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Amazing Samsung Gaming Hub Brings Favorite Gaming Services

Samsung is unveiling Samsung Gaming Hub, a new video game platform that will be available on some of the company’s smart TVs in 2022, including some that were just introduced at CES. The platform serves as a central center for cloud services such as GeForce Now and Google Stadia, letting players access different cloud services from a single location.

Although no formal date has been announced, the service is expected to debut in 2022. Owners of Samsung smart TVs will be able to access the gaming center by pressing the “gaming” icon in the main menu. Players will be able to explore their recently played games, browse popular titles, and access services like Google Stadia all in one spot once they’ve downloaded the app.

Samsung Gaming Hub Brings Your Favorite Gaming Services To One App

3 gaming services have partnered with Samsung thus far. The platform will feature cloud gaming libraries from GeForce Now and Google Stadia. Utomik, an indie membership service that allows players access to smaller games from companies like THQ Nordic as well as Raw Fury, is also integrated with Samsung Gaming Hub. Samsung emphasizes that these three services are merely the start of its collaborations.

A marketplace is also available on the site, where players can buy different games from within the hub. Players will be able to launch those games on their TVs immediately after purchasing them.

Samsung gaming hub offers a variety of emergency features in addition to providing access to several games. Players will also have access to YouTube gaming through this gaming portal. Players will be able to see a variety of content generated by their favorite creators as a result of this. Furthermore, players may effortlessly couple different controllers with the help of this service. At this time, it is unknown what he will do after quitting the position.

Samsung Gaming Hub is one of the most handy methods to keep track of different services in one spot. It does, meanwhile, involve more than one partner. Although, for the time being, the Xbox Game Pass, which offers cloud gaming, is not among the Samsung gaming hub’s first partners. There is currently no option for this hub if Samsung can get Microsoft on board.

Samsung Game Launcher

Simply defined, Samsung Game Launcher is a one-stop shop for all of your favorite mobile games. It keeps track of all of your recent downloads in one convenient location and allows you to customize your game settings. While you toil away in Clash of Clans, you may ignore warnings and adjust your Galaxy smartphone to save power.

Samsung Game Launcher also features an Instant Play section where you may play games without having to download them to your phone. It’s even Discord-compatible, so you can talk with your buddies on other platforms.

Most Samsung Galaxy devices come with Samsung Game Launcher preinstalled, so chances are it’s already on your phone.

Samsung Gaming Hub Brings Your Favorite Gaming Services To One App

On Samsung, There’s An App That Optimises Games

Samsung Game Optimizing Service is a Samsung device software that tries to help you get the most out of your device’s performance whenever playing games. Additionally, the Samsung Game Optimizing Service allows you to record your display and snap screenshots in order to fully capture each game.


Samsung is making some early product releases ahead of CES 2022, which will take place on January 5. Samsung Gaming Hub was recently launched by the tech giant. It’s a new discovery platform that will be available later this year on certain of the brand’s Smart TVs.

Players will be able to access their favorite games from prominent game streaming platforms like NVIDIA GeForce Now, Stadia, as well as Utomik through the Samsung Gaming Hub. These service providers will be able to find, explore, as well as buy games through gaming streamers.

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People May Ask

Q- Where Can I Find Samsung’s Game Booster?

A- Click the Game Booster button in the bottom left corner after swiping up from the bottom of the display.

Q- What Is Samsung Game Optimizing Service App?

A- Samsung Game Optimizing Service is a game-playing app for Smart tvs that tries to help you get the most out of your device’s efficiency.

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