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Intel Alder Lake Entry-Level B660 and H610 Motherboards Listed by Chinese Retailors

On-line vendors have begun listing the first Intel Alder Lake Entry-Level B660 and H610 motherboards, which start at an entry-level price of just 6.348.86 Rs and should be even cheaper when they formally launch next week at CES 2022.

Intel Alder Lake CPUs have been available for a few months, but they are only available to those with a bit of extra cash. With this revelation, however, that is unlikely to be the case for long.

Intel Alder Lake Entry-Level B660 and H610 Motherboards are now available for purchase online, with entry-level prices of around 6,348.86 Rs. -PCs from Alder Lake’s Tier.

Starting with the listings, there are just a few Gigabyte and ASRock motherboards available on Taobao, a Chinese language online retailer. All of the items listed are from individual merchants, which means that once the Intel set embargo is lifted, official sellers will be able to list them, raising the prices.

Intel Alder Lake Entry-Level B660 and H610 Motherboards Specifications

Intel Alder Lake Entry-Level B660 and H610 Motherboards Listed by Chinese Retailors
CPU PCle 5.01 x 161 x 16
CPU PCle 4.01 x 4——-
DMI 4.0 Lanes44
PCle 4.060
PCle 3.088
USB 3 (20G)20
USB 3 (10G)42
USB 3 (5G)64
USB 2.01210
SATA 3.044

About Intel Alder Lake Entry-Level B660 and H610 Motherboards

The H670, B660, and H610 series will be added to the Intel 600-series to provide more mainstream and low-cost options. People have previously seen a number of motherboards leak ahead of launch, and now people are seeing the first listings of those motherboards, along with their prices.

The H670 motherboards will not be available on time since OEMs have accessed the preliminary stock, which means DIY board builders will have to wait a little longer, but in exchange, they will be able to launch Intel Alder Lake Entry-Level B660 and H610 motherboards collection for the DIY phase.

Early Test Results for Intel Core i5-12400, Core i3-12300, and Core i3-12100: Alder Lake Quad Cores Destroy Zen 3 Quad Cores, 12400 is faster, cooler, and more eco-friendly than the 5600X.

Intel Alder Lake Entry-Level B660 and H610 Motherboards Listed by Chinese Retailors

How Has Intel Alder Lake Fared So Far? 

Team Blue appears to be performing well against AMD Ryzen so far, having chosen to deploy their strongest armaments first.

The top-end Core i9-12900K has received nothing but love in evaluations, with Tom’s Hardware declaring it the finest gaming and efficiency CPU currently on the market (sorry, Ryzen 9 5950X).

Intel’s fortunes have improved to the point that they’ve reclaimed some of the market share they lost to AMD. Team Red continues to lead the race with a 68 % thanks to its Zen 3-based Ryzen 5000 CPUs, but Team Blue has already surpassed Comet Lake (28 %) and Rocket Lake (34 %) with a 37 %.

Our Verdict

The Intel H670, B660, and H610 motherboards will be less expensive than the Z690 series, and we can see sub-7,463.30 Rs options based on the H610 chipset. It’s a good thing that practically all of those motherboards support DDR4 because DDR5 is either too expensive or has too many drawbacks in the meantime to make it a viable option for the price range and mass customer market. Intel’s Non-Okay Alder Lake CPU portfolio is expected to be fairly robust, so expect some attractive bundles at launch.

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At CES 2022, motherboard manufacturers such as ASUS, MSI, Gigabyte, ASRock, and Biostar will showcase their new 600-series designs based on the Intel H670, B660, and H610 chipsets, so stay tuned!

People May Ask

Will Alder Lake Need A New Motherboard?

The new LGA1700 socket was introduced with Alder Lake, which means people will need a new motherboard. The Z690 is currently the only chipset with an LGA1700 socket, but experts expect Intel to launch more affordable chipsets in the future.

Does Intel 12th GEN Need A New Motherboard?

A new Intel motherboard with the LGA 1700 socket is required for 12th Gen Intel Core Desktop Processors. Legacy motherboards that support sockets for previous generation CPUs will not operate with the new processors.

Intel Alder Lake Entry-Level B660 and H610 Motherboards Listed by Chinese Retailors

Does Alder Lake Support DDR4?

DDR5 RAM with an effective clock speed of up to 4,800MHz is officially supported by Alder Lake. The platform, on the other hand, continues to support DDR4 with a maximum effective clock speed of 3,200MHz. (It’s important to note that motherboards will only accept one of the two memory standards, DDR4 or DDR5, and not both.)

Will DDR5 Make A Difference?

DDR5 RAM has a number of advantages over earlier generations of RAM. The majority of these enhancements focus on speed, performance, latency, and power management.

Is DDR5 RAM Good For Gaming?

As a result, the amount it contributes to gaming will vary based on the game. It will almost definitely be more expensive than DDR4 RAM at first, as is often the case with new technology. Yes, of course DDR5 is ideal for gaming however before users buy please check the storage kind .

How Good Is Alder Lake?

Alder Lake could mark the start of Intel’s fightback against a revived AMD, but it’s also a fantastic gaming chip for PC gamers in 2021. The 12th Gen is Intel’s attempt to reclaim its gaming crown, and it achieves so at a cheaper cost than AMD’s normally low-cost offerings.

How Fast Will Alder Lake Be?

The performance cores in the six new Alder Lake CPUs will run at speeds ranging from 3.2GHz to 3.7GHz, with turbo speeds reaching 5.2GHz. This is just a smidgeon slower than the Core i9-119005.3GHz. K’s

What Nm Is Alder Lake?

Alder Lake is based on an upgraded version of Intel’s 10nm process known as Intel 7, and it includes the first hybrid CPU cores ever produced by any x86 manufacturer, consisting of a combination of big and bigger cores.

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