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WhatsApp rolls out a feature that makes it easier to message yourself

WhatsApp rolls out a feature that makes it easier to message yourself- Parent company Meta confirmed to TechCrunch that WhatsApp has added a new feature that allows you to send messages to yourself like reminders and shopping lists. The “Message Yourself” function, which WaBetaInfo originally discovered several weeks ago as part of a beta test, is now rolling out to iOS and Android users worldwide in the upcoming weeks.

When creating new messages after getting the update, you will be able to see your name at the top of the contacts list. You may then email yourself notes, reminders, grocery lists, and anything else you would need to remember once you select that. If activated, the resulting notification could ensure that your self-note is taken seriously. For easy access, users can pin the Message Yourself chats to the top of a chat list.

Up until now, the only way to communicate with yourself was to create a group in which only you were a member or use the “click to chat” function of the app, both of which were at best unattractive alternatives. Similar functionality is already provided by a feature dubbed “Note to Self” on rival platform Signal, however it is hidden in your contacts list and not immediately accessible. As previously said, the feature should be available on iOS and Android over the next few weeks.


Now if you have some important chat, you need frequently then you can send message to yourself. You may now message yourself using a new feature added to WhatsApp. The “Message Yourself” feature is currently being made available to iOS and Android users everywhere. A function on competing platform Signal called “Note to Self” already offers comparable capabilities.

Can I use WhatsApp to communicate myself?

Yes. According to WhatsApp, end-to-end encryption protects the communications you send to yourself. This means that the people you designate will be the only ones who receive your messages, calls, and status updates.

How can I WhatsApp message my own number?

Both WhatsApp Web and your phone support click to talk. Where the is a complete phone number in an international format, use When adding the phone number in international format, leave out any zeros, brackets, or dashes. You can text yourself in the chat once you click this link, which will launch it.

What happens if you WhatsApp yourself?

It’s simpler to text oneself now that WhatsApp has included the “Message Yourself” option. When necessary, you can talk directly with yourself to provide notes, reminders, as well as updates. On WhatsApp, users can send notes, reminders, & shopping lists to themselves in order to manage their to-do lists.

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