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What is Spotify? Music, pricing, and features explained

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The first service that comes to mind when considering music-streaming apps is Spotify. Whether you love it or hate it, Spotify has 456 million users and close to 200 million subscribers, making it the most widely used music streaming service right now, surpassing rivals like Apple Music. But what is Spotify exactly, and how does it operate in practice? With this comprehensive examination of what to anticipate from Spotify, we are addressing all of your inquiries.

What is Spotify?

Most people who spend any time online have heard of Spotify. This well-known premium and free music streaming service now provides access to podcasts, videos, and specially curated playlists. The fact that you can stream the newest music without paying a dime is the major draw of this. With Spotify’s free edition, you can experiment with your tastes without spending a fortune by listening to an endless supply of music, podcasts, and even videos. Although the subscription choices are considerably more feature-rich (more on that below), the free version is more than sufficient for casual listeners.

You can use Spotify on your smartphone, tablet, computer, laptop, TV, smartwatch, gaming console, and even in your car thanks to its broad device compatibility. The controls are straightforward and include play/pause, next/previous, loop a song or playlist, and save favourites. That’s not all, though. Let’s break down what Spotify has to offer since there are many features to choose from.

Spotify features: music, podcasts, and more

There is something for every listener in Spotify’s enormous (really, really enormous) catalogue of material, which includes over 80 million songs and 4.7 million podcasts. The fun aspect is that the app will also create some playlists catered to your tastes, so you always have something new to explore. You can create your own playlists and share them with anyone. Based on your prior listening habits, the Discover Weekly playlist suggests new music for you to check out, and the Release Radar allows you to discover brand-new music from your favourite artists.

Do you need music for a certain occasion?

To locate specific songs, complete albums, Spotify playlists, public playlists, as well as podcasts, you may refine the search by genre and mood. Spotify is more sociable than other music streaming apps since you can create collaborative playlists to obtain a blend of your and your friends’ musical preferences.

The Facebook login option as well as the ability to see what your friends are listening to provide another layer of social integration that makes the whole experience feel a little more social. Additionally, Spotify has integrated song lyrics directly into the app, allowing you to host a fun karaoke night without ever leaving your sofa.

According to your registered location, you may get local songs and holiday-themed content on Spotify because its content tends to lean locally. On the homepage, for instance, a user in the U.S. would discover English chart-toppers and Christmas tunes, while a person in India might discover Bollywood songs and Diwali aartis. However, this does not imply that you cannot access foreign content. The majority of the library is accessible to anybody, everywhere, and over time, your recommendations will begin to reflect your listening habits.

Spotify plans: Is Spotify free?

The current library is fully accessible in Spotify’s free, ad-supported edition, but you must endure commercial breaks. Other users use ad blockers to get around this issue, but if you want the commercials to be removed along with some interesting features like music downloads and unlimited skips, you can also sign up for Spotify Premium.

Plans for Spotify start at $10 per month for lone individuals and $13 per month for couples living together. This can be helpful for couples, housemates, or friends who share a subscription plan but want to keep their individual profiles distinct.

As long as everyone resides in the same home, families can get six accounts for $16 per month. The finest feature of the Family plan is that it allows you to mute explicit music and gives you access to Spotify Kids, which contains entertaining, kid-friendly content. This eliminates the need for additional monitoring.

The Student plan, which costs $5 per month and includes access to Showtime and Hulu with ads along with the standard ad-free listening, download choices, and unlimited skips, is the last option.

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How do Spotify downloads work?

With a premium subscription, you can “download” tracks from Spotify for offline listening but not for export to other devices. Therefore, it is not actually possible to purchase a subscription for one month, download all the songs, and then uninstall the app. Even if you’re listening offline, you must use the app or the online player to access the material. Before purchasing a membership for offline listening, Ensure you actually have the free available space on your device because the downloaded songs are stored there.

Spotify streaming quality

With Spotify’s ability to customise streaming quality, you may decide whether to consume more data with high-quality music or to lower the quality if your connection is shaky. On the web player, Spotify Free offers 128Kbps, whereas Premium increases this to 256Kbps.

Streaming for desktop, mobile, and tablet devices begins at 24 Kbps in Low mode and increases to 160 Kbps in High mode. Additionally, Premium begins at 24 Kbps in Low mode but increases to 320 Kbps when set to Very High, providing substantially better sound quality.

On most devices, podcast quality is set to 96Kbps, with the exception of the web player, where it is increased to 128Kbps. This can decrease to 24Kbps in the Low mode to conserve data.

Spotify Wrapped

The Spotify Wrapped collection that is released at the end of each year is one of the most well-liked and eagerly awaited offerings for Spotify listeners. This vivid study of your listening habits from that year is worthy of sharing on social media. It takes a look at your most-heard genres, favourite musicians, and favourite artworks. Every December, it becomes extremely popular because to the social media sharing of users from all over the world.

You can play your favorite songs repeatedly by having Spotify generate a playlist of your top songs of the year. You may view what songs the general public listened to most and stream the top songs of the year in addition to your personal statistics.

Spotify alternatives

Although Spotify is now the greatest music streaming service, you have a lot of options if Spotify isn’t your thing. Apple Music, which, like Spotify, offers a vast library of content and podcasts, is available to iOS users. Amazon Music, which has around 100 million songs without advertisements, is available to Amazon Prime customers. Another excellent alternative for YouTube enthusiasts is YouTube Music, and Tidal has always been a popular option for people who are pickier about their audio.

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