Instagram Feed not Showing New Posts 2022

Instagram Feed Not Showing New Posts 2022- Instagram is a U.S.-based social networking site where users can share photographs and videos. 

What Is Instagram Feed?

On your Instagram Feed, you can connect as well as share with the people and things you value. When you start Instagram or refresh it, the photos and videos we think you’ll find most interesting will be shown near the top of your feed. Along with recommended content from the people as well as hashtags you follow, you might also see suggested accounts that are relevant to your interests.

Instagram Feed 2022 Not showing New Posts!

There is an issue in the Instagram app that Instagram staff has not yet being able to repair if the Instagram Feed Only Shows Old Posts and not New Posts.

It is ok for Instagram to show older posts next to more recent ones so you do not really miss a post from someone you follow or a recommended post.

Why Instagram Feed Only Showing Old Posts?

If Instagram Feed Only Displays Old Posts and not New Posts, there is a bug in the Instagram app that the Instagram team has not yet been able to fix.

To ensure you don’t miss a post from someone you follow or a suggested post, it is OK for Instagram to display older posts alongside more recent ones.

How To Fix Instagram Feed Not Showing New Posts

Check For Any Bug Issues

It’s possible that Instagram has a fault in the backend that limits the feed to older postings. If so, you have two options: wait or report the bug to the Instagram team.

Use Instagram Web

As an alternative, you can use Instagram Web until the Instagram team resolves the issue (If the issue is from the Instagram side). As soon as the problem has been fixed, you can use the Instagram app.

Clear Cache On Instagram

You can also try deleting the cache in the Instagram app to fix Instagram Feed Only Showing Old Posts.

If clearing the Instagram app’s cache does not solve the issue, you can try the following suggested solutions.

Contact Instagram Support Team

You can get in touch with Instagram Support if you think that some of your friends and other Instagram users are having the Instagram Feed Only Showing Old Posts problem but not others.

  1. Start Instagram
  2. Tap on your profile picture to access it.
  3. In the top right corner, choose the three horizontal lines.
  4. Choose Settings.
  5. After descending, click “help.”
  6. To report a problem, click.
  7. After you have followed the directions on the screen, describe the problem. The Instagram feed only shows older postings. Describe your issue in writing.
  8. Choose Send Report.

Instagram App Info

Instagram is a U.S.-based social networking platform for sharing photos and videos. Initially, Kevin Systrom and Mike Kreiger started Instagram. It was initially released in October 2010 for iOS, and subsequently in April 2012 for Android.

Facebook Inc. acquired the service in April 2012 for roughly $1 billion in cash and stock. Users can use filters to edit their posts, tag them with hashtags and locations, share them, and publish them.

Instagram Features

Users can choose to share their posts openly or just with followers who have already been approved.

In order to add content to their own personal feed, individuals can follow other users and like photos.

The information could initially be framed in a square (1:1) aspect ratio with 640 pixels. Later in 2015, it was increased to 1080 pixels.

Texting and posting multiple photographs and videos were introduced as well as other features.

Users can upload articles that will automatically expire after 24 hours thanks to this feature.

People May Ask-

Where are the feeds on Instagram?  

To show a down caret icon, tap the Instagram logo in the top left corner. Select “Following” from the drop-down option. You will then be transferred to your Following feed, which is arranged chronologically and only contains posts from the accounts you follow.

Why is it called an Instagram Feed?  

The images and videos you submit to your main Instagram profile page are referred to as your “Instagram Feed.”

What is post feed?  

The MetaSlider Pro addon pack includes a slide type called Post Feed slides.

What is feed in social media?  

Widgets called social media feeds are produced by social media aggregators and incorporate content from numerous social network accounts.

What is the difference between Instagram feed and direct?  

In Feed’s upper right corner, press or. To view a chat, tap on it. Only those who can already see it will be able to see a post that you send using Instagram Direct.

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