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Cyber Attack Increases to 47% YoY

As cyber attack proceeded to management top targets, ransomware remains the most significant threat worldwide during first half of each year. It added that after enabling admission the proposed technique through third party companies, the perpetrators utilized advanced persistent tactics and techniques to collect and encrypted customers’ information.  Over majority of the attacks were internet attacks, with 145.9 million, a 24 percent growth from 1H20. From 1H20 to 1H20, the amount of infections discovered jumped by 160 percent to 6.6 million.

The technology advancements and international competitions of 2020 revolutionized the methods individuals interact with information such as never previously, through crypto currencies wallets substituting real manilla envelopes to a worldwide pandemic shaking how people socialize. It also changed the cyber security world today it, with novel attacks being devised, victims being identified, and best practices being implemented.

Trend Micro Corporation, a global cyber security solutions company, stated that during the first half of 2021, it prevented 40.9 billion email risks, harmful files, and dangerous URLs for its customers across the world, a rise of 47% year over year. 111,028 email junk, harmful URLs, and adware were identified and banned in India throughout this time frame. Ransomware maintained the most significant threat worldwide during first half of each year, as cyber criminals continuing to pursue high-profile targets. Hackers employed threat actors methods and software to collect and encrypted customers’ information, collaborating with third party companies to just get entrance to relationship between the factors.

Ransomware concerns for H1CY2021 are at 12.98% in India, which is really the second highest in Asia behind China. That financial sector was significantly hit, with worldwide ransomware attacks up 1,318 percent year over year during first half of 2021. In the first half of 2021, Trend Micro identified 4497 instances of internet banking ransomware in India. “Learning the breadth, intricacy, and unique forms of the attack surface is the very first stage in manner in order to maintain cyber security risks.” Corporate SOC teams would need a system that really can expedite information security while compromising reliability as attacks become more frequent as well as sophisticated.

Cyber Attack

Threats on business email compromise (BEC) rose by 4%, possibly because to additional Covid-19 chances for malicious attackers. In recent weeks, crypto currency miners have surpassed WannaCry and web shells as one of the most commonly identified malware. The Zero Day Project discovered 770 defects, a tiny (2%) decrease from the previous quarter. A total of 164 malware apps linked to Covid-19 frauds been discovered, with 54 percent imitating TikTok.

Ramsomware Threat Damage

  1. By 2021, ransomware outbreaks are expected to cost $6 trillion yearly.
  2. Each year, ransomware affects organisations upwards of $75 billion.
  3. The ransom was reimbursed by 40% of ransomware sufferers.
  4. Every 14 seconds in 2019, and every 11 seconds by 2021, a new firm would eventually succumb to ransomware.
  5. So each month, 1.5 million new fraudulent websites are developed.

Recent developments, the consequences of a worldwide epidemic, and cybersecurity data show a significant increase in hacked and breached data from various sources that are becoming more widespread in the workforce, such as mobile and IoT devices. COVID-19 has also increased the number of remote employees, increasing the risk of these attacks.

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Furthermore, according to latest security studies, most businesses have exposed data and inadequate cyber security policies, make them susceptible to data loss. Companies need to make cyber security knowledge, protection, and safety best practises a cultural identity to effectively combat malevolent intention.

The year 2020 brought with that as well a slew of challenges and accomplishments. Organizations have been pushed to build virtual workplace and manage on cloud-based technologies as a result of COVID-19. The introduction of 5G has enabled digital technologies greater linked than they’ve ever been. To summaries, the cyber security business has never been more vital.

Cyber Attack Increases to 47% YoY - 4
  1. Malicious hackers would continue to attack hundreds of employees.
  2. Cloud intrusions will become even more common as a result of remote labor forces.
  3. The cybersecurity skills shortage would continue to be a problem.
  4. IoT devices would become increasingly vulnerable to cyber threats as just a consequence of 5G increasing capacity of interconnected devices.
  5. Human mistake is at blame for 95% of cybersecurity incidents.
  6. Sixty-eight percent of CEOs believe company cybersecurity threats are rising.
  7. In the first half of 2020, privacy violations revealed 36 billion records.
  8. Hacking was used in 45 percent of breaches, while malware was used in 17 percent and phishing was used in 22 percent.
  9. There were 11,762 breaks detected between January 1, 2005, and May 31, 2020.
  10. The most common malicious email attached formats are.doc, which account for 37 percent of all malicious attachments, followed by.exe, which accounts for 19.5 percent.

Recent Cyber Attacks

  1. 2021- Kaseya was hit by ransomware, which infected up to 1500 businesses and demanded a whopping $70 million compensation.
  2. 2021-A security breach at Saudi Aramco exposed confidential information from employees as well as the company’s information specs. ZeroX, a cyber-threat outfit, has demanded $50 million in compensation.
  3. 2021-Over 100 enterprises, organisations, colleges, and government entities throughout the country were affected by the Accellion data transmission applications (FTA) data breach.
  4. 2021-The zero-day vulnerability in Pulse Secure VPN been attacked, culminating in the compromise of multiple unknown defence and intelligence institutions in the United States and Europe.
  5. 2021-A country distribution network strike hits Solarwinds, affecting federal agencies and Fortune global 500 firms.
  6. 2020-Marriott announced a security threat involving affected the credentials of much more than 5.2 million hotel employees whom utilised the industry’s rewards program.
  7. 2020-MGM Resorts experienced a catastrophic security breach, exposing 142 million hotel guests’ private information.
  8. 2020-500,000 dollars have been taken. Zoom credentials are on sale on criminal communities on the deep web.
  9. 2020-Magellan Healthcare was hit by a ransomware and a data leakage that impacted 365,000 customers, according to the company.

2020-A really well Twitter breach fraud resulted in the theft of $121,000 in Bitcoin across roughly 300 operations.

Has the number of cyber-attacks grown in 2022?

Global Information

According to Check Point Research (CPR), global attacks climbed by 28% in the third quarter of 2022 compared to the same period in 2021. Globally, the average weekly number of attacks per business reached over 1,130.

How many cybersecurity attacks will occur each day in 2022?

However, given that there are approximately 2,200 cyberattacks every day, this may translate to over 800,000 people being hacked each year.

How much has cyber security progressed?

On average, each enterprise faced 130 security breaches each year. In 2021, the annual cost of cyber security for businesses increased by 22.7%.

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