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How to make money with blogging (2022)

How to make money with Blogging? Is it possible to make money with blogging. The answer is “yes” Yes we can earn money with blogging.

It’s not a theoretical idea; blogging for money is real. Anyone may start a blogging business and make money if they have basic knowledge of SEO, blogging, and the Internet.

How do bloggers make money

The blog you are reading right now is an good example of a blog that makes money.

This guide’s aim is to explain you how to earn money from your blog by avoiding errors and wasting time on activities that won’t progress your main goal.

It is aimed for beginners since I know how challenging it was for me to understand how to earn money by blogging when I first started out.

It took me a while to see the big picture, understand out what I was doing wrong, and sort out how to make things right.

Before I go into further depth, let me make a clarification.

It’s not a simple work; it takes skill, patience, and a lot of hard work, but it’s also one of the best and most fulfilling careers in the world.

The benefits of starting a profitable blog are not just financial; they also include a sense of accomplishment and the joy of starting a company using only your own skills and abilities.

Why are so many articles on “how to earn money from blog”? Have you ever wondered?

Why do some people reveal their secret formula to the world when they might keep it to themselves and make more money?

There is a simple solution. Every blogger hopes to get to the stage where they can start making money online and then teach the rest of the world how to do the same.

Of course, as we will see below, there are other ways to do it, such as by selling your own products or using affiliate marketing to your benefit.

How To Make Money with Blogging

These are the 7 steps to follow to make money with blogging.

  1. Create a self hosted blog.
  2. Start publishing good content
  3. Increase organic website traffic
  4. Create a community focused on your brand.
  5. Ads can be sold to begin making more money.
  6. Sell your own products or services to get money.
  7. Make money with affiliate marketing

1: Create a Self hosted blog-

Possibly the simplest step is this one. Nowadays, setting up a blog and registering a domain is really simple. All you require is a little assistance and a few nudges in the correct direction.

In short, the steps below must be followed in order to establish a blog:

  1. Register a domain name
  2. Register for web hosting
  3. Setup WordPress
  4. Publish your first blog article!

Avoid these mistakes while starting your own blog.

It’s common for new bloggers to make mistakes. That’s completely acceptable as long as you learn from your mistakes and don’t make the same ones again.

Keep these suggestions in mind when you want to start a blog.

Keep your attention on earning money online as your major aim

Remember that your aim is to get to the level where you can start earning money from your site.

I’m bringing this up again since I’ve found that beginners frequently spend too much time and energy creating the “ideal blog,” forgetting that in the beginning (when there is little traffic), Google doesn’t care about the looks of your website.

Website design is important—I’m not trying to downplay that—but not in the beginning. Your main objective at this stage is to get your blog up and running and to start create content that will attract visitors to it.

Attracting traffic (and potential consumers) requires a lot of work, so you should concentrate all of your efforts there right now.

You should have a self hosted blog and your own domain

There is a significant difference in hosting your website on a free website like medium.com as well as having your own domain and your own self hosted website, as you can learn in the how to start blog.

Make the right option now and select the appropriate self hosted platform or self hosted blog software. Your best option is a self hosted WordPress website. Best self hosted blogging platform are WordPress.org., Drupal, Ghost, Joomla. Self hosted WordPress blog are easy.

Simple is best.

Make every attempts to maintain things basic if you are just starting off. Avoid making things too complicated because you will become confused.

Save your time and effort for the more difficult activities because you have a lot to learn and will change your opinion about many topics as you go.

2: Start publishing good content

You now have a running website, which is great!

It’s time to start one of blogging’s most hard and challenging tasks: coming up with the real content for your blog.

Note: A blog with poor content is just another one of the millions that have previously been published, while a blog with good content is a money-making effort.

It’s important to identify the role of content for the success of your blog.

Good content will increase your traffic, reliability, and financial success (in different ways).

So, What is Good Content?

Good blog content might contain images, videos, infographics, audio, and more besides text. BUT your content should be mainly text if you want to rank highly on Google (and other search engines).

Keep things simple at the beginning, as I mentioned before. Later, you can combine text with different forms for the best outcomes to make your content more attractive.

Good content have these characteristics-

  1. Content should be unique.
  2. Content should be Free from Grammar and Spelling mistakes
  3. Content should be meaningful
  4. It should be informative.
  5. It should be unbiased (fair)
  6. It should be easy to read (good readability).

If the list above doesn’t make much sense right now, don’t worry; as you get more knowledge, it will make more sense to you.

Let’s look at some actual ways to create good content for your website

Select Good topic that you enjoy reading, researching, and writing.

You should be able to write content for your blog that fulfills the requirement of good content.

This process will be pretty tough, and if you are not interested in the topic, you will give up before you even start.

When choosing your topic, keep in mind that a money making blog requires a lot of content as well as that you must come up with a lot of topic to cover on a weekly (if not daily) basis.

Select a topic according to good readers

It isn’t enough to have a passion for something; others need share that passion.

Keep in mind that in order to profit from your site, you will need to sell your products to people or charge advertising for ad space.

Open Google and enter any phrases (keywords) that come to mind to conduct a fast preliminary search on the potential of your niche.

Look at the quantity and variety of websites that show up on Google’s first few pages.

Don’t be too broad be precise

Don’t choose a topic that is too wide because there are probably already thousands of websites on it, even though you need a good audience for it.

Although they have a larger audience, popular topics are also very difficult. It would be simpler to compete with other bloggers if you were just starting out as a solo blogger than it would be with websites that employ teams of writers and SEO specialists.

Lets Understand with the help of Example

If you select a title “What is SEO”. If you search this term on google You will see no. of results on What is SEO. Many of results comes from older websites. There are lots of sites which writing a blogs and have many writes and SEO experts, having lots of content pages. Its Tough for a new website to compete these sites and get traffic for these terms.

So narrow down your search or be precise and use like “how to do seo of a wordpress website without plugin”. This is known as Keyword Research. Use Long tail keyword to get traffic or run website.

3. Increase organic website traffic

Setting up your blog and registering your own domain should be your first steps.

The second step is choosing the topics for your blog and becoming a skilled in keyword research.

The next step, is to start getting organic traffic for your site.

What is organic traffic?

Organic traffic, also known as free traffic, refers to website users who come at your site from unpaid sources. Here, you can use search engines like Google, Yahoo, or Bing as organic sources.

Search Engine Optimization is the name of the type of digital marketing that emphasises increasing organic traffic. Because organic searches have greater intentions than paid searches, organic traffic builds website trust and frequently has higher conversion rates. Since organic traffic is more semi-permanent than bought traffic, its return on investment is much higher.

Although there are more than 255 aspects that affect organic search rankings, the most crucial ones are relevant keywords, giving accurate and up-to-date content to queries, and getting clicks from other highly ranked websites.

The most significant type of website traffic is organic traffic. It is more significant than traffic from social media networks or paid traffic.

  • Resulting from organic traffic are highly qualified leads.
  • In the long run, organic search is a sustainable strategy.
  • increases reader trust
  • User Intent to search.
  • It is cost effective.
  • Bring relevant user who are interested
  • Increase brand loyalty
  • Sustained competitive advantage
  • ROI driven by customer intent
  • Higher rates of conversion

What You Can Do to Boost Your Organic Traffic:

Making sure that customers discover you and not your rival while searching for a product or service similar to yours is a challenge for marketers. Here are some tips for increasing organic traffic and climbing the SERPs.

  • Create material that is optimized for readers rather than search engines.
  • Regularly post high-quality content
  • Add long-tail keywords into your writing.
  • Add internal links and meta descriptions( internal link means your previous Article link and external links means other website link like which article you use for guide)
  • Make use of social media

4: Create a community based on your brand

The next step is to create a community around your business once you have a blog with good content and users are beginning to come in.

Beginners often make this mistake of skipping this phase and going straight to the portion where they can make money, but this is not the most effective action to take.
Gaining the user’s trust is the first step before making any purchases (conversions), and community building is how you do it.

It was intentional for me to use the phrase “brand” rather than “blog,” as you may have noticed.

At this point, you should stop viewing your blog as a hobby and adopt a strategy more in line with that of a business.

What is community building for a blog?

Simply defined, your goal is to build a community of users who will interact with your blog’s content, subscribe to it, and purchase your products or services.

  • Email marketing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Web push Notification
  • Replying Comment

5: Start selling ads to get money

Have you ever noticed how many actions must be taken before you can start making money?

Although the topic of this blog article is earning money from your blog, about 3/4 of the content is connected to activities that occur before that, and this is how earning money from blogging actually functions in practice.

As a reminder, you must understand that you cannot profit from your site if:

  • You lack sufficient organic traffic.
  • You lack a quality email list.
  • You don’t have a group of devoted supporters.
  • You lack conversion-oriented material.
  • Let’s look at how you might earn money online and treat yourself after completing the aforementioned activities, assuming that you did.

Google AdSense: The Selling of Ad Space

I’ll say it: I like AdSense! Since I’ve been an AdSense publisher, Google Adsense is still among the greatest ways to earn money online, even though there are competitors.

I use Adsense on my blogs.

As you will see in the paragraphs that follow, there are cases in which AdSense is not the greatest approach to monetize your blog. 

Adsense uses an auction-style system based on keywords. It will attempt to display ads that are related to the user’s search query when they conduct a Google search and subsequently visit a website that contains AdSense adverts.

If there is a lot of competition, or many relevant advertising, both the amount of money the advertiser will spend and the amount of money you will make will grow.

Can you advertise your blog or products through AdSense?

You surely can using Google Adwords. The mechanism that advertisers utilize to run advertisements that appear on Google search and Adsense websites is called AdWords.

However, keep in mind that you cannot utilize Adwords to direct PPC visitors to a landing page that also contains Adsense. This technique used to make some people a lot of money, but it is no longer effective.

When is it best TO use Adsense?

On websites with a wide range of topics, use AdSense (news portals, magazines, newspapers, forums, etc).

Utilize Adsense on websites focused on healthy living (fitness blogs, weight loss, etc).

On websites with a lot of page visits, use AdSense.

When should you avoid using Adsense?

When you can create and market your own goods or services, don’t utilise Adsense.

Use affiliate marketing to make money instead of Adsense.

6: Sell your own goods or services to get money

Consider this: What happens when you sell ad space on your blog? Due to the middleman (advertising business), who receives 30% of the revenue, and the advertiser benefiting financially from your effort and material, you only receive a percentage of the money.

You should to take into account producing and marketing your own products or services to lessen the financial loss.

Obviously, it’s not as simple as it seems. Making items that people will pay money for takes a lot of work, but it’s the best approach to establish a successful online business in the long run.

Your profit margin will be maximized if you have your own items, and you are aware that whatever efforts you do to increase traffic will result in more sales.

Ebooks and online courses are the most simple goods to make and sell online using a blog.

You should research before investing any time or money to produce your own product.

7: Make money through affiliate marketing

Last but not least, selling other people’s items (physical or online) in exchange for a commission is another approach to generate income from your blog.

Typically, this is referred to as affiliate marketing. Here is a description of the procedure.

You decide which goods to advertise.

When you sign up for their affiliate marketing program, you are provided with a special URL and banners to use.

You include banners and links in your blog.

The links lead to the provider’s website when someone clicks on them.

You receive the agreed-upon commission when they make a purchase.

Know these things before engaging in affiliate marketing include:

  • Don’t advertise products or services you haven’t used yourself. You do not want to loss your users’ confidence. Promote only goods that you personally know will be useful to your audience.
  • Google disapproves of websites and web pages that exist solely to generate revenue from affiliate marketing. Without being overly commercial, your website should offer the user true value.
  • Don’t go overboard. It’s acceptable to make product recommendations in your blog posts, but not all the time. Effective affiliate marketers don’t constantly push products. They initially offer their readers value before making product recommendations.


Many bloggers are earning money from their blogs. The amount of work you are willing to put in will determine how much money you will make. One of the best careers in the world, blogging is not a simple job and it takes a time.

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People May Ask

How much money can a new blogger make?

A blogger in India might make anywhere from $100 to $10,000 per month. A regular blogger makes between $300 and $400 per month on average. The blogger can make up to $3000+, though, if they have more expertise. In India, celebrity bloggers make between $20,000 and $30,000.

Is earning money through blogging simple?

The best approach to earn your first $100 online is by blogging. Start by picking a lucrative niche, creating an email list, and promoting affiliate products. If consumers choose to buy after hearing your recommendation, you might earn thousands of dollars each month.

How many views do you need to make money on a blog?

You should be blogging full-time (i.e., making more than $3,500 per month from your blog) if you receive more than 100,000 pageviews per month (total pageviews, not unique pageviews) on your blog. This does not imply that you will receive payment the moment you pass the 100,000 pageviews per month threshold.

Who supports your blog writing?

Advertisements, affiliate marketing, sponsored posts, products, and services are the five main income sources for bloggers.

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