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How to Disable or Turn off 5G on an iPhone in 2022

You can increase the life of your battery by turning off 5G on an iPhone. So let’s Disable or Turn off 5G on an iPhone.

5G offers much faster speeds than 4G. If your mobile phone service supports 5G speeds and you have an iPhone 12 or later, you can access super-fast internet.

There are specific circumstances, nevertheless, in which you might need to disable 5G. For instance, some plans include using caps on 5G speed, so you might want to put that off until later.

Therefore, if you need to disable 5G on an iPhone 12 or later, continue on since this tutorial is specifically for you.

How to Turn Off 5G on Your iPhone in Settings

From the Settings app on your iPhone, you may turn off (or on) 5G connectivity. Observe the straightforward guidelines below:

  • Click on Cellular > Cellular Data Options > Voice & Data in the Settings app.
  • You have a number of alternatives here. You may configure your iPhone to always utilize 5G, to use it only when it won’t severely shorten the life of your battery, or to switch to 4G LTE speeds.
  • Tap LTE since you want to disable 5G.
  • I’m done now! For cellular data, your iPhone will no longer require 5G connectivity. Keep taking mind that this change will result in slower browsing speeds.

How to Change from 2G to 3G to 4G to 5G on a Samsung Android

  • Up swipe.
  • Choose Settings.
  • Choosing Connections.
  • Networks for mobile devices.
  • the Network mode option.
  • Select the strategy you desire.

How can I switch my 5G back to 4G?

Select Settings > Connections > Mobile networks from the menu. the Network mode option. Here, you ought to see various network modes. From the list, choose LTE/3G/2G (auto connect).

How to Disable or Turn off 5G on an iPhone

From the Settings app on your iPhone, you can turn off (or on) 5G connectivity. Follow the easy steps below:-

  1. Open the Settings app on iPhone
  2. Go to Cellular
  3. Click on Cellular Data Options
  4. Click on Voice & Data.
  5. You have a number of alternatives here. You may configure your iPhone to always use 5G, to use it only when it won’t severely shorten the life of your battery, or to switch to 4G LTE speeds.
  6. Click LTE since you want to disable 5G.

For cellular data, your iPhone will no longer require 5G connectivity. Note-  this change will result in lower browsing speeds.

How to Check That 5G Is Off

You might want to double-check that your 5G speeds are turned off once you do so, just in case. To verify this, switch off Wi-Fi. When you do, the LTE icon will appear in the status bar, indicating that the phone is actually now operating at 4G speeds.

Return to Settings and activate the toggle once more to turn 5G on once more. Keep in mind that when you restart your iPhone, 5G is turned off unless you manually switch it back on.

Check out how to disable 5G on any device if you don’t own an iPhone but still use a 5G-capable device, such as an Android phone or a Wi-Fi router.

Should 5G Speeds Be Disabled?

There are various situations where turning down 5G speeds could be beneficial. For instance, 5G uses more battery power than 4G LTE. Therefore, LTE should be good if you need data and don’t want to waste energy.

You may want to conserve your 5G data for a vacation as some carriers also place a cap on the amount of 5G speed you may use. You now know how to disable 5G on your iPhone, regardless of your motivations.

How Do I Turn My iPhone’s 5G On?

Repeat the previous steps and choose one of the various 5G choices in the Settings app to activate 5G on your iPhone smartphone.

Note:- Due to the restricted availability of 5G towers, it is doubtful that you will always have access to 5G service, even if 5G is switched on. When away from a 5G tower, it’s quite usual for your iPhone to switch to LTE or 4G.

Can 5G Be Turned Off on iPhone 12?

The first iPhones to offer 5G cellular connectivity were members of Apple’s iPhone 12 series of devices. The iPhone 12 series, which debuted in April 2021, consists of the standard iPhone 12, the iPhone 12 mini, the iPhone 12 Pro, and the iPhone 12 Pro Max.

With the iPhone 12 series, 5G may be enabled and disabled on each device. We anticipate that all next iPhone models, whether they belong to the iPhone 12 range of smartphones or a future product line like the upcoming iPhone 13, will do the same.

Read Also:-

Can I turn off 5G on all models of iPhone?

The only phones that enable 5G are those from the iPhone 12 series and those that were introduced subsequently. Each of these phones has a 5G off switch.

Older iPhone models, including those that are lower than the iPhone 11, are unable to connect to 5G.
Although technically impossible to disable on contemporary gadgets, this is only true since earlier smartphones lack the necessary hardware. On all iPhones, you may block cellular activity, but doing so will inevitably make it impossible to make or receive phone calls.

How Can I Switch From 5G to 4G or LTE?

When away from a 5G tower, your iPhone should automatically transition to a different cellular connection like 4G or LTE. You don’t need to take any action in this situation.

You can manually switch to a different option if your 5G connection isn’t working properly, such as not downloading or uploading data. Choose your chosen connection by opening Settings, going to Mobile > Mobile Data Options, and then tapping Voice & Data.

Note:- The majority of ISPs no longer provide you the choice of selecting a slower connection. If the 4G connection drops, these signals often serve as a backup link.

Should I disable 5G on my iPhone?

The upload and download rates of 5G are far quicker than those of older cellular networks.
Due to these circumstances, it’s doubtful that you’ll ever find it necessary to turn off 5G on your iPhone for an extended period of time, but there are some situations in which individuals may decide to do so.

Conflicting 5G towers

Conflicts and even total disconnections can frequently result from an iPhone or other 5G internet device attempting to connect to many 5G towers within equal range.

Poor 5G service

Although the 5G signal may be active, too many people might be taxing it, which would result in slower 5G speeds.

Limits on mobile plan data

Fast downloads are excellent, but you could be exceeding your monthly data cap, which, depending on your provider and chosen plan, might result in hefty charges.

Bragging to your friends about 5G speeds

It may be both enjoyable and educational to turn your 5G on and off again to demonstrate to your friends and family what a difference it makes.

How to enable/disable 5G on an iPhone

  1. Open the Settings application on your iPhone (5G available on iPhone 12, 13, and SE 3)
  2. Tap Mobile
  3. Select Cellular Data Settings
  4. Select Voice & Data.
  5. You may select 5G On to utilize it whenever it’s available for better speeds instead of 5G Auto, which is the default.
  6. Alternately, click LTE for longer battery life if you want to totally disable 5G.

For higher quality video for streaming and services like FaceTime, you can also select Allow More Data on 5G from the cellular settings’ Data Mode menu. Low Data Mode, on the other hand, is for times when you wish to save.

This is how it appears:

Turn 5G on/off: what’s this icon?

No matter if you activate 5G manually or utilize the 5G Auto/Smart Data mode, Apple offers four distinct symbols in the iPhone status bar to indicate the type of 5G service you’re utilizing (sub-6Ghz, mmWave, etc.).

For mmWave as well as other high-frequency 5G connections, Verizon utilizes 5G UW, AT&T uses 5G+, as well as T-Mobile refers to it as 5G UC (ultra capacity). You’re on the lesser spectrum if you see the plain “5G” in your status bar (greater range and coverage, slower speeds comparatively).

Note that only sub-6GHz services are supported with the iPhone SE 3 and not mmWave 5G. Both mmWave and sub-6GHz are supported by the iPhone 12, 13, and 14.

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