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Intel Core i9-12900ks Could Push Alder Lake CPUs To New Levels

Intel is said to be working on a new processor called Intel Core i9-12900KS, which could be the most powerful 12th-generation processor yet. CPU from Alder Lake.

Intel Core i9-12900KS now being evaluated, as per VideoCardz sources, is dependent on the company’s board partner. According to reports, the processor is a pre-configured variant with a 5.2 GHz all-core boost (especially for performance cores). This is equivalent to a 200MHz boost above the regular 12900K.

The performance core base frequency of the stock 12900K is 3.20 GHz, whereas the efficiency core base frequency is 2.40 GHz.

Because the normal 12900K CPU has an all-core boost frequency of 4.85 to 4.9 GHz, the enhanced Intel Core I9-12900ks model should easily approach 5.0 GHz without overclocking.

Intel Core i9-12900k Specification

MotherboardASUS ROG Strix Z690-E Gaming WIFI Motherboard
CPUIntel Core i9-12900K
RAM32GB (2X16) Astra Gandiva ARGB DDR5 Memory
SSD240GB WD Sn550, 480GB Crucial SATA SSD
Power SupplyAntec HCG-1000-EXTREME PSU
CabinetCooler Master master box K501L
OSMicrosoft Windows 11 Pro
Total Cores16
Number of Performance-cores8
Number of Efficient-cores8
Total Threads24
Max Turbo Frequency5.20 GHz
Intel® Turbo Boost Max Technology 3.0 Frequency5.20 GHz
Performance-core Max Turbo Frequency5.10 GHz
Efficient-core Max Turbo Frequency3.90 GHz
Performance-core Base Frequency3.20 GHz
Efficient-core Base Frequency2.40 GHz
Cache30 MB Intel® Smart Cache
Total L2 Cache14 MB
Processor Base Power125 W
Maximum Turbo Power241 W
Embedded Options AvailableNo
Max Memory Size (dependent on memory type)128 GB
Memory TypesUp to DDR5 4800 MT/sUp to DDR4 3200 MT/s
Max Number of Memory Channels2
Max Memory Bandwidth76.8 GB/s
Processor GraphicsIntel® UHD Graphics 770
Graphics Base Frequency300 MHz
Graphics Max Dynamic Frequency1.50 GHz
Graphics OutputeDP 1.4b, DP 1.4a, HDMI 2.1
Execution Units32
Max Resolution (HDMI)4096 x 2160 @ 60Hz
Max Resolution (DP)7680 x 4320 @ 60Hz
Max Resolution (eDP – Integrated Flat Panel)5120 x 3200 @ 120Hz
DirectX Support12
OpenGL Support4.5
Multi-Format Codec Engines2
Intel® Quick Sync VideoYes
Intel® Clear Video HD TechnologyYes
Number of Displays Supported4
Device ID0x4680
OpenCL Support2.1
Direct Media Interface (DMI) Revision4.0
Max Number of DMI Lanes8
Scalability1S Only
PCI Express Revision5.0 and 4.0
PCI Express ConfigurationsUp to 1×16+4, 2×8+4
Max Number of PCI Express Lanes20
Sockets SupportedFCLGA1700
Max CPU Configuration1
Thermal Solution SpecificationPCG 2020A
Intel Core i9-12900ks Could Push Alder Lake CPUs To New Levels

Intel Core I9-12900k Specification

In Nov. 2021, Intel released the Core i9-12900K, a pc CPU having 16 cores. It uses the Alder Lake-S architecture with Socket 1700 and is part of the Core i9 family. The core count is essentially doubled, to 24 threads, Intel Hyper-Threading. Core i9-12900K features 30MB of L3 cache as well as runs at 3.2 GHz by default, with the ability to turbo to 5.2 GHz based on workload.

The Core i9-12900K is built on a 10 nm manufacturing technology, however, the transistor count is unknown. On the Core i9-12900K, you may freely alter the unlocked multiplier, which dramatically simplifies overclocking by allowing you to dial in any overclocking frequency.

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Core i9-12900K uses a lot of power, with a TDP of 125 W, hence good cooling is required. DDR4, as well as DDR5 memory with a dual-channel interface, are supported by Intel’s processor.

On Core i9-12900K, hardware virtualization is offered, which dramatically enhances the virtual performance of the machine. IOMMU virtualization (PCI passthrough) is also enabled, allowing guest virtual machines to utilize host hardware directly. This processor will run programs that use Advanced Vector Extensions (AVX), which will improve performance for calculation-intensive workloads. Intel has also provided support for newer AVX2 and AVX-512 commands, in addition to AVX.

Intel Core i9-12900ks Could Push Alder Lake CPUs To New Levels

Intel Core I9-12900ks

Intel Core i9-12900KS is a pre-bound CPU, as previously stated. A pre-bound processor is a term used by manufacturers to describe how they increase a model’s frequency to achieve a specific clock speed. Essentially, users get direct access to a high-performance powerhouse out of the box, at least with Intel Core i9-12900KS. As a result, it’ll be a CPU aimed at the market’s most enthusiastic customers.

If the reported Intel Core i9-12900KS processor is delivered, it will be the first time Intel has launched a pre-bound CPU in the 3rd gen. The KS variation was not included in the 11th generation core series, according to VideoCardz. As a result, this model hasn’t been available since Intel released the Core i9-9900KS in Oct of this year.

AMD’s next Ryzen processor is most likely Intel’s unannounced Alder Lake-S CPU. It has a 3D V-Cache that is developed on the microarchitecture of the Zen3 / Zen4 processors.

The performance of AMD’s future CPUs will be 15% better than the previous generation Zen 2.

Intel Core i9-12900KS is expected to make an appearance at Intel’s CES 2022 press conference on January 4th. The company’s Alder Lake-P mobile CPU family was also recently disclosed. At the occasion.

Intel also appeared to prove the existence of a number of upcoming CPUs and GPUs. The graphics test driver now supports Elasti, the name for the previously disclosed next-generation DG3 GPU. Raptor Lake-S, Meteor Lake, Arrow Lake, as well as Lunar Lake were all listed as forthcoming CPUs.

Intel Core I9-12900k Pros And Cons

Outright benchmark wins across many different runsRequires new motherboard
Z690 platform comes with support for DDR5, depending on the motherboardHigh cost of adoption for peak performance
Priced aggressively versus AMDAt the moment, not compatible with some games that use Denuvo DRM protection
Numerous overclocking features———–

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