HUAWEI Sound X is Co-Engineered with Devialet to Deliver Hi-Res Audio

On October 22, 2020, Huawei introduced a new wireless speaker in its HUAWEI Sound X Series, a cooperation the acoustics firm Devialet.

The two firms collaborated to introduce the HUAWEI Sound X in 2019, whose, as the first premium wireless speaker, rendered top-of-the-line audio and acoustics technologies universally available to both current users and audio equipment.

The very next HUAWEI Sound seems to be the crown jewel of the long-running Huawei X Devialet collaboration, for all of its amplifiers featuring Devialet-patented acoustic innovations for much more engagement.

The HUAWEI Sound is substantially smaller than that of the Sound X, but it delivering exceptional overflowing audio engagement, demonstrating Huawei’s commitment to quality.

The HUAWEI Sound X uses the Dual Subwoofers from Devialet to generate powerful as well as precise performance. Here have been reasons why and how the HUAWEI Sound X is the perfect loudspeaker to complement to the house, in addition to advanced sound innovation, gorgeous appearance, and engaging capabilities!

Devialet’s Dual Subwoofers

The speaker immerses the audience in sounds while remaining unobtrusive to the external environment. people not sure whether that would be even conceivable.

The HUAWEI Sound X features dual 3.5-inch Devialet subwoofers that generate 60W of thunderous bass while also being compact and lightweight for regular usage.

The bass hits amplitude and frequency of up to 20 mm, allowing users to go and see, understand, and experience the vibrations at a more elevated amount.

Still As A Statue

When listening to music at high volumes, certain amplifiers tremble or bounce violently, lowering the sound experience. HUAWEI Sound X uses an asymmetrical Push-Push acoustical architecture with its double surround sound speakers to address this problem.

Each surround sound system balances out all the other’s back pattern movements while trying to impose the acoustic waves from the other, removing noise and distortions while presenting significantly bigger audio at all sound levels.

Safe And Sound Audio Technology

Devialet’s acclaimed Speaker Active Matching (SAM®) technology delivers an attractive remuneration mechanism aimed at modifying the output signal to meet the personal personalities of the loudspeaker while minimising audio degradation.

As a consequence, hearing audio on the HUAWEI Sound X immerses people completely in the environment that the music conjures up in the customers ’ eyes.

HUAWEI Sound X is Co-Engineered with Devialet to Deliver Hi-Res Audio

Top Quality Sound Everywhere

Whether the HUAWEI Sound X is in the guest room or the lounge room, the speaker would still provide elevated audio everywhere throughout everyone. Six strong full-frequency abilities that still remain possible are equally spaced in a ring form on the HUAWEI Sound X.

With HUAWEI Sound X, you can immerse yourself in a beautiful 360° audio environment for hours and hours. The frequency spectrum ranges from 40Hz to 40000Hz, exposing nuances that are sometimes unavailable to human hearing.

Compact Body

Devialet’s unrivalled ability in the industry has resulted in an innovative four-speaker room acoustics, which includes a 4-inch 40W woofer and three full-range 5W loudspeakers working in parallel.

Notwithstanding its simple design, HUAWEI Sound produces an incredible amount of power, according to Devialet’s Push-Push arrangement, which uses two passive radiators to prevent back wave disturbances.

This significantly decreases the appearance of diaphragmatic reverberation-induced distortions and offers unequalled stability at high volume levels of up to 90 dB, culminating in stunningly clean and deformation sound at all times.

The HUAWEI Sound range has always been known for its powerful bass, and so this all-new model further raises the stakes by using Devialet’s SAM® 2.0 technologies and a first-ever “1 woofer + 2 passive units” configuration.

The woofer and passive absorbers are meticulously modelled and displaced controlled in this highly complex acoustics simulation, ensuring optimally massive synchronous oscillations, deformation narrow bandwidth, and broad bandwidth.

As a consequence, bass frequencies on HUAWEI Sound are louder and richer.

More Ways To Connect, With Improved Tap-To-Transfer Audio Transmission

HUAWEI Sound additionally provides unrivalled simplicity with a wide range of connecting options, featuring Bluetooth (LDAC), UPnP, and 3.5 mm AUX-in connectors. The 3.5mm AUX-in connection must be purchased separately.

HUAWEI Sounds also include a ground-breaking squeeze capability, enabling allows users to instantly route smartphone sound performance to the loudspeaker by merely pressing the smartphone against the speaker body.

LDAC is also enabled, allowing for elevated Bluetooth communication at down to 990 kbps (theoretical value), which really is three times faster than conventional Bluetooth communication.

All Android phones running Android 5.1.1 or newer are compatible using OneHop Audio Transmission.

HUAWEI Sound X is Co-Engineered with Devialet to Deliver Hi-Res Audio - 5

Classic, Devialet-characteristic design

The HUAWEI Audio maintains the preceding Sound X’s luxury aesthetic, with a unique covering that creates a smooth, gleaming exterior suggestive of a grand piano.

A lustrous fibre grid fabric coats the lower section of the housing, allowing for a convenient and simple given configuration and also security from dust penetration and spills.

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The audio on HUAWEI Sound transports the audience to the scenario of a live concert, creating a personal but spectacular encounter.

HUAWEI Sound combines Huawei’s unrivalled connectivity expertise with Devialet’s world-class acoustic performance expertise to create a listening experience which is as expressive as it is distinctive.

Its arrival marks a new phase in wireless Hi-Fi, wherein the psychological relevance of the favourite tunes and soundscapes can indeed be properly replicated by a small, residence Hi-Fi loudspeaker.

Huawei Share

Huawei Proportion makes it very easy to transmit sound from such a smartphone using HUAWEI Sound X.

When a smartphone and HUAWEI Sound X are paired, the smartphone is merely tapped against by the HUAWEI Sound X to begin smooth music streaming and auditory engagement.

The HUAWEI Sound X freezes sound streaming when a telephone conversation comes in, allowing customers to respond to calls on the smartphone while keeping the discussions confidential.

Audio playback continues immediately whenever the line went dead.** Users could also choose to respond via a Bluetooth speaker.

Users can interrupt audio playback by covering the bottom of HUWAEI Sound X using their hands. When users are prepared to start hearing, all users have to do is hit HUAWEI Sound X immediately.

The HUAWEI Sound X is indeed a beauty! It’s attractive to contact, the sight, and the hearing thanks to its sleek look, smidge buttons, and glass surfaces. Each of these factors works together to form the HUAWEI Sound X the ideal loudspeaker for the house!

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