Best IP Booters of 2022 for PSX4

In the world of IT security, an IP booter is a type of service that offers Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks for clients. In this article, we show the best IP Booters of 2022 for PSX4.

But, what is a booter used for on Psx4 and Xbox? Well, neither more nor less to disconnect rival players from their PS4/Xbox, and thus have an advantage in the game.

You may have come to this article in dire need to win an online game or perhaps just to “get back” at a player.

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A VPN service before using an IP Booter

The Internet and websites work with IP addresses to share information and communicate with each other. Whenever someone tries to serve up a web page, they type in the domain name of the page and point it to the IP address of that domain.

Whenever you browse a website or use a booter against someone, your IP address will show up in server logs. Therefore, to be sure that there is no IP leak, make sure to remain anonymous by using any good VPN service before using bootstrap. If any security agency traces your IP and detects that you attacked any website, you may be charged with cybercrime. Don’t forget to use the VPN before connecting. We have an article about the best VPNs for 2022.

Best PS4 IP Booters of 2022

Best PS4 IP Booters of 2022 You may be interested in… How to play PS5 games on your computer and other devices

There are various booters on the market but these are the best and the best IP and PS4 booters of 2022.

1. Stress them

Stress Them is one of the most advanced, powerful, reliable, and stable IP booters on the market for PS4 boosters. Your IP Stressed system is always online and the service runs smoothly around the clock.

With over 1 Tb/s of capacity, Stressthem has the strongest service package to meet everyone’s needs.

2. Free IP Stress

Free IP Stress is a free PS4 IP start-up app to test servers without shelling out a single penny. Every stress test puts such a powerful load on the server. Most IP starters are very expensive even for low-power stress tests.

3. IP Stresser

IP Stresser was created in early 2013 to host a professional and reliable stress service at a pocket-friendly price. Their business model is customer based and they work hard every day to make sure they are happy with their services.


TS3Booter is another best premium IP booter on the net and satisfies all stressful needs. It is a very stable solution for gamers for IP booters.

5. Network Stress

Network Stress provides the best stress testing experience with power from 10 to 80 Gb/s per boot using our LDAP/NTP method. It uses recursive DNS servers, NTP, and LDAP extenders so their boot is never traced and they can’t get to you.

6. Supreme Security_

Supreme Security is a cloud load-testing platform that helps network researchers and testers analyze, test, and improve the network to mitigate attacks.

This tool runs a cluster of dedicated and paired servers with custom methods to address different protected instances like GAMESERVERS as well as web protection services.

Best IP Booters of 2022 for PSX4 Offline

There are many other offline starters that can be used manually to stress a server or another player. Below are some of the most prominent offline IP starters.

LOIC (A network stress testing application)
Xerxes (One of the best DDoS tools)
Slowloris (Low starting content DDos utility)
Pyddoz (Layer 7 DDoS utility)

How to configure a static IP for PS4 on FOXCONN T77H460?

This guide will show you everything you need to do to set up a static IP address for your PlayStation 4 using your FOXCONN T77H460.

How to configure a static IP for PS4 on FOXCONN T77H460?

There are a few things to keep in mind to complete the following steps:

  • The MAC address of your PS4,
  • The current IP address of your PS4,
  • The DHCP range of your router,

Static IP settings for PS4

  1. Start by opening your router’s control panel.
  2. Find your DHCP server settings,
  3. Now, just enter the MAC address of your PS4 and the IP address you want to assign to it. (Make sure this address is within the DHCP range of your router),
  4. Good job! You have just created a static IP link for your PS4 with your FOXCONN T77H460,

Static IP settings on PS4

  1. First of all, turn on your PS4.
  2. Then go to Settings.
  3. Continue with Setting up your Internet connection.
  4. Now, choose WiFi or LAN (depending on the type of connection your PS4 uses),
  5. Choose Custom > Manual
  6. Enter all the information from the View connection status menu and a static IP address
  7. Good job! You have set up a static IP address on your PS4!

How to fix the PS4 NAT type failure?

PS4 NAT type failed. Sound like your problem? Guys, this is a common bug that annoys you during gameplay because you may not be able to hear other players. Many gamers like you have encountered this error, but still wondering how to fix it. In this post, I will walk you through troubleshooting tips to fix the error PS4 NAT type failed.

Gaming is a medium that provides a lot of fun and entertainment, and with the changing times, gaming platforms have undergone various developments, and currently, gamers generally prefer PlayStation. It’s a platform that feels like a real game, but some players were unable to access its awesome features due to the error message ” PS4 NAT type failed. ” Broadly speaking, the message indicates a problem in the PS4’s network settings or router. There are various other errors encountered in PS4 and this is the most common problem faced by gamers.

So, if you are really annoyed by this issue, don’t worry because here you will get the ultimate solution to fix your problem.

What is NAT and what are its types?

Well, before going to the solution part, you must know about NAT (Network Address Translation) and its types, because this information will let you know which settings you should keep on your router and PS4 to solve the problem.

NAT is called “Network Address Translation” and its main purpose is to translate public IP addresses into private IP addresses. It protects public IP addresses and hides internal IP addresses. By using this mechanism, your ISP maps a single IP to multiple clients with different port numbers simultaneously. This process occurs in the form of packets. When a packet comes in, the public IP is translated to a private IP, so the port number changes. To do this translation, go to the NAT address table that exists on the NAT device. The router in your home will follow the same process. There are currently three types of NAT, as follows:

Classification of NAT

NAT is divided into three types, namely Type 1, Type 2, and Type 3, and the distinguishing factor among them is the network setting. Details are listed below to help you understand NAT types effectively.

NAT type 1 (open):

It is regarded as an open network system in which there is no firewall interference and the connection between the system and the network is direct. NAT type 1 is ideal for PS4, but it also presents several security threats.

NAT type 2 (medium) :

It is a modest networked system where users can effectively access games without any security breaches.

NAT type 3 (strict) :

This type restricts the network, the firewall has full control over the network and this type is often the main reason behind ” PS4 NAT Type Failed ” issues. Therefore, you’d better switch your PS4 and router’s network settings to NAT Type 1 or Type 2.

Why does my PS4 show NAT type fail?

Usually, “ PS4 NAT Type Failed” errors are caused by incorrect network settings in the PS4 or a network firewall that is causing the problem. You can simply get rid of this error by changing the type of NAT. We’ll try these with our router settings.

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