menu once the game has started, press Options on an Xbox, Start on a Nintendo Switch, or the Touchpad on a PlayStation. Select Teleport to Player under Host Options.

How to teleport to someone in Minecraft?

  1. Tap Teleport to Player under Host Options.
  2. This ought to bring up a list of all the players that are currently active in your globe.
  3. You just only choose a user from this list, and you’ll be transferred right there.

How to teleport in Minecraft in 2022

A player with username1 can teleport to the position of a player with username2 by using the command “/tp username1 username2.” Additionally, you can teleport to another player by using this command.

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