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Miniature High-Resolution Webcams Could Soon Be Coming To Laptops

This year, laptops are expected to become even slimmer, with no compromise in webcams quality.

Immervision has introduced a new 8-megapixel webcam sensor that is 3.8mm thin as well as designed for tablets and laptops. The module is billed as the world’s thinnest camera system for a laptop.

Miniature High-Resolution Webcams Specification

Sensor8-Megapixel Webcam Sensor
Dize3.8mm Thin
AngleImmervision’s Ultra-Wide-Angle
ResolutionLow Resolution, Distortion,
Light PerformancePoor Low-Light Performance

“Immervision’s 8-megapixel ultra-wide-angle lens-and-sensor combination is only 3.8 mm thick as well as offers a high-quality option for a multitude of applications demanding improved resolution, a wide field of view, as well as good distortion correction,” the company said at CES. “This solution can handle a wide range of videoconferencing applications, like capturing bigger scenes using excellent image sensor coverage, pixel density, as well as quality,” says the manufacturer.

The high megapixel quality of the camera module comes at a time whenever the global health pandemic is still raging, requiring many people to shift to or continue with remote and hybrid work. Webcams development will almost probably help distant workers collaborate and communicate more effectively.

Miniature High-Resolution Webcams Could Soon Be Coming To Laptops

As per Immervision, the challenge in constructing a high-resolution camera sensor in a compact size is shrinking the lens as well as camera module while keeping outstanding image quality. Many firms are unable to do so since a smaller module often leads to low resolution, distortion, as well as poor low-light performance.

Immervision was able to overcome this by merging its technologies and software in order to get superior results.

The company claims to be working with laptop manufacturers to expand its camera technology to laptops, tablets, hybrids, as well as convertibles. Immervision does not disclose an estimated release date for the new webcam technology.

Immervision’s camera module’s high megapixel resolution comes at a time when the global health pandemic continues to swirl, forcing many people to shift to remote or hybrid work. Webcam advancements will likely revolutionize remote and hybrid work.

As video conferencing has become more popular, the number of monitors with a full video conferencing system has increased. Hopefully, this means that laptops with Immervision’s camera module will be thinner and lighter sooner instead of later.


This year, laptops are expected to become even slimmer, and they won’t have to sacrifice webcam quality.

Immervision has launched a new 3.8mm thin 8-megapixel webcams sensor aimed at tablets and laptops. This module is billed as the world’s thinnest laptop webcam.

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How Do I Wirelessly Attach A Webcams To A Laptop?

Miniature High-Resolution Webcams Could Soon Be Coming To Laptops

Even if you don’t have an additional Usb connector on your laptop to attach your webcams, some versions come with a built-in WiFi connection.
Use an Ethernet wire connection to your webcams to your router. Although this step is required to configure your gadget, you will not need to leave the wire plugged in once your webcam is fully configured.
With your home / office WiFi network settings, set up the webcam’s wireless capability. This comprises your network’s SSID as well as the security keys you’ll need to attach to it. The on-screen instructions that came with your webcam version should be followed.
Remove the Ethernet cable from your router as well as webcam and attach the webcam to the WiFi network. Access the camera on your laptop as well as check out its characteristics to see how the video stream works.

What Are Decent Specs For A Webcam?

The average resolution for standard video should be at least 640 pixels by 480 pixels. For high definition (HD) video, you should buy a webcam with 1,600 pixels by 1,200 pixels.

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