How Tech is Transforming Entertainment in 2024

Today we are going to talk about How Tech is Transforming Entertainment in 2024. When we step into the world of entertainment in 2024, then see, there is a big change in the world of technology. These changes are making music, movies, games and live events even more fun, interactive and personal.

In this article we will explore all the new technologies that are part of the revolution, such as augmented reality, virtual reality and artificial intelligence, and how these are changing our entertainment experiences today.

Augmented Reality: Matching the Digital and Real World

Augmented reality is changing live shows and theatre, combining real life with digital technology. Like in concerts, AR can create 3D holograms on stage or provide cool visuals on phones, making the experience even more fun. Bands like Coldplay and U2 have used AR to make their performances memorable. Not only bass music, theater plays are also taking advantage of AR, making the backdrops look real and helping take the audience into the story.

Imagine seeing “A Tiger” in the forest and feeling like you are in the forest, with the help of AR. This blend of technology and talent is giving fans the opportunity to enjoy their favorite shows in a new way, showing that AR is making live entertainment even more thrilling and engaging. This innovation opens up a world where every show becomes a unique, immersive adventure, turning the morning into a unique experience.

Artificial Intelligence: Entertainment of your choice

Artificial intelligence (AI) has made it easier to discover movies, TV shows, and music on platforms like Netflix and Spotify. Instead of always scrolling, AI looks at what we’ve liked before and then suggests similar items to us that suit our tastes. Netflix is very good, it uses a lot of data so that it can show us shows and movies that help us stay connected to the screen. Spotify does a similar thing with music, it creates playlists that match us with songs and artists we’re likely to like.

This smart technology provides us with a personalized entertainment guide, just like we have a personal assistant who understands our preferences in detail. This brings a revolution, turning our devices into a magic door that detects exactly our cravings. With this innovation, our screens give us access to endless entertainment options designed as per our tastes, keeping us always excited to discover new things.

Virtual Reality and Gaming: A New Era Opportunity to Interact

Virtual reality (VR) is changing how gaming and online casinos are played, as if we are stepping into a real gaming hall. Imagine wearing a VR headset you are playing at a roulette table in a casino, hearing the sound of chips and interacting with players from around the world as if they were right in front of you. This technology is making online gambling more fun and social.

For example, the popular VR headsets Oculus Rift and HTC Vive offer immersive virtual experiences, such as ancient adventures or deep sea immersion. In virtual environments, users can go on thrilling expeditions, hunt for hidden treasures, and interact with interesting animals – all in the comfort of their own home. This technological leap marks the beginning of a new entertainment age, where digital and real-world experiences are seamlessly connected.

Improving Efficiency with AI and Language Models

Generative AI and Large Language Models (LLMs) are going to make big gains in M&E this year. These models are taking AI to new levels, analyzing large datasets and disrupting the productivity of video service providers. In 2024, we think Gen AI and LLMs will disrupt the video process, impacting content creation, distribution, security, personalization, recommendations, ads, and analytics. LLMOps, based on LLMs, will become vital for M&E in the next few years.

Gen AI will help in personalized content suggestions, shopping queries, content recommendations, interactive ads, and cybersecurity. But, this can also give rise to deepfakes, which can be a problem for content providers. To meet these challenges, a combination of new technology and regulations is needed.

AI is created to help humans, not to replace them. While AI and language models make work easier for video providers, humans are also powerful.

Content Monetization Unlocking with AI

It is now necessary for video service providers to generate viewer engagement and earn money in a new way. Providing a good quality experience and personalized content will be the focus of service providers in 2024, which will also increase their revenue. AI will help in this, which will improve the level of revenue and work.

Targeted advertising is a good way for TV services to make money. In 2022, targeted ads generated $139 billion in traditional TV ad revenue globally. With AI-powered targeted TV advertising solutions, broadcasters and service providers can categorize audiences according to lookalikes, demographics and other factors, which will drive engagement.

FAST channels are also a new option for service providers. According to Digital TV Research, FAST revenues for TV series and movies are expected to reach $17 billion in 2029.

In 2024, video service providers will offer FAST offerings curated according to audience preferences. Generative AI technologies will help in improving content discovery and FAST channels for service providers. Like targeted advertising, AI-driven recommendations will give service providers the option to adapt FAST channels according to audience, which will increase viewer engagement and satisfaction.

Global search, aggregation, and super aggregation will also become very important features for video services in 2024. In today’s TV environment, there are endless viewing options. Video service providers can customize content recommendations based on user preferences to increase viewer satisfaction. This year, critical metrics for global search, aggregation, and super aggregation will include performance, availability, and scalability.

And by the way, interactive shopping will also be available on TV, linking content consumption and e-commerce. Advertising experiences on TV will become interactive, in which viewers can watch commercials or purchase the products shown in the content. TV service providers will have to streamline transactions. Advanced LLM algorithms, like ChatGPT, will boost personalized content suggestions, help with shopping queries, and much more.

Conclusion: How Tech is Transforming Entertainment in 2024

In 2024, a big tech change is taking place in entertainment. AR is improving live shows, AI is personalizing content, VR is transforming gaming, and advanced AI is streamlining operations. Targeted ads and FAST channels are monetizing TV. Interactive shopping content and e-commerce have been added. This is a world where digital and real-life experiences blend seamlessly.

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