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Navigating the Bumps: Google One VPN and Android Auto Compatibility

In the vast landscape of digital connectivity, Google One VPN has emerged as a convenient tool to safeguard web traffic. However, like any technology, it’s not immune to hiccups. Recently, users encountered a glitch where Google One VPN briefly disrupted the seamless experience of Android Auto. The good news is that Google swiftly addressed the issue, and we’re here to guide you through the details.

Understanding Android Auto and VPN Compatibility:

Android Auto is a versatile platform that allows users to integrate their Android devices with their cars, enhancing the driving experience with features like navigation, music, and hands-free communication. Users can employ Android Auto either through wired connections or wirelessly using adapters or compatible car models.

However, a challenge arose when attempting to use a VPN while Android Auto was in wireless mode. Usually, VPNs route all internet traffic through a secure server, but Android Auto needs some exceptions for seamless operation. Google One VPN offers the flexibility to create these exceptions, but for a brief period, users encountered difficulties excluding Android Auto from the VPN.

The Problem and User Reports:

Reports started surfacing in September, with users across different Android devices facing issues when attempting to add Android Auto to the bypass list on Google One VPN. In some cases, the app seemingly disappeared when users tried to include Android Auto in the exceptions list. This predicament left users who had previously set up the bypass unable to use Android Auto unless they disabled their VPN.

Some users found a temporary solution by rolling back to an older version of Android Auto, where the bypass option remained intact. It became evident that the problem was linked to updates in the Android Auto app. This issue created a temporary inconvenience for users who rely on the seamless integration of Android Auto into their driving routines.

Google’s Swift Response:

Recognizing the significance of Android Auto in users’ daily lives, Google took prompt action to rectify the problem. The solution came in the form of an update to the Google One app, the platform that hosts the VPN service. Google recommended users update the Google One app to its latest version, ensuring compatibility with Android Auto.

The update, released on October 26, aimed to resolve the issues users were experiencing, restoring the harmony between Google One VPN and Android Auto. As the update has been available for some time, most users should have already received it, eliminating the disruption caused by the temporary incompatibility.

Checking for Updates:

If you’re still facing challenges with Android Auto and Google One VPN, it’s advisable to check for updates manually. Sometimes, automatic updates may be delayed, and a manual check ensures that your apps are running the latest versions, reducing the likelihood of compatibility issues.

Pros and Cons of Google One VPN and Android Auto Compatibility:


  1. Enhanced Security: Google One VPN provides an additional layer of security for web traffic, protecting users from potential threats and cyber attacks.
  2. Flexibility with Exceptions: The ability to create exceptions in the VPN for specific apps, such as Android Auto, allows users to enjoy the benefits of both services without compromise.
  3. Swift Updates: Google’s quick response to the compatibility issue demonstrates their commitment to user satisfaction and efficient problem-solving.


  1. Temporary Disruption: The brief period of incompatibility caused inconvenience for users who rely heavily on Android Auto for their daily commuting needs.
  2. Dependency on Updates: Users are dependent on timely updates from Google to ensure the smooth operation of both Google One VPN and Android Auto.

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In the evolving landscape of digital services, occasional hiccups are inevitable. The recent compatibility issue between Google One VPN and Android Auto serves as a reminder of the delicate balance required for seamless integration. With Google’s swift response and the availability of updates, users can continue enjoying the benefits of both services without major disruptions. As technology progresses, occasional glitches may arise, but the commitment to addressing and resolving them ensures a more reliable and secure digital experience.

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