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Sony Introduced The World’s First QD OLED TV, Know What Is Special?

Sony has officially unveiled the world’s first QD OLED tv, which employs a new technology that sits between OLED as well as MicroLED displays. On modern premium TVs, there are a plethora of panel technologies to choose from, including OLED, QLED, Micro LED, and now, to add to the confusion, QD OLED TVs.

To further complicate the waters, Samsung identifies the new panels as ‘QD Display,’ but everyone else calls them QD-OLED, so we’ll use that term as well.

All of the main manufacturers have released amazing sets this year, but you might be thinking if it’s worth waiting to see what QD-OLED has to offer.

Sony Introduced The World's First QD OLED TV, Know What Is Special?


Simply defined, QD-OLED blends components of OLED technology with Quantum Dot panels to create a hybrid display that offers the best of both worlds. The goal is to achieve high peak brightness, deep blacks, as well as vibrant colors with little to no light bleed.

Samsung invented the technology, which has previously been a critic of OLED displays in favor of QLED (Quantum Dot) displays. This isn’t surprising given that LG is the only maker of big OLED screens for the TV market.

In contrast to a standard LCD panel, which operates by shining a backlight (or several backlights) through a layer of pixels on top, OLED panels may produce the deepest blacks conceivable since the pixels can independently switch off. The disadvantage is that they can’t achieve the same brightness levels as other panels and are more prone to picture retention as well as burn-in.

Sony Introduced The World's First QD OLED TV, Know What Is Special?

Key Parameters Of QD Oled Tv

Key ParameterQD Oled
Emitting DirectionOxide TFT
Oled StructureTop Emission, Blue, 3 Tandem
Oled PatterningOpen Metal Mask
Color FilterQD Photography, QD Ink-Jet Printing
Photography Mask13-17 Mask
Oled Evaporating Mask17-18 Mask
Encapsulation Mask3 Mask with Frit

Because of their superior color accuracy, QLED panels are frequently recognized as the finest option for viewing rich HDR material. They can be brighter than OLED panels and are less prone to burn-in, but they can’t attain the same deep blacks, resulting in a reduction in overall contrast.


An OLED panel is utilized generally as a backlight in QD-OLED displays, and it emits blue light through red and green quantum dots. Each OLED pixel is split into 3 subpixels by quantum dots: red, green, as well as blue. These can be used to make pure white light or mixed together to create millions of different colors.

Unlike typical LCD filtering whenever color is transformed using quantum dots, nearly little light energy is lost. This means that QD-OLEDs should be brighter than existing OLEDs while maintaining the same black levels.

Samsung claims that its 4K QD OLED TVs will contain 8.3 million individually adjustable light sources, allowing for a contrast ratio of 1,000,000:1 and thus improved HDR efficiency.

Samsung claims that QD-OLED will have one of the most diverse color palettes of its existing top-of-the-line displays. A color volume of more than 80% is expected, with such a brightness range of 0.0005 nits blacks to 1000 nits peak white.

Sony Introduced The World's First QD OLED TV, Know What Is Special?

When Will A User Be Able To Purchase A QD OLED Tv?

Sony was the first to reveal details about its forthcoming QD-OLED panel at CES 2022. The new flagship Bravia XR A95K will be available in two sizes: 55-inch and 65-inch, both with 4K resolution. The TVs will be available in 2022, with no pricing or a firm release date yet announced.

In the shape of a 175Hz 34-inch curved behemoth, Alienware unveiled the world’s first QD-OLED gaming display. This is scheduled to begin on March 29, 2022.

Samsung was expected to make an impression at the exhibition with its QD OLED display. Instead, Samsung decided for a low-key introduction, and the largely undisclosed panel was honored with a CES Innovation Award before the show.

The Samsung QD OLED TV won an award, according to the award listing “combines Samsung’s stunning Infinity One Layout as well as immersive Object Tracking Sound technology with a ground-breaking new QD-OLED screen. It features a 144Hz frame rate as well as 4 HDMI 2.1 ports, as well as our 2022 Neo Quantum Processor for enhanced picture quality.”


Nobody knows for sure, but given the incorporation of already-expensive OLED technology, we don’t expect these to be inexpensive.

Right now, the best estimate is that the new QD OLED Tv displays will fall somewhere between Samsung’s existing QLED offers and its bank account-destroying MicroLED offerings.

Sony Introduced The World's First QD OLED TV, Know What Is Special?


Quantum dots are microscopic particles with strong photonic emission capabilities. They are commonly employed in LCD displays today because their photoluminescence characteristics enable the conversion of blue LED light to red and green light, resulting in full-color displays that outperform white-backlit LCDs. QD particles can also be employed to make emissive displays, where the light is emitted by the QDs themselves.

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People May Ask

Q- What Exactly Is QD- OLED?

A- Organic light-emitting diodes and quantum dots are combined in QD-OLEDs.

Q- Is QD-OLED Susceptible To Burn-In?

A- Although QD-OLED does not eliminate the potential of burn-in, the aim is that these panels will have a longer overall life lifetime than conventional OLED TVs because the pixels aren’t working as hard.

Q- Will QD-OLED Outperform OLED?

A- This means that QD-OLEDs should be brighter than current OLEDs while maintaining the same black levels.

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