Best 7 Anime Background Websites

Discover the top 7 anime background websites to find the perfect backdrop for your favorite characters. Explore the features of each site and learn how to use AI background removal tools to place yourself in anime backgrounds

Over the years, anime has gone from just a niche to a mainstream juggernaut, enjoying wide reception amongst individuals globally. Chances are you are one of the ardent anime fans and perhaps, you’ve been finding it difficult to find a cut anime background featuring your favorite character. If this seems like you, here’s a way forward. We have researched and gathered a list of some top websites and picked some of the best to get an anime background by using VanceAI photo editing tools like Background Remover and Anime Upscaler. With no further ado, let’s delve right into it.

Anime Background Websites

Selective 7 anime background Websites

1. Wallpaper Abyss

Unlike what’s obtainable in most anime background websites, Wallpaper abyss arranged its anime collection in form of a gallery, featuring a sizable database of backgrounds. Ranging from your favorite AOT to avatar, you’d get everything here. Suppose you’re the type that changes wallpaper almost every time, you may want to consider signing up. Signing up exposes you to more premium functionality and adds your preferred anime background wallpaper to your favorite collection.

Key features

•           Gallery-like arrangement
•           Immense anime background database
•           Clearly indicated resolutions

2. Shutterstock

Arguably, this is the most popular photo website you will find around today. Shutterstock boasts an immense database and collection that features over 300 million images devoid of royalties. Besides, Shutterstock updates its anime background collection every day, so you can never run out of choices. Your aesthetic anime background is available to download for free, only for the first 10 images you download. Subsequent downloads require a subscription.

Key features

•           Daily anime aesthetic background database upload
•           Built-in editing tools
•           Millions of royalty-free anime background images

3. Unsplash

Unsplash features a collection of roughly 2 million totally free images, including high-resolution anime background wallpapers. Unsplash is more like a community-based website, featuring several creatives and photographers globally to collaborate and contribute to the library. As such, you can find thousands of anime city background, anime forest background, or any anime you’re looking for, and download them for free.

Key features

•           Download royalty-free images without attribution requirement
•           Community-centric
•           High-resolution pictures


This is a massive ecosystem of consumers (wallpaper enthusiasts) and producers (artists and creatives). features a vast collection of trendy and aesthetic anime backgrounds, suitable for both mobile and desktop Wallpapers. It offers all these on an attractive, straightforward, and simple user interface. So, whether you are looking for an arcane wallpaper or a background of attack on titans, there is a search tab for your perusal.

Key features

•           Intuitive and user-friendly user interface
•           Search tab for more accessibility
•           Routine updates, so you can never run out of choices

5. Wallpaper Access

This is yet another relatively popular background image website, featuring a well-curated collection of some of the highest quality anime backgrounds you’d find around. Besides, before uploads, there are moderators on the platform to filter community submission according to a set of rules indicated on the website. Here, you can find high relation images and even anime background in the HD size.

Key features

•           Strict moderation to filter out triggering or sensitive images
•           Vast collection and categories
•           HD images are available for free

6. Freepik

Over time, Freepik has consistently carved a niche for itself as one of the most popular stock image platforms. It adopts a Freemium subscription model that allows you to access some images for free and others at a cost. Accessing your anime background has never been easier as it is with Freepik. The platform navigation is straightforward, giving you access to not only anime backgrounds but also vectors and PSDs.

Key features

•           Freemium subscription model
•           Adds modern tone to anime background wallpaper images
•           Download various formats

7. Wallpaper Flare

Lastly, Wallpaper flare is a full-featured platform that embodies an exquisite interface where you can find a reasonable range of the best anime background images for download. Its collection blast several hundreds of thousands of high-resolution Wallpaper in its dedicated anime section. There are also tags for your perusal and to facilitate more accessibility. It is one of the few websites where you can access 4k and even 5k anime backgrounds without having to pay a dime. For instance, you could find anime city background or anime aesthetic background you want there.

Key features

•           Functional search bar and tags for accessibility
•           Features 4k and 5k images download for free
•           Routing uploads

How to put yourself into the anime background with AI

Whether to impress your friends or for use as wallpaper in your anime community, you may be considering putting your picture in an anime background. Background remover is one tool that can help you achieve this easily with AI and a deep convoluted neural network. With no further ado, here’s how to change your background into an anime background.

Step 1: Visit BGremover’s website and upload your picture to this intuitive AI background remover, then click Start to Process.

Anime Background Websites

Step 2: AI will remove the background from image automatically, when it is done, click on the Edit icon to put your picture into an anime background.

Step 3: Click on the Select Image button on the right side of the page, upload the cute anime background as a new background of your image.


Picking out the best background image for your wallpaper can sometimes seem like an arduous task. However, if you are a fan of anime, these websites can help you make the best decision regarding that. As they feature an immense collection of anime backgrounds, hopefully, you will find the one that appeals to you best. Try BGremover to change for an anime background now!

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