Sony Wf-C500 Earbuds Review

The Sony WF-C500 Earbuds are low-cost earbuds with a neutral audio profile. Meanwhile, the left and right earphones on our item are misaligned, and the right ear has more low-bass. Their audio can be tweaked using a visual EQ as well as presets in their companion application, which also allows you to set up 360 Reality Audio, a surround sound characteristic that requires a suitable streaming provider to work. They also have a battery life of roughly 14 hours when used continuously. Their settings are large icons on the outside area of the buds, but they’re not very intuitive at first, and pressing them can damage your ears.

Sony Wf-C500 Earbuds Specifications

Brand Sony
ModelWF-C500 True Wireless Stereo (TWS) Earphones
Release date30th September 2021
ColorBlack & Green
Headphone TypeIn-Ear
ConnectivityTrue Wireless Stereo (TWS)
Driver Size (mm)5.8
Weight (g)5.40
Weight With Case (g)35
Frequency Response Range20Hz-20,000Hz
Bluetooth Version5
Charging Time (Hrs)2.5
Battery Life (Hrs)10
Battery Life (Hrs) Earpieces Only10
Battery Life (Hrs) With Case Total20
Sony Wf-C500 Earbuds Review

Sony Wf-C500 Earbuds Price

Sony Wf-C500 Earbuds price – 5,159.53 INR

Sony Wf-C500 Earbuds Specifications


The Sony WF-C500 are spherical earbuds having angled silicone tips that are relatively bulky. They don’t protrude as much from your ears as the Sony WF-XB700. Truly Wireless and available in a variety of hues, including ‘Black, White, Green, as well as Coral.’


The Sony WF-C500 Earbuds is a reasonably comfortable earbud. The earbuds are a little on the bigger side, but they come with a variety of silicone tips alternatives and don’t have a deep fitting. They may exert some strain on your ears, based on your ear shape, as well as touching the icons on their outer surfaces can be painful.


The controls are satisfactory. On the outside of each bud is a large circular button. They’re simple to use, but the instructions aren’t always intuitive, as well as the keys might feel overly sensitive at times, causing you to double-press while you meant to single-press. They’re also not easy to press, but on the good side, most functions have voice instructions or beeps.


The Sony WF-C500 Earbuds, like other fully wireless in-ears, are extremely portable. They’re convenient to carry around because you can put them in a backpack or slip them into your pocket.


The Sony WF-C500 Earbuds comes with a decent carrying case. It’s a little smaller than the Sony WF-XB700 Truly Wireless case and includes a battery life indicator light. Whenever the earbuds are inside as well as charging, the cover is transparent, allowing you to see the earbuds’ own battery lights. Although it is difficult to open, the lid will remain closed if the case is dropped. The case is also the same color as the earbuds.

Build Quality

The build quality of the Sony WF-C500 Earbuds is superb. They’re largely comprised of plastic, but they have a solid feel to them. They have an IPX4 designation for waterproof, however, they don’t have the same premium touch as the Sony WF-1000XM4 Truly Wireless.


The Sony WF-C500 Earbuds has a good level of stability. They should remain stationary during simple activities like a walk in the park, but they may fall over during more intensive workouts.

Consistency of Frequency Response

Like most in-ear buds, they feature a very consistent frequency response. You should get consistent bass as well as treble delivery once you’ve found a proper fit using the provided ear tips.

Bass Accuracy 

The Sony WF-C500 Earbuds have excellent bass fidelity. Because the majority of the reaction is flat and neutral, the correct amount of rumble, punch, and boom is achieved in the mixes. Our unit’s left as well as right drivers, meanwhile, are slightly out of sync. The right earbud has an increased emphasis in the low-bass area, making it sound substantially more bass-heavy than the left.

Accuracy in the middle

The Sony WF-C500 Earbuds have exceptional mid-range accuracy. The lead vocals and instruments are both present and authentic. They’re pushed to the rear of the mix by the dip in the mid-mid, but they sound clean as well as intense generally.

Treble Accuracy 

They have a high level of treble precision. Instruments, as well as lead voices, are clear and distinct, but sibilants like S and T sounds, as well as cymbals, sound a little dull due to a minor under-emphasis in the mid-treble.


The Sony WF-C500 Earbuds performs well in terms of peaks as well as dips. The right driver in our device features a low bass peak that adds extra thud and rumble to mixes. Tools and lead vocals are pushed to the back of the mix by a dip in the mid-mid, which is considerably more noticeable in our unit’s right driver.

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The irregular mid-treble generates sibilants, such as cymbals, alternatively piercing or dull, and there’s a high in the low-treble that can make some parts seem harsh.

The soundstage that is not active

The passive soundstage of the Sony WF-C500 is poor, as is typical with closed-back earbuds. In comparison to typical open-back earbuds, their sound seems to come from inside your skull rather than from speakers in the area surrounding you, as well as the soundstage appears closed-off and narrow.

Soundstage in Virtual Reality

360 Reality Audio is supported by the Sony WF-C500. This speaker modeling feature is designed to make music sound like it’s coming from all around you, rather than just two speakers, as stereo music usually does. You can activate it using the headphones’ accompanying app, which also provides instructions for photographing your ears and sending them to Sony for study so that the function can adjust to their form.

Sony Wf-C500 Earbuds Review

Sony Wf-C500 Earbuds Pros And Cons

Cost-effectiveBattery life is short (for the charging case)
Rich bass and sharp highs make for excellent audio.On-ear controls can be challenging to use.
In-app EQ can provide dramatic consequences, such as significantly increased bass.
Design that is resistant to water


The Sony WF-C500 is well-designed, light, and comfortable, with a variety of control methods that all perform well. The overall battery life isn’t particularly impressive at 20 hrs, but 10 hrs from the buds alone isn’t bad. And their sound, which is fast, detailed, and completely engrossing, has some actual expertise.

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