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More Than 30 New Gigabytes Leaked Together

More Than 30 New Gigabyte Leaked Together ahead of time, giving Gigabyte fans an early Christmas present.

According to various reports, Gigabyte will introduce five new gaming laptops and 29 new motherboards in the near future. The laptops feature Intel Alder Lake processors and the motherboards range from ATX to micro-ATX.

Christmas has arrived a little early for Gigabyte fans, as over 30 new Gigabytes have been leaked ahead of schedule.

Gigabyte will swiftly announce 5 new gaming laptops and 29 new motherboards, according to several reports. The motherboards range from ATX to micro-ATX, all for Alder Lake sockets, and the laptops use Intel Alder Lake processors as well.

VideoCardz was the first to report on five new Gigabyte gaming laptops that would include Intel’s Twelfth-Gen Alder Lake processors and Nvidia’s best graphics cards from the RTX 30 Ti series.

VideoCardz also shared photographs of two laptop models, the Gigabyte Aorus 17 E-series and the Gigabyte Aero 17. A laptop computer with a mechanical keyboard (17G) and a flagship model with Max-P graphics (17X) are also expected, though photos of these models are still unavailable.

All five of the brand-new laptops are geared toward gamers and are equipped with some of the most cutting-edge components. The Aorus 17, 2022 series will support both DDR4 and DDR5 memory technologies.

The DDR4-based laptops will be available in a variety of configurations, with the most expensive model featuring an Intel Core i7-12700H processor and an RTX 3080 Ti graphics card.

The DDR5 edition, predictably, has even better specs, including a Core i9-12900HK processor and an RTX 3080 Ti GPU with different TGPs (105 watts to 130 watts.)

More Than 30 New Gigabyte Leak Together With Laptops And Motherboards

New Gigabyte Laptops And Motherboards

Several laptops are expected to have high-end displays, such as a 4K mini-LED IPS panel with 120Hz refresh rates, according to reports. Consumers may expect brilliant colors with a brightness of over 1000 nits because it has received the Show HDR1000 certification.

People are observing an improvement in display measuring with the Gigabyte Aero: From a 15-inch to a 16-inch display with a much slimmer bezel on the backside.

With a Samsung AMOLED screen, a resolution of up to 38402600, and a brightness of over 500 nits, the display performance is expected to be exceptional (DisplayHDR500-certified.)

When it comes to hardware, the Gigabyte Aero should be able to keep up with the Aorus, as it features a variety of Intel Alder Lake processors.

The most powerful model has a Core i9-12900HK CPU and a choice of Nvidia GeForce RTX 3080 Ti or 3070 Ti graphics cards, each with a TGP of 105W.

The laptops wouldn’t be the only thing that leaked ahead of time for Gigabyte in the last two days: REHWK on Twitter revealed that the company is working on a comprehensive range of Intel motherboards.

The portfolio includes 29 boards that cover everything from traditional ATX to Micro-ATX, but no mini-ATX models are listed. These motherboards are all designed for the Intel B660 socket, which is a mid-range processor.

There are DDR5= and DDR4-based motherboards in the lineup, while DDR4 boards represent the vast majority in this specific range. Furthermore, one can expect to see LGA1700 motherboards with built-in Wi-Fi connectivity.

Though Gigabyte hasn’t said anything about any of the new products, the majority of this information comes from reliable sources, so people can expect an official announcement during CES 2022 in January.

The exact launch date for the products will most likely remain secret until then.

More Than 30 New Gigabyte Leak Together With Laptops And Motherboards

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Is Alder Lake Better Than AMD?

It’s only 5-10% faster than AMD’s Ryzen 5000, but it consumes 70% more power. Unfortunately, when it comes to gaming workloads, the Alder Lake-S flagship comes out on top. The Core i9-12900K is up to 10% quicker than the Ryzen 9 5900X, and all three K series SKUs are faster than the Ryzen 9 5900X. Nevertheless, there is a catch.

What Generation Is Alder Lake?

Alder Lake is the codename for Intel’s 12th generation of Core processors, which are based on a hybrid architecture that combines high-performance Golden Cove cores with power-efficient Gracemont cores.

Will Alder Lake Beat Ryzen?

An Alder Lake system will beat its nearest Ryzen opponents by using more power and operating at a higher temperature. As previously stated, we believe the difference is due to TSMC’s 7nm versus Intel’s 10nm manufacturing. Alder Lake’s hybrid is quite large.

Is DDR4 And DDR5 The Same?

In a single-die device, DDR4 can support up to 16 GB of DRAM (SDP). To accommodate higher-capacity DRAMs, DDR5 has capabilities such as on-die ECC, error transparency mode, post-package repair, and read and write CRC modes.

Do Motherboards Support DDR5?

While ones present motherboard most likely does not support DDR5, as products becomes available and DDR5 memory becomes more commonly accessible, one can invest in platforms that really do.

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