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International Travel Vaccine Certificate: Downloading CoWin

A fully vaccinated individual can now acquire a WHO-approved International Travel Vaccine Certificate. The ability to download an international travel vaccine certificate has been enabled in CoWin.

The WHO-compliant International Travel vaccine certificate can now be obtained by a fully vaccinated person. The ability to download an international travel certificate has now been enabled by CoWin.

The International Travel vaccine certificate conforms with WHO’s digital recording of COVID-19 certifications for the discovery of vaccination status data, according to Ram Sewak Sharma, CEO of the National Healthy Authority.

Sharma continued, “More of these functionalities will be added in the future. They shall style the International Travel vaccine certificate according to recommendations from the Ministry of External Affairs if there are unique requirements for international travel vaccination certificates for specific countries.

India will then accept international travel vaccine certificates in the similar manner from travelers from other nations. The beneficiary information will remain the same, but the format will change.”

How To Download International Travel Vaccine Certificate?

International Travel Vaccine Certificate: Downloading CoWin - 1

International tourists must get International travel vaccination certificates that follow the protocol of the country to which they are travelling. Downloading a travel cum vaccination certificate is simple with the CoWin program, which is also used for Vaccine Registration.

To obtain a copy of the CoWin International Travel Certificate, follow the instructions below:

  • To get started, open the Cowin Android application.
  • Additionally, to log in, click the Login Button and provide ones cell number and OTP.
  • Finally, when people go to their profile, they will see the options to ‘Download Certificate’ and ‘Download International Certificate.’
  • Select the latter option to be sent to a screen where people must re-enter their date of birth and passport number.
  • When they have correctly entered their details, it’ll tell them that their request for an international certificate has been properly submitted.
  • Return to the CoWin account and click the ‘Download International Certificate’ button, which will open a new tab with the certificate.

The CoWin international Travel vaccine Certificate comprises a few specific facts that Immigration Authorities examine:

  • Passport Number
  • Mobile Number
  • Vaccine Name
  • Date of vaccination
  • Batch Number of Vaccine
  • WHO Approval Number
  • Name of Person
  • ID Card details
  • Location Of Vaccination Center

What’s Different About The Certificate This Time?

  • Although the International Travel vaccine certificate appears to be identical to the previous one, there have been some changes.
  • For instance, the certificate now includes the certificate’s manufacturer’s name.
  • Another difference is that the passport number now shows on ID proof instead of the Aadhar number.
  • At the bottom of the international travel vaccine certificate, there is a reference to the WHO-DDCC VS data dictionary.

Is Online Registration Mandatory For COVID-19 Vaccination?

No, each day, Vaccination Centers offer a limited number of on-the-spot registration slots. Nevertheless, for a stress-free vaccination experience, it is advisable to register online and schedule vaccinations ahead of time.

Can A Person Get The COVID-19 Vaccine Without Registration With Health Department?

No, beneficiary registration is required for COVID-19  vaccination. The beneficiaries will be notified and given information about the vaccine session day and time once they have registered.

Why Do People Need A COVID-19 Vaccination Certificate?

A COVID Vaccine Certificate (CVC) issued by the government provides an assurance to the recipient about the vaccination, the type of vaccine used, and the next vaccination due date. It also serves as proof to any entities that may request proof of vaccinations, particularly in the case of travel.

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Vaccination not only protects people from disease, but it also lowers their chances of spreading it. As a result, producing a certificate for some types of social interactions and international travel may become a necessity in the future.

International Travel Vaccine Certificate: A Step-by-Step Guide For Downloading From CoWIN

Is It Safe To Take The COVID-19 Vaccine?

Serious adverse effects that could lead to a long-term health concern are highly unlikely to occur after any vaccination, including COVID-19. Traditionally, side effects have occurred within six weeks of getting a vaccination dose, according to vaccine monitoring.

How Does The Beneficiary Certificate Work For The COVID-19 Vaccine?

The beneficiary would receive an SMS on their registered telephone number after they have received their COVID-19 vaccination dosage. A QR code-based certificate will be emailed to the beneficiary’s registered mobile number after all vaccination doses have been provided.

Who Is Responsible For Providing The COVID-19 Vaccination Certificate?

The Vaccination Centre is in charge of preparing the certificate and giving a printed copy following vaccination on the same day. Definitely insist on getting the certificate from the Center. The cost of producing a printed copy of the certificate is included with the vaccination booking fee for private hospitals.

Can People Get COVID-19 Vaccination Without Appointment?

Citizens over the age of 45 can make appointments online or come into vaccination clinics. Before getting vaccinated, citizens aged 18 to 44 must register and arrange an appointment online. To ensure a trouble vaccination encounter, all residents are encouraged to register online and schedule vaccinations ahead of time.

Can One And Their Family Members Register With Same Number For COVID-19 Vaccine?

Four persons can be registered using a single mobile phone number; nevertheless, each person will require their own photo identification document. Consent will indeed be acquired and recorded if the Aadhar card is used as an identification document.

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