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WTFast Gaming VPN Review

Online gaming is fantastic, but problems like high latency can make it impossible to enjoy it. So, Wtfast is here to help us to reduce the latency and also improve the Gameplay. So here is a WTFast Review- It Reduce the latency and improve the gameplay.

Reduced packet loss and ping are experienced because to WTFast’s identification of the best and most accurate path to a game server.

Another name for WTFast is the Gamers Private Network (GPN). In order to minimize latency as much as possible, WTFast utilizes optimized Internet routes from your home to the game server you are connecting to.

WTFast claims to accomplish this with the aid of ISPs by employing the most direct routes from the source (your home) to the target that are less likely to be clogged with other Web traffic in generally (game server).

WTFast takes the path of least resistance, that increases the possibility of excessive latency and the feared “packet loss,” as opposed to your gaming packets hopping randomly from one network to another to get where they’re going.

WTFast is a gamers private network, not a virtual private network. One of the first things you’ll notice on their website is actually this:

WTFast never hides or modifies your IP address or network settings; it merely improves game connection data.

Due to this, we strongly advise against using WTFast for anyone who desires a VPN’s basic characteristics, such as security, privacy, encryption, anonymization, a custom IP address, the ability to get around geo-restrictions, etc.

It’s just for gamers. We might suggest WTFast for you if you wish to optimize your connection data for higher speeds and lower latency. There are, however, better GPNs available if you’re looking for additional functionality and lower prices.

Does WTFast Work?

It depends on your location, the location of the gaming server, and everything in between. Numerous known unknowns exist…

While some players who gave it a try found no difference at all, others noticed a noticeable improvement.

Does WTFast function for you? There is only one way of finding out, I guess! It is more likely to be helpful if your current round journey times (RTT) are 100 ms or above. The differences might not be as obvious if you already fall below this.

However, it is advised to purchase one of the one-time packs on the “Advanced” plan in order to truly benefit from what it may be able to do for you. Users of the Advanced plan have access to all advantages, including:

  1. Multi-Server Advanced Network Optimization
  2. WTFast Server Ports Customization
  3. Reducing Advanced Lag Spike & Disconnect
  4. Options for Run Silent to improve convenience
  5. backing for additional custom games

There is no option to hide or alter your IP address, as we can see from the WTFast website. What about the VPNs’ ability to encrypt your traffic, which is one of their other features?

On this, WTFast is fairly clear: No encryption, WTFast

Therefore, It does not at all encrypt your traffic. And this makes sense because GPNs like WTFast are designed to optimise your traffic. Since time is lost throughout the encryption process, encryption will always reduce your rates. Your speeds will decline more as the encryption level and strength increase.

We’ll now look at their privacy policy to see what kind of data they are logging after that is out of the way. You probably won’t use it to transfer sensitive data or to get around geo-restrictions as you can’t actually use it as a VPN.

Because of this, we are able to check the type of data they are keeping on you. When you use their website, they gather the following information:

  1. Your IP address
  2. Details for logging in
  3. Location details
  4. Types and versions of browsers, as well as browser plug-ins
  5. Platform and operating system
  6. Your visit’s information, such as the URL clickstream to, through, and from their website
  7. Download issues
  8. Visits to specific pages over time and page interaction

Since it is not a security-focused service, there are no major shocks there.

WTFast Package

  1. Billed $ 8.33 / Month
  2. Billed $ 24.99 / 3 months USD
  3. Billed $ 99.90 / year USD

User Experience & Usability

Although It could seem difficult to use if you’re new to GPN, it’s really fairly simple. Although the service automatically selects the optimum connection path for you, you can manually select your server if you’d prefer to have more control.

In order to get the best option, It lets you sort the servers by either ping or location.

Likewise, launching games is simple.

You can choose from among the tens of thousands of games on WTFast’s list, or you can create your own through the “custom games” page.

What are WTFast features?

Reduce your latency

In order to cut latency and the amount of lost packages during gaming sessions, It will choose the best path to the gaming server.

Better traffic flow

The software will choose the best traffic route for your gaming connection thanks to machine learning. However, you can alter the route and choose the optimal server route whenever you want.

Real-time network analysis

It gives you access to real-time network statistics so you can always be aware of the data on your network.

Works as a GPN

A GPN (Gamers Private Network), in contrast to a VPN, will only optimise your connection data; it won’t alter your IP address or network configuration.

Supports the most popular games

More than 1000 different games are compatible with WTFast, and the program’s creators are always adding more games to the list of supported games.

Your favorite multiplayer games are probably supported since the list includes all the most recent multiplayer games.

Pros and Cons of Wfast


  1. Easy to use interface
  2. Supports a vast array of games
  3. Can reduce lag and packet loss
  4. Uses machine learning


  1. Your payment information is required for a free trial.
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Is WTFast Safe?

Yes, according to their website. In the world of gaming, using a VPN or proxy server is typical. You shouldn’t be concerned because WTFast states clearly that they are “directing your game traffic.”

Is WTFast worth it?

WTFast is a best tool and one of the greatest gaming services available thanks to its easy-to-use interface and more than 1000 supported titles.

It may be the ideal option for you if you frequently have packet loss or high latency while gaming, so be sure to utilise it for the lag-freest possible experience.

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