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How to port Bsnl to Jio

I want to port in my number to Jio. What should I do? How to port Bsnl to Jio? So, here is complete procedure to port Bsnl to Jio.

  1. To port in, send the message PORT 10-digit mobile number> to 1900 from the current number you want to port to Jio.
  2. The UPC code and its expiration date will be included in an SMS that you will receive.
  3. With the UPC, enter the nearest Jio Store or Jio Retailer (Unique porting code)
  4. When making an MNP request, bring your original Aadhaar card, original Proof of Address (POA), and original Proof of Identity (POI) papers.


  • Pay off any outstanding debts to the present operator (if you have a post-paid mobile connection)
  • In accordance with government laws, the number will be activated following a successful verification within three working days if you are porting in inside the same telecom circle. It might take up to 5 working days to transfer in to another telco circle. During this time, there won’t be any disruptions to your services.
  • Customers in Jammu and Kashmir, Assam, and the North East will have their port-in requests completed within 15 working days. During this time, there won’t be any disruptions to your services.

There may be times when you want to switch your mobile network service provider but are unsure how to do so. The frequency at which your calls are dropping has increased significantly in comparison to other operators in the market, your BSNL number has very poor signals and almost no connectivity at major locations where other operators are obtaining connections, or the other operator is simply offering you a better package as well as more benefits than your current strategy.

You will never want to experience the inconvenience of switching network operators for the majority of these reasons. Just so you know, Reliance JIO now dominates the market, and government-run BSNL isn’t improving with the times. Therefore, you can migrate to JIO if you currently have a BSNL mobile number via mobile phone number portability. Your mobile number will remain the same and only your operator will change as a result.

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Before applying, please confirm that you have the following papers available:

  • Passport-size image
  • A legitimate form of identification, such as an Aadhar card, driver’s licence, passport number, voter ID, etc.
  • To complete this operation, a porting code is also required.

How to port your number from BSNL to JIO?

Follow these steps for How to port Bsnl to Jio

  • Send an SMS to 1900 with the text “SMS 10-digit mobile number>” from a BSNL number.
  • Now, a Special Porting Code will be sent to you.
  • The next step is to go to the JIO Store that is closest to you and ask them to port your BSNL number to a JIO number. Give them access to the special porting code.
  • Show them the necessary documents, such as your Aadhar Card or voter identification, to complete your KYC at the JIO shop.
  • After completing the procedures above, you can now submit your Mobile Number Portability application.

Be aware that up until the porting procedure is finished, your BSNL number will continue to function normally. When your BSNL service ceases, you may replace it with a Jio sim card, recharge it with the appropriate plan, and it will resume service.

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