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What is Curiosity stream- A Comprehensive Guide

Curiosity Stream is the world’s most popular documentaries and non-fiction streaming platform, with material spanning science, wildlife, history, biography of famous people, and just much anything else anyone can thought of.

Learn about the natural environment from experts such as Sir David Attenborough.

While Michio Kaku and Brian Greene widen view on space, period, and the destiny, marvel at our cosmos. Discover fossils, ancient, and the birth of Homo sapiens by travelling back in time.

Curiosity stream also has Curiosity KIDS, a gathering of healthy, amusing, and motivating programming for family to view with each other or for children to view on their own. Allow Curiosity Kids to pique your child’s interest in education and exploring.

Furthermore, all Curiosity Stream presentations are downloadable, allowing to keep your kids interested even while you’re on the go. If children are aspiring astronomer, palaeontologists, or historian, Curiosity Stream provides prize, ad-free material for them.

Join the Curiosity Stream community of over 20 million people and watch thousands of neurologically videos.

Curiosity Stream Subscription Perks Include:

  1. Unlimited service of the best film programmes
  2. Downloading programs so that can view them whenever and wherever want, even if you don’t have connection to the web
  3. Documentaries in 4K and HD are available on a wide range of platforms.
  4. New material is updated regularly, ensuring you never run out of stuff to view.
  5. Search title using numerous search options to discover favourite topic matters quickly.
  6. Favourite programs to watch later or restart viewing recently viewed programs on other devices
  7. Rate your favourite shows and also get suggestions for related material.

Light on Earth & Ant Mountain, these hosted by Attenborough; Dream the Future, authored through Weaver; the BBC historical TV show Empire of the Tsars; the human origins series Out of the Cradle; as well as the palaeontology series Amazing Dinoworld are among the documentary films available on Curiosity Stream.

Monthly subscriptions start. Anyone can cancel your subscription and stop the billing at any moment by going to the following link.                                                                  

Curiosity Stream’s online experience was evaluated on a Windows 10 pc using the Web Browser. I used an email address or phone number, as well as a TV or Internet provider, to log in. I chose to sign in using my email address.

Curiosity Stream’s online interface is simple to use, and I had no problems with efficiency during my testing. It was easy to use and straightforward, with a pleasing navy blue/dark yellow colour scheme.


Curiosity about the playback on the internet, Stream’s playback defaults to the maximum resolution possible. The arrow buttons on a keypad can be used to control volume and playback speed and also 15-second replay and quickly.

There is an opportunity to add closed captions (only in English, sadly) & alter the audio track choice at the bottom-right edge of the media player (English or Spanish).

Below the media player is a panel with much more programs and a description of the program or film.

The only change is that the smartphone app playing screen contains the Save icon and the replay and quick keys are available on-screen.

On Curiosity Stream, What can I Watch?

Curiosity Stream’s catalogue boasts over 3,000 titles, with 900 of them being exclusives.

As per a representative, the firm intends to increase its online collection to 11,000 premium titles in 5 years, an ambitious goal that may make it profitable to remain with the program.

Curiosity Stream currently has documentary in the following categories: History, Kids, Lifestyle, Nature, Science, Society, and Technology.

Curiosity Stream Original Programming

Curiosity Stream
TitleGenreRelease DateSeasons/Episodes
David Attenborough’s Light on EarthDocumentaryMay 29, 20161 episode
Deep Time HistoryDocuseriesJuly 22, 20163 episodes
Stephen Hawking’s Favourite PlacesDocuseriesSeptember 22, 20163 episodes
Miniverse      DocumentaryApril 17, 20171 episode
4th & Forever: Muck CityDocuseriesMay 14, 20201 season, 8 episodes
The History of Home, Narrated by Nick OffermanDocuseriesJune 18, 20203 episodes
Beyond the SpotlightDocuseriesNovember 19, 20201 season, 6 episodes
Rescued Chimpanzees of the Congo with Jane GoodallDocuseriesJuly 14, 20211 season, 5 episodes
Heval Feature-lengthDocumentarySeptember 23, 20211 film
Royals: Keeping the CrownDocuseriesOctober 21, 20211 season, 6 episodes
Going CircularDocumentaryNovember 4, 20211 episode

Pros and Cons of Curiosity Stream

Thousands of titlesLimited language options in the US
Impressive exclusive originalsLimited closed captioning options (primarily English)
Offers apps for most major streaming platformsSlow content growth
Very affordableToo few 4K documentaries
Entries are either in HD or 4K qualityToo many short documentaries
Available worldwideNa
3,000+ in-depth and serious documentariesNa
Curiosity Stream originals: hundreds of hours of exclusive, high quality documentariesNa
No ads or commercialsNa
Stream on multiple devices from 1 accountNa
Good production values         Na
Child-friendly filter with password   Na
Offline viewing and closed captionsNa

Parental Controls and Accessibility

Closed captions were used in all of the videos I saw, which users can’t change. Meanwhile, no sound explanations are available for any of the content.

This function, which gives an auditory description of on-screen actions that are not apparent via speech only, is supported by labels on Apple TV+, Prime Video, and Netflix.

Curiosity Stream includes a kid-specific section containing kid-friendly labels, like previously indicated. You might tell your kids that they must only watch the labels upon this channels.

There was also the choice to enable Children option that can be found on the My Profile tab. This choice, on the other hand, applies to someone whole profile. Multiple watching accounts with personalized product control choices are supported by Disney+, HBO Max, and Netflix.

VPN and Curiosity Stream

A virtual private network (VPN) is a great technique to protect someone internet data. When you’re using a VPN, it sends the whole of someone web traffic over an encrypted channel for both you and a VPN company-controlled server side, masking identity and location.

Some streaming media providers, for example, may ban VPN communication entirely terms of geographical region to minimise difficulties.

After linking my Computer to Mullvad Vpns in the United States and Sweden, I attempted streaming media on CuriosityStream. Broadcasting was seamless across both connections.

Even if VPN and streaming media services are appropriate, there’s no assurance that they will remain so in the future. VPN traffic is still being detected and blocked by video streaming services.

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