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Play Store Gets New Features With Latest Google System Updates

In this article, we are going to discuss Play Store’s new Features With the Latest Google System Updates.

The Play Store is receiving a number of updates and new features from Google. In order to aid consumers in making smarter installation choices, the business will display more information on app listings. It was vague about the changes that would be made to the app pages and the new data that would be included. No noteworthy updates were discovered either. However, they might start to materialize in the upcoming days.

Additionally, you can now use your smartphone to monitor the progress of app installations on other connected devices. You can therefore remotely install apps on those devices using your phone and track the download progress if you have numerous devices that are signed into the same Google account. We haven’t seen this functionality yet either, but it should be very soon.

Additionally, Google adds that the Settings app on your phone will soon begin displaying device security data from Google Play Protect. On Android 13 devices, this information may be found on the Security and Privacy settings page.

September Google System updates bring the new Play Store features

The Google System upgrades scheduled for September 2022 include these Play Store modifications. Google System updates, for those who don’t know, are upgrades to numerous underpinning systems that serve as the foundation of the Android operating system. These updates are frequently distributed by the company, and the majority of them are installed silently and automatically. However, it also makes the changelog available for public viewing on its official website.

Though not all of a month’s updates are released at once, they are all grouped together each month. For instance, the Google System upgrades for this month started more than three weeks ago. The Google Kids Space first underwent some upgrades. Then, Google updated the Play Store with new features for Wear OS gadgets. An app that needs a companion app on your linked smartphone is automatically installed if you install it on your watch.

We recently received alerts about credentials that had been exposed due to data leaks. In order to determine whether your password was exposed in a recent public data breach, these alerts will check the information saved in Autofill. The business is now implementing various modifications for the Play Store as part of these Google System updates.

With the release of Play Store v32.4 earlier this week, the most recent round of Google System upgrades for September 2022 started to roll out. Some adjustments won’t take effect until the month’s conclusion. For further information, please see Google’s official support page.

What’s new in Google System Updates

Google System updates give you new and helpful features while enhancing the security and dependability of your Android devices. They consist of Google’s upgrades for the Android OS, Google Play Store, and Google Play services. Google System updates are accessible for devices running Chrome OS, Android TV, Wear OS, Android Auto, Android TV, and Android TV devices.

Account Management

  • Gives customers the option to hide suggested apps during the Google Kids Space signup process.
  • [Auto, Phone, TV, and Clothing] Account recovery and account syncing improvements.
  • When configuring a tablet, having the option to install Google Kids Space on the secondary user.
  • Bug fixes for services relating to utilities, system administration, and diagnostics.

Developer Services

In order to support Account Management, Machine Learning & AI, Security & Privacy related developer services in their apps, Google and third-party app developers now have new developer features.

System Management

updates to system management services that enhance device usability, connection, performance, and security.


Google is adding a lot of updates and new features to the Play Store. Now, you can use your phone to remotely install programs on other connected devices. Google says that Google Play Protect device security data will soon start to appear in the Settings app on your phone (via Android Police).

The changelog is made accessible to the public on the company’s website. With the launch of Play Store v32.4 earlier this week, this month’s upgrades officially began more than three weeks ago. Some changes won’t become effective until the end of the month.

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