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How To Download GTA 5 In Mobile

A Step-by-Step Guide to Install GTA 5 on Your Mobile Device

Are you looking how to download GTA 5 in mobile or how to download gta v in Android- GTA 5 (Grand Theft Auto V) is one of Rockstar Games’ most popular titles. Perhaps you’ve tried it on your computer.

One of the most well-known computer games in gaming history is GTA V. It is just one of the finest because of its amazing visuals and playability.

What if I told you that you could download and play Grand Theft Auto V on an Android device? Yes! GTA V may be easily installed and played on an Android smartphone.

This post will demonstrate how to install and use GTA V on Android cellphones utilizing a few straightforward procedures and techniques.

But what if you could also get GTA 5 Apk for your Android phone? Yes, you can play it on your smartphone as well. In this page, you will find GTA 5 Apk + Data, which will allow you to play the game.

We all grew up playing the Grand Theft Auto series of games. Vice City is one of the most popular Gangster games.

Do you recall? Yes, no one can forget that small town where we were free to do whatever we wanted. We committed numerous felonies in all of the GTA games, regardless of which one we were playing. They recently released GTA.

GTA 5 was originally exclusively available on Xbox and Play Station, but it is now also available for Windows and mobile phones.

Although it is not officially accessible on the Play Store, several third-party developers have adapted the game to Android and iOS. You may now play this fantastic high-resolution game on your mobile phone.

It requires a high-performance Gaming PC setup because to its high-quality visuals. As a result, no one can believe it will run on an Android phone because they lack the necessary storage capacity to load this game.

Well, it’s only a legend. You can play GTA 4 on your Android phone as well if it has a high-performance processor. Take a peek at the GTA 3 app as well.

There is no need to root your phone, despite the fact that many people believe that PC games cannot be installed on Android without root access.

You will be able to install and run our most popular GTA series game, Grand Theft Auto Five, on your phone after following this entire tutorial.

Rockstar has chosen to make GTA 5 compatible with Android OS after witnessing a lot of interest from Android users.

As a result, they created and released GTA 5 Apk in beta form. It doesn’t matter whether it’s the Beta Version; it’s sufficient for us. GTA 5 is a popular Android game that you can now download and play on your phone.

The game has good visuals, but you only need a phone with a good performance to play it. Don’t expect it to be a typical Android game that you would get from the Play Store.

You’ll need to download GTA V Apk + Data + OBB, which will take up over 3 GB of space on your phone. :-p Shocked? Maybe! However, you must manage adequate storage space in your Android, which is why I previously stated that you should attempt it on a high-performance phone.

App NameGTA 5 Apk Download
Latest Version5.0.21
MOD FeaturesMOD
DeveloperRockstar Games
Content RatingTeen
Requires4.4 and up
Get it OnGoogle Play Store
UpdateMay 21, 2022 (1 month ago)
How To Download GTA 5 In Mobile (2)

Requirements to Play GTA V Apk on Android

Any typical Android phone will not function with GTA V. To play this game, you’ll need a phone with a high-performance Android operating system. To install GTA V Apk on your smartphone, first download certain important files to your device and then follow our tutorial. The first and most important requirement is an Android phone that performs well.

  • 4GB+ RAM
  • A CPU with at least two cores is required.
  • Version of Android: 6.0+

Following the download, all of the files in it are provided below. The following is a list of all the files needed to install GTA 5 on Android:

Features of GTA V Game

If you’ve ever played GTA 5 on your computer. However, if you are playing it for the first time, let us tell you about the wonderful features that have been introduced to this new Rockstar Games game.

  • High-Definition HD Graphics are available.
  • The Player has excellent control of the game.
  • All of the game’s characters, cars, and designs are fantastic and appear to be real.
  • There is a fantastic vehicle driving control system that is superior to any other GTA game.
  • It features a lot of interesting missions, and completing one of them will pique your desire for the next one.

There are a few new features that are exclusive to this version of the GTA franchise. After you’ve played it for yourself, you’ll be able to discover even more of its amazing features. In the gangster series, no other game compares to GTA V. Now it’s time to show you how to put GTA V on your Android device.

How To Download GTA 5 In Mobile (1)

How To Download GTA 5 In Mobile

Before moving on to this section, you must first download all of the necessary files on your phone. To get GTA 5 Apk and Data, go to the Requirements section. After you’ve finished downloading all of the files, you can begin installing and running GTA V on your smartphone by following the procedures outlined below.

  • To begin, install the Apk GTA 5 file that you got earlier.
  • Go to the Play Store and install Es File Explorer on your phone. We must use it to extract the Data file from the Game folder.
  • In the Ex File Explorer software, go to the download folder and look for the GTA 5 Data Zip file, which is named com.rockstargames.gtasa. Now, go to Android >> OBB and extract the Zip file. (If the Android folder does not contain an OBB folder, make one, call it Obb, and extract your file there.)

That is all there is to it. Now open your Apk GTA 5 and you’re good to go!!! On your Android phone, GTA V (The Beast) has begun without error. Isn’t it a straightforward procedure?

Installing and running this game on any smartphone, in my opinion, is not difficult. All you’ll need is an Apk and a Data file, both of which I’ve already given with a Mirror.

We recommend downloading these files via a WIFI connection because getting these large files on mobile data is difficult. You can test it if you have a really fast internet connection.


All fans of the Grand Theft Auto series can gta 5 download for android using the Apk file and data that we have provided. It’s time to dive into the world of real-world gaming on your Android phone. There’s no need to keep opening your computer to play games. You may now play GTA V on your phone at any time and from any location. It is a really appealing game for all PC gamers. But now is the moment for all Android game fans to play GTA V.


Q- Is it simple to play the game?

A- It has a fantastic and user-friendly UI that is not overly sophisticated. You have access to all unlocked features and goodies.

Q- Is it safe to download GTA 5 for mobile?

A- Yes, it is completely safe for your devices since, unlike other third-party websites that merely sell their unsecure programmes, we care about our players. To take use of the fantastic features of the GTA 5 mobile download, you do not need to root your phone.

Q- Is this version available for free?

A- Yes, despite the usual tediousness of the GTA 5 mobile download, this version is absolutely free to deliver a respectable and enjoyable gaming experience.

Q- Is GTA 5 playable without the use of a graphics card?

A- You will, without a doubt, require a graphics card to play GTA 5. Without one, you will be unable to play any game.

How To Download GTA 5 in Android in 2022?

Download the Android APK+OBB for GTA 5. Save the downloaded file to your local drive by going to it.
On your Android smartphone, find the downloaded file and install GTA V Mobile.
Now you can easily start the app and play GTA V on Android.

Which GTA game on Android is the best?

GTA 5 is the best game for your Android device; all you have to do is download GTA 5 for Android and then use the GTA 5 apk to play it on your phone.

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