What Type of Poker Player Are You? Understanding the 6 Different Styles

What Type of Poker Player Are You? Just like poker games, poker players range in various types. So, which type defines you well? As a beginner in this game, it might be difficult for you to identify your type. But once you become a connoisseur, you can easily notice the traits that define you as a poker under a particular genre.

Want to know which poker player are you? If yes, now is the right time to get an insight into the six different styles of poker games. Whichever style you follow, you will be described as that type of poker player. Here’s evaluating more on this front:

The Six Types of Poker Players

Here’s a list of six types of poker players:

1 Bingo Players

They are the ones who are new to the gameplay. These players are newbies, boobs, or even chancers. They neither understand how to strategize nor have the skills required to win the game. Since they lack skills or knowledge, reading these players becomes quite challenging. That’s because they don’t know much about the gameplay. So, the steps they undertake are unpredictable. 

But there are a lot of problems with these players. They play the games as they would do for bingo. They simply rely on their luck. But poker is not a game of luck, so bingo players. And there would be a time when they end up losing the game since the game is not about luck.

2 The Fish

The next type of player on this list is the fish. They are the Calling Station and Triggers. They fold their hands when they don’t see any good set. Such poker players end up calling a majority of raises just to see the things they are going. They do so until the ultimate flop.

Soon after the first three rounds, these players decide to go for the next round. They tend to call all raises, although they don’t raise bets on their own. 

The problem is that when an opponent figures out such a player on the table, they will immediately change their strategies and tactics.

3 The Rock

So, do your opponents call you rock on a poker table? Well, you might have annoyed them to much. This type of player is annoying and only takes an interest in the premium hands or the ones that let them win. Such poker players are the stones, nits, and tight passives. They have earned their skills and play on blind as well as the smallest raises. 

Most of them identify rocks at the tables with 4 to 5 rounds. The simplest way to identify this type of player on the table is by observing calling & raising actions. 

4 Sharks

The sharks are the absolute professionals on the table. They have strong skills & implement strategies that make them the best. Identify them by not identifying. Well, joker apart, sharks can blend in with other players & use their strategies to play. They rely on misdirection and confuse opponents.

They pounce on their opponents & take them out of their game. They have the potential to masquerade just like the rocks, the fish, the bingo player, or everything simultaneously. This capability offers them the ammunition they require besides their stellar skills for winning poker.

They always rely on misdirection only to confuse opponents. They pounce on opponents and take them out of their game. They always wipe away everything from other players’ wallets. They have the ability to win the game owing to their skills and knowledge.

5 The Coffee Houser

Now coming to the coffee house? Did someone address you by this name? Well, such players are regarded for their trash communication. They always go the extra mile in communicating with opponents, only for trash talks. They do so to break the opponents’ confidence and make them in doubt. Such a type of poker player is always frowned upon by different platforms for implementing their techniques.

6 Mr. ABC Poker

Such a type of poker player follows the rule pretty well. If you have the Mr. ABC poker opponent, be careful. They know all the rules so brilliantly. And they always stick to the basic gameplay by doing things written in the book. So, someone who has knowledge about poker gameplay can easily predict these players. Such players always stick to the rules and use nothing other than their knowledge. 

This specific type of poker player is known for playing by the rules. These types of poker players stick to the basic plays of poker by doing everything by the book and not thinking out of the box. These types of poker players use nothing but their limited poker knowledge to navigate through the game.

So, now that you have learned the six types of poker players, which type describe you the best? If you want to win against real players on online platforms, it takes a lot of effort and time to become the shark.

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