What Are Super Apps? How is India Getting on with This Trend?

A super app is a mobile app that combines a number of seemingly unconnected functions into a single user experience. A super app tries to provide customers with access to various services in a single area, instead of getting numerous applications for different services. Super applications are useful since they save consumers space that would otherwise be used for separate applications.

What Complies An Application To Be A Super App?

It’s a lot simpler to state whatever great applications have in common than it is to explain what they don’t. They combine functions that would normally require a network of different applications to complete.

That, in a nutshell, is the marketing pitch. After all, why store all those different passwords and move between a library of applications to discover the one who does everything once you can have an application that does everything?

This is precisely what motivates huge organizations to create all-in-one apps: the desire to expand their customer base and, as a result, increase their share of potential customers’ wallets.

In general, an app must provide certain features in order to be labeled a super app.

What Are Super Apps? How is India Getting on with This Trend?

A Social Networking Platform

A super app should have a social site where users can communicate, send, and interact. This functionality aids in the development of the application’s community.

Services For E-Commerce

Because the majority of current buying is made online, any great app must include a booming e-commerce operation. A mobile platform is included in many applications, allowing users not only to purchase but then also to buy products and services.

Transportation And Logistics

Ride-hailing services are commonly used to get from one area to another, especially in large cities. Ride-hailing, bike-sharing, and car-sharing services should all be included in super applications since they provide customers with another significant characteristic.

Services In The Financial Sector

A banking characteristic is vital for a super app, from online transfers to money transfers. Super apps should also have constructed banking services that allow customers to pay for all accessible services without having to leave the app.

Food Distribution

Meal deliveries and digital grocery shopping should be included in super applications because food is a requirement.

Utility And Bill Payments

The option to pay the whole of your payments in one spot is another characteristic that boosts engagement with super applications.

Services In The Field Of Health And Insurance

In super applications, users may conveniently access health and insurance characteristics, including telemedicine, and request services. Also, since super applications evaluate user information in bulk on a regular basis, they should be able to provide the best health insurance choices.

Why Doesn’t Facebook Have Its Own Super App?

Of course, it’s understandable to wonder why Facebook hasn’t yet been designated as a “super app.” The social networking titan is the nearest Western firm with the devices needed to build a super app, which has yet to do so.

There Are Three Key Reasons Behind This-

The Financial Disparity

You may have observed that all super applications have one thing in common: they all offer financial facilities, something Fb does not. It’s because Western governments, in contrast to China and Southeast Asia, have rather tight financial facilities rules. The legal hurdles that the corporation would have to surmount in order to provide financial services on its networks would be enormous. To obtain super application status, Facebook must offer products and services as a major component of its application.

Data Protection Laws

Organizations that own super applications collect a lot of private information from users in order to personalize services to them. The quantity of consumer information that firms can access in Western countries is strictly regulated. Facebook’s capacity to analysis describes information about users in order to meet their requirements will be limited as a result of these constraints.

Facebook’s privacy practices and data leaks are frequently under fire, so it’s hardly the best fit for the Western super application poster child.

Integrations With Third Parties

Super applications’ readiness to embrace third-party connections leads to their increasing functionality. Mini-apps can be created by 3rd party developers and then uploaded to the WeChat ecosystem.

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3rd-party integrations in either of Facebook’s apps are frowned upon, severely limiting the kinds of services offered. Facebook’s video service was established even without the help of YouTube, just like its dating business was created even without the help of Tinder. While this strategy works for Facebook, it has drawbacks when it comes to super apps.

The Future Is Super

Super Applications Are the Way of the Future Super applications are the next step on the smartphone application evolutionary scale. The firm located in the West that ultimately strikes the perfect mix and creates a usable super app will be rewarded handsomely. Although security and the creation of monopolies remain issues, the advantages of personalized users are enormous.


Paytm has introduced ‘Paytm Mini Programmes’ to highlight its items/solutions to its customer base. It’s comparable to the WeChat Mini Apps Programs if you’ll observe.

It will be a smooth experience for Paytm consumers, requiring no extra installation and allowing them to utilize their payment method.

More than 300 app-based network operators have signed Paytm’s mega app, including Netmeds, 1MG, and Domino’s Pizza.

What Services Does The App Provide?

Restaurants, cafes, fashion, retail, theatres, grocery, travel, and lifestyle companies can all benefit from their customers.

Partners in the programs can utilize the Paytm app to deliver push notifications to consumers to run campaigns and engage them.

Users can also invite their friends to participate in the Paytm Mini Programs.


Truecaller is an application that identifies callers and filters similar texts to help people prevent spam calls. Truecaller has recently increased its platform to include texting, call recording, and payment options.


A super app’ is a program that gives consumers access to a variety of services. Consider an app that allows you to do everything in one location, from connecting with friends to reserving a taxi – this is the idea behind a super app. Because of their needs, super applications thrive in the everyday lives of Asia-Pacific mobile users.

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