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Novel Games Done Quick returns to in-person with SGDQ 2022

Games Done Quick, a charity speed running event, is bringing back the audience. Summer Games Done Quick 2022 will be held in person this year, from June 26 to July 3, according to GDQ.

Doctors Without Borders will benefit from the event, which will be held in Bloomington, Minnesota. COVID’s full safety policy will be released on March 21, but It has confirmed that proof of vaccination would be required.

In addition, KN95 / N95 masks are necessary in the event zones and on the broadcast.

It is lowering the event cap and focusing on social distancing. Attendees are also asked to limit themselves to two persons per room at the hotel, according to the organizers.

In response to COVID-19 developments, It said it will continue to assess and may alter policies or cancel all in-person plans.

In addition, several on-site events will be discontinued this summer. The board game room and panels are explicitly mentioned by This. The deadline for speed running entries is March 21. If you want to run further away, It says it will allow a limited number of remote runs.

There are numerous safeguards and measures, which is encouraging. IT is performed admirably among the many live events that had to adjust to the pandemic.

Games Done Quick

Several events were held remotely by the speed running charity group, with remarkable success. Going remote has also made it simpler to highlight certain noteworthy runs, such as the Half-Life: Alyx VR run and a variety of rhythm game displays.

Each week, there’s something different about hearing the crowd’s applause, chants, and laughs. It’s good to see SGDQ returning to an in-person as much as possible while taking precautions. Once June arrives, let’s hope everything goes smoothly and we see some masked onlookers cheering on speed runners.

What is Games Done Quick?

It is a charitable video game marathon series. High-level gameplay by speed runners raises money for charity at these tournaments.

In its nine-year history, It has partnered with a number of charities, including Doctors Without Borders and the Prevent Cancer Foundation. For both causes, we are now the largest fundraising event on the planet!

It has raised approximately $34 million for charity to far. At our events, we typically have over 3000 people in attendance, including staff, volunteers, runners, and spectators who just want to have a good time and support the event!

Games Done Quick

Summer Games Done Quick 2022 Returns – In-Person

Games Done Quick will be back in person for the first time since Awesome Games Done Quick 2020! Bloomington, Minnesota will host the event once again.

The deadline for game entries is March 21st! They will accept a limited number of remote run submissions for this summer in order to give individuals who may find it difficult to travel a chance to participate.

Registration and hotel reservations will open on April 18th.

All attendees of SGDQ2022 will be required to have full COVID-19 vaccines (with documentation), as well as KN95/N95 masks, in accordance with our safety policy.

In all event spaces, social distance will be practiced. To facilitate social distance needs, the event attendance cap will be reduced.

Some on-site locations, such as the panels and board game room, will not be returning this summer because they are not currently practical under our COVID-19 standards. Others, like the arcade, may have a smaller scope.

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On March 21st, we will publish a full paper outlining our COVID-19 precautions and policies.

In reaction to the current pandemic, Games Done Quick will continue to assess the situation and may amend our COVID policy or cancel in-person plans. We’ll keep the community informed in the future. We appreciate your support, and we hope to see you at SGDQ 2022!

Games Done Quick

Full COVID safety policy will be posted by March 21st

Vaccinations will be required (with documentation). In all event areas and on broadcast, KN95/N95 masks will be required and enforced. The maximum number of people who can attend the event will be decreased. In all event spaces, social distance will be practiced.

They will ask all attendees to keep the number of people per hotel room to a minimum of two. Due to the lower attendance cap, They anticipate plenty of hotel accommodations.

Done with the games In reaction to changes in the pandemic’s progression, Quick will continue to evaluate the continuing COVID-19 pandemic and may amend our policy or cancel all in-person plans.

Please be aware that several on-site events will not be available this summer due to COVID-19. The board game room and the panels are included in this.

SGDQ2022 Game Submissions

Remotely streamed runs will be approved in a restricted number of cases. During the submission process, runners will be asked if they are able to attend.

Games Done Quick


Games Done Quick is a charity video game marathon series that features high-level gameplay by speed runners who raise money for a good cause. Every summer, Summer Games Done Quick is held in collaboration with Doctors Without Borders/Médecins Sans Frontiers.

People May Ask

Q- What is the duration of Summer Games Done Quick?

A- 7-day period

Q- What is the process of Games Done Quick?

A- Games Done Quick is a charitable video game marathon series. These competitions include high-level gameplay by speed runners who are raising funds for a good cause. In its nine-year history, Games Done Quick has partnered with a number of charities, including Doctors Without Borders and the Prevent Cancer Foundation.

Q- When did the Games Done Quick initiative begin?

A- 2010

Q- What is the most significant GDQ donation?

A- Dollars 3.4 million

Q- What was the total amount raised by GDQ in 2021?

A- The first Games Done Quick of the year has officially set an all-time high in charitable donations. The over £2.5 million ($3,416,729 USD) raised will go to the Prevent Cancer Foundation, a US nonprofit dedicated to cancer prevention through research and screening.

Q- What exactly is a GDQ hotfix?

A- This HOTFIX is a done quick series that highlights amazing speed running races, competitions, and other community events!

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