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10 Free Apps and Games to Play on Your New VR Headset

Don’t despair if your vacation featured a VR Headset but you were heartbroken by giving away gifts. These ten free virtual reality apps and games can give you many hours of entertainment at no expense to you.

Play On Your New VR Headset

1. Google Earth VR Headset

Google Earth VR Headset is the best app for bringing virtual reality to the next level. Users may see a 3D view of any site where Google’s Street View cameras have been sent, which is pretty much everywhere. Every New Year’s Eve partygoer will want to explore their childhood home, locate their apartment, and learn about what’s going on in Tokyo. It’s incredible that this program is available for free.

Platform- Oculus, Vive

CPUIntel i7-6700 equivalent or better
OSWindows 10
VIDEO CARDNvidia GeForce GTX 980 or better

2. Saber Demo Win

It’s simple to see why it’s one of the most popular VR Headset games of all time. Neon cubes are tough to ignore while powerful bass music is playing, and they also provide a fantastic workout. Two songs and a lesson are included in the demo, which is just enough to make you exclaim, “I want to do this all the time.” “These are the numbers for my credit cards.”

10 Free Apps and Games to Play on Your New VR Headset

Platform-Oculus, PlayStation VR, and Windows

OSWindows 7/8.1/10 (64bit)
ProcessorIntel Core i7 Skylake or equivalent
Memory8 GB RAM
GraphicsNvidia GTX 1060 or equivalent
DirectXVersion 12
Storage200 MB available space

3. VR Epic Roller Coasters

Virtual reality as well as roller coaster rides go together like peanut butter and jelly. Because users don’t have to do anything to “play” this game, it’s an excellent introduction to virtual reality for seniors and non-gamers who may be intimidated by the console’s many buttons.

Program: louver

10 Free Apps and Games to Play on Your New VR Headset
OSWindows 10 (64bit) or higher
ProcessorIntel i5- 4590 equivalent or greater.
Memory8 GB RAM
GraphicsNVIDIA GTX 1060 AMD Radeon RX 480 (equivalent or better)
DirectXVersion 11
NetworkBroadband Internet connection
Storage50 GB available space

4. Rick’s Room

Some users despise all chatbots – do you think they’d have a computer if they wanted to talk to people? – However, many people are social creatures by nature. Rick’s quarters It’s aimed towards younger users and allows you to build a full-body avatar, play mini-games like dribble ball and tag, go on missions, and explore thousands of user-made areas. Furthermore, it is possible to play it in a non-virtual environment.

Oculus, PlayStation VR, Xbox One, iOS, Microsoft Windows, Xbox Series X, and Series S are among the platforms available.

10 Free Apps and Games to Play on Your New VR Headset
OSWindows 7 SP1 or newer
ProcessorIntel Core i5-4590 equivalent or greater
Memory4 GB RAM
GraphicsGeForce GTX 970 or AMD Radeon RX 480
GraphicsGTX 980 equivalent

5. Netflix And Prime Video VR

Both of these famous streaming providers have excellent default versions. They both let you watch Netflix/Prime video on a nearly massive screen with virtual surround sound, and they’re both free (other than a regular streaming service subscription). They don’t have any VR Headset-specific content, but they’re great if you just want to watch some movies or episodes.

Oculus, PlayStation VR, and Gear VR are some of the platforms available.

10 Free Apps and Games to Play on Your New VR Headset

Netflix And Prime Video VR Specification

Size Varies by the device (9.8MB – 46.2MB)
VersionVaries by device
Release Date 2014
Developed ByNetflix, Inc

6. Superhot Virtual Reality Demo

it’s too hot He’s been out for five years, yet he’s still going strong. The best shooting game in virtual reality. It’s a one-of-a-kind time-stop game that blends seamlessly with virtual reality, and its nearly abstract aesthetics complement the experience. The demo is short, but it makes up for it with an astounding amount of cool. Too hot in a non-virtual reality setting This option is also available.

PS VR, Oculus, Switch, Windows, iOS, Google Stadia, Linux

10 Free Apps and Games to Play on Your New VR Headset
OSWindows 10
ProcessorIntel Core i5-4590 equivalent or greater
Memory8 GB RAM
GraphicsNVIDIA GTX 970 / AMD Radeon R9 290 or greater
Storage4 GB available space

7. Anne Frank House

This educational freeware employs virtual reality for purposes other than gaming. “Anne Frank House,” which was originally created for use in the Anne Frank Museum, educates you about Anne Frank’s life and family while also allowing you to explore a virtual facsimile of the “Secret Annex,” the attic where the Frank family spent years hiding from the Nazis. It’s little, to be sure!

Oculus,  VR

10 Free Apps and Games to Play on Your New VR Headset

Anne Frank House Specification

Game ModesSingle User
Supported Player ModesRoomscale, Standing
Supported ControllersOculus Touch
PublisherOculus Studios

8. YouTube Virtual Reality

YouTube VR Headset allows you to wear a headset and watch any YouTube video, as well as enter into 360-degree virtual reality videos and stroll around in your favorite YouTuber’s locker. You can watch “normal” YouTube videos in theatre mode, and the navigation has been tweaked to work flawlessly with VR Headset controls. You can use it on pretty much any VR device.


10 Free Apps and Games to Play on Your New VR Headset

YouTube VR Headset System Specifications

Memory8 GB
Graphics CardNVIDIA GeForce GTX 980 Ti
CPUIntel Core i7-6700
File Size4 GB
OSWindows 10

9. Taste!

Taste! is there for you if you would like to go (nearly) fishing. This polished game has a plot (you’re attempting to catch a specific fish), but it really is more about relaxing than pursuing a particular goal. You may sign up for 4 lakes, visit 2 fishing stores to update your gear, buy jerky, and even fish with other anglers.

Oculus, Gear VR – Program

10 Free Apps and Games to Play on Your New VR Headset

Taste VR Headset Minimum Specifications

Memory7.81 GB
Graphics CardNVIDIA GeForce GTX 970
CPUIntel Core i5-4590
File Size7.81 GB
OSWindows 7, Windows 8.1 or Windows 10

10. Poker stars Virtual Reality

This social game allows you to sit at a table with other virtual gamblers and play Texas Hold’em, Stud Hi/Lo, and other games. You don’t play for real money, which negates the purpose of poker, but if you don’t mind, you’ll have a good time. A number of interactive objects are also fun and add to the excitement in the games.


10 Free Apps and Games to Play on Your New VR Headset
CPUIntel i7 or greater
OSWindows 10
Video CardNVIDIA GTX 1070 or greater
Pixel Shader5.1
Vertex Shader5.1
Free disk Space7 GB
Dedicated VIDEO RAM4096 MB

People May Ask

Q- What VR Headset Games Are Available For Free?

Play on Your New VR Headset

A- Rec Room, VRChat, AltspaceVR, and Bigscreen are among the free social VR experiences available on Oculus Quest. Before visiting any world where voice-based communication is important, we recommend playing a game or 2 of hiding & Seek in Half & Half.

Q- What Apps Are Compatible With A Virtual Reality Headset?

A- The Netflix VR software, Google Cardboard app, and Littlstar app all fall under this category allowing you to watch VR films and content from Hulu, Netflix, and YouTube on your cellphone with Oculus as well Steam-compatible VR headsets.

Q- In Poker stars VR, What Occurs If You Run Out Of Money?

A- If your chips are fewer than the smallest table’s least buy-in, you will be given a tiny refill of 1000 chips.

Q- What Is The Duration Of Anne Frank House VR Headset?

A- Around 25 minutes

The virtual reality tour lasts roughly 25 minutes and is offered in 7 different languages: Dutch, English, German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, as well as Hebrew.

Q- What Is The Size Of Beat Saber In Gigabytes?

A- When looking at the greatest Oculus Quest 2 games, many of the classics are under 2GB, having popular titles like Beat Saber (643MB), Pistol Whip (1.8GB), Echo VR (650MB), Rec Room (1.7GB), as well as SUPERHOT (1.96GB) just taking up a modest amount of storage.

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