Lenovo Smart Clock 2 Full Specs & Review

Lenovo Smart Clock 2 – Lenovo improves on a wonderful deed with both the Smart Clock 2, a Google Assistant-enabled alarm clock with a design concept, a brilliant touch screen interface, enhanced sound, and an inductive charging port that serves as a night light if users are prepared to pay for it.

The Smart Clock 2 is a charming bedtime partner, good enough to play relaxing (or not) music, appointment reminders and settings, showing family pictures, and managing connected devices with Google Assistant voice commands.


The Lenovo Smart Clock 2 is somewhat taller than just its predecessors, measuring 3.67 x 4.47 x 2.81 inches (HxWxD), and it’s also a little deeper, with a base which conceals a pair of 1.5-inch front-firing speakers.

With a weight of 0.66 ounces, the Smart Clock 2 seems strong and durable but just not overly so, and there’s little risk users will unintentionally turn everything over.

The Lenovo Smart Clock 2 comes in three colours: Abyss Blue, Shadow Black, and Heather Gray, and has a soft fabric cover featuring volume turned up controls on front.

The approximately 5 charging chord culminates in a bulky wall wart, which is plugged into a barrel-shaped power socket in the back. A switch which deactivates the microphones also was placed at the back.

Optional Charging Dock

The optional charging dock, which measures 8.65 x 3.26 x 0.96 inches, is roughly twice as large as the timepiece itself (WxDxH).

A couple of rubbery feet here on base protect the dock against rolling, whereas a cushion on top uses pogo pins to communicate to the clock’s foundation.

The Smart Clock 2 is a little gadget by itself, but when it’s in its charging base, it’s about the same size as the Google Nest Hub.

The Qi-compatible recharging interface, which enables Apple’s MagSafe cost and operational, is positioned in the center of the clock base.

When users put it to the test using iPhone 12 Pro, it clicked easily into place as well as the screen showed the MagSafe charging icon as predicted.

Without raising the dock, users was also able to eliminate  iPhone from the MagSafe charger. Users can use the Micro usb port on the back to charge a second phone at the very same time.

When users connect the clock or place a smartphone on the charging, the 11-lumen lights change on for a brief moment, and users can alternatively turn it on by sliding down on the clock screen and clicking the Night Light button.

When users turn on the light automatically, it turns off immediately after one to five minutes, and the evening timer may be adjusted from the options menu.

Lenovo Smart Clock 2 Full Specs & Review


The 4-inch, 480 x 800-pixel ’s screen on the Lenovo Smart Clock 2 impressed me with its sharpness and vibrancy. users  family images appeared satisfyingly detailed when users used the clocks as a frame on the wall, and there was no trace of an effectively deliver.

The Smart Clock 2 lacks the Ambient IQ function seen on Google’s more expensive Nest devices, which adjusts the colour of the screen based on the environmental light in a room.

Even yet, the Smart Clock 2’s more traditional light source sensor did an excellent job of reducing the screen whenever the lights were turned off, and then when the room was completely dark, the display converted to a night vision with a dull digital clock.

Features and Functionality

The Lenovo Smart Clock 2’s screen interface is a stripped-down copy of what  users will get other Google Nest bigger screens, despite the fact that it includes with full-fledged Google Assistant.

Users can choose between 11 different clock faces on the homescreen, or users can utilise the clock as just a picture frame by posting images from Google Photos.

The Smart Clock 2 intelligently keeps with countryside pictures only, rather than seeking to couple photograph photos together or just obscuring the edges of portrait pictures to fill the screen.

Scrolling horizontally on the screen displays one-touch controls for alarm, a nap timer, music (pressing the button resumes playback on the favourite music service in Google Home), and the light switch (which, as previously mentioned, will stay on for four or five minutes).

There’s also an on/off switch for the all the room’s smart connected lighting. Swiping up on the bottom of something like the screen allows the user to change the brightness level, loudness, engage “do not interrupt” mode, and access the settings screen.

Smart Home Control

The Lenovo Smart Clock 2 includes Google Home, which allows the user to access smart home appliances with voice activation, just like users would with a Google Nest Audio or Nest Mini.

When it associated with smart technology and research, Google’s Home platform lags underneath Alexa, but it’s quickly trying to catch up, so most of the major players in the home automation space (including Philips Hue, TP-Link/Kasa Home, LG, Samsung, August, Arlo, and Wyze) all work well with Google Assistant, not to mention Nest programmable thermostat.

However, the Lenovo Smart Clock 2 lacks the extensive sophisticated control displays found on Google Nest Hub products, and users probably wouldn’t be able can stream live video feeds from the smart surveillance cameras to the clock hands touchscreen.

Audio Quality

Lenovo claims that now the Smart Clock 2’s audio has enhanced as a result of its 1.5-inch front-firing loudspeakers but instead of backyard drivers. users  couldn’t compare the Smart Clock 2’s audio achievement to that of its previous incarnation, but given how young it is.

It actually sounds surprisingly awesome, with Billie Eilish’s “Oxytocin” trying to sound comparatively beautifully with a small tiny, tiny little bit of bass, as Well as little River Band’s “Remembering” sounding warmer than users would have predicted. Keep in mind that users were talking clock-radio grade audio there, so set ones behavior accordingly.

When it comes to music services, customers can use the Google Nest app to stream content from Apple Music, Deezer, iHeartRadio, Pandora, Spotify, and YouTube Music, and any music apps that integrate Chrome.

Lenovo Smart Clock 2 Full Specs & Review


Dimensions4.46” X 2.80” X 3.67”
Speaker1.5, 3W front firing
Microphones1 X fartifield  Microphone Array
Memory1 GB RAM, 8GB flash storage
Operating systemAndroid Things
SensorsAmbient Light Acclerometer
Display4” LCD
ColorsHeather Grey, Shadow black, Abyss Blue
ProcessorMediaTek 8167S
Connectivity802.11 b/g/n WLAN Bluetooth 4.2

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