Epic Games brings RealityScan app for iOS users

Epic Games brings RealityScan app for iOS users- RealityScan is a 3D scanning tool for mobile devices that makes it simple to create high-definition 3D models from images. The RealityScan app for iOS devices is also available to users without any prior knowledge. Capturing Reality created RealityScan.

The RealityScan app has been made available for free download on iOS by Capturing Reality and Epic Games, a provider of 3D engine technology for interactive entertainment.

RealityScan is a 3D scanning program for mobile devices that quickly converts images into highly accurate 3D models without any prior knowledge. Any iPhone or iPad running iOS 16.0 or higher is compatible with the RealityScan app.

Users can use the 3D scans to:

  • Create realistic assets for your game, project, VFX, or AR/VR experience.
  • Create assets for 3D visualization, 3D prints, and prototypes.
  • Capture and preserve your memories by 3D scanning special objects or places that have meaning to you.

According to the business, users will only need to take a picture of an object with their smartphone using this software, and the programme will then use cloud processing to turn it into a 3D model that can be published to Sketchfab and shared with everyone.

A website for publishing, sharing, discovering, buying, and selling 3D, VR, and AR content is called Sketchfab.

With the intention of enabling 3D scanning for all producers, Capturing Reality, a provider of photogrammetry solutions and a member of the Epic Games family, developed RealityScan.

According to the company, anyone can use RealityScan to make 3D models from actual things and utilize them to increase the realism of their visualization projects.

Additionally, RealityScan allows for smooth uploading of finished 3D objects to Sketchfab.

Additionally, after their initial post to Sketchfab, RealityScan users will be immediately promoted to a Sketchfab Pro account.

There isn’t much time left for Epic to reach its previously announced timetable for releasing an Android version this year.

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