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GMKTEC X-Panel SE Portable Monitor Review

GMKTEC X-Panel SE Portable Monitor –

Ability to separate a screen from the technology that drives it has numerous benefits. In addition, if the unit or screen breaks, the working portion can still be used.

A 2nd screen can be used to enlarge the computers or give customer-facing outputs on a Mac or Pc. It may also effectively turn a tablet or smartphone into the equivalent of a laptop when used in conjunction with a smartphone platform.

All of these features appear to be valuable to many tech users, but there is a financial barrier beyond which technology becomes a must-have rather than a nice-to-have.

Today we’ll take a look at the Xpanel SE, a portable display designed for folks who need an extra screen for whatever reason.

GMKTEC Xpanel SE Portable Monitor Review

GMKTEC Xpanel SE Portable Monitor Specification

Price 18822.16 INR (Approx)
Tilted Up To 90 °
USB-C ports2
Sound socket for headphones3.5mm
LCD panel15.6-inch

GMKTEC X-Panel Design

Most portable monitors are relatively identical, being an LCD panel supported by a kickstand, unless they have specific characteristics, such as the Nexdock 360.

The Xpanel SE does not deviate from these guidelines, and new users will be able to set it up without consulting any manuals.

The stand may be tilted up to 90 ° and can be folded flat if necessary.

The inputs are on the left side of the stand corner, featuring a Mini-HDMI as well as 2 USB-C ports, while the power button, a 3.5mm sound socket for headphones, as well as a tiny switch wheel for running the OSD menu, are on the right.

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Although no power supply is included in the box, USB-C is used for both charging and power. A PSU is listed on the GMKTEC website as part of the package, thus this could be an error with ours.

A decent quality m long USB-C cord, a USB-A to USB-C cord, as well as an HDMI to Mini-HDMI line, were included with the Xpanel.

A single-sheet instruction pamphlet is also included, as well as a display cleaning cloth.

The top & sides of the 15.6-inch LCD panel have 5micrometres borders, however, the bottom has a larger stripe with GMKTEC’s logo on it.

The panel covering is soft rather than hard because this isn’t a touch display, and GMKTEC offers a soft cover to secure it while traveling. Generally, the build quality is good, although the display is described as “fragile” in the paperwork, and the hardware comes with only a one-year guarantee.

GMKTEC Xpanel SE Portable Monitor Review

In Use

Depending on what you’re attempting to accomplish, the user experience of this product might range from satisfactory to frustrating.

The idea of a plug-and-play screen for anyone having a computer or mobile device that supports HDMI or Display Port through USB-C works nicely.

Use it with the same Huawei P30 Pro that was used for the Nexdock 360 review, and it enabled the smartphone to run in desktop mode, giving it a Chromebook-like experience.

Samsung and Motorola, in addition to Huawei, make a phone with Smartphone-as-a-PC capabilities. Google is also integrating this tech into Android, so it’s probable that future smartphones will have it as well.

However, there is one flaw in the port configuration that may have made it better for this application: the decision to include two USB-C connections. While the Xpanel’s two USB-C connectors allow it to be powered as well as connected to a phone, an extra USB-A port would have been useful for connecting a mouse or keyboard.

This is still conceivable with a USB-C hub or Bt peripherals, but the user will incur additional costs.

The OSD, or on-screen screen, is one area where the Xpanel falls short. This menu is not just small in comparison to the display, but navigating it with a strangely little side-mounted thumbwheel gadget is diabolically awkward. Perhaps the size of the reviewers’ hands is a problem, but they expect many users to struggle with this counter-intuitive control.

The menu has the usual suspects of brightness, contrast, as well as colors temperature sensors, as well as the opportunity to enable HDR as well as FreeSync for those who can navigate around it.

You may also adjust the volume of the speakers, although people found that setting them to 100% didn’t produce the volume expected.

The audio output isn’t enough using the Xpanel for watching movies unless you use headphones unless you’re in an absolutely silent environment.


Although most users will not use this monitor for colorwork, they decided to do a screen analysis to better know the panel’s limits.

Unfortunately, this display’s color gamut is just 69 percent of sRGB as well as 51 percent of P3.

Although it comes near to achieving a static contrast ratio of 1000:1, the peak brightness was 231.6 cd/m2, which is far less than what is required for HDR content.

The brightness uniformity isn’t excellent, either, but the color uniformity is acceptable, and the colors it can make are presented with reasonable precision.

Generally, it’s not bad, but it’s nothing to write home about, save from the good contrast ranges.

GMKTEC Xpanel SE Portable Monitor Pros And Cons

Pros Cons
Inbuilt kickstandNo battery
USB-C and HDMILow audio levels
———One year warranty
———Tricky OSD Menu


This item does have a use, but it isn’t one that entirely justifies its cost.

What experts can say is that it fulfills the majority of GMKTEC’s promises, as it operates with desktop-generating cellphones as well as any devices that can produce HDMI.

Its portability is hampered by the lack of a battery, and customers who wish to use a mouse and keyboard but don’t have Bluetooth-capable ones will need a USB-C hub.

While the display isn’t perfect, it’s adequate for everyday use. But it’s a surprise why HDR was included whenever the highest brightness isn’t enough to achieve the required contrast levels. FreeSync, on the other hand, is a dubious addition for a system with a top refresh rate of only 60Hz.

When the low audio levels are taken into account, this isn’t our first pick for gaming or watching movies. Yes, experts can do so, although it isn’t the ideal situation.

The final problem is that it is a cost to compete with branded products with comparable specifications. Although it does undercut a few competitors, GMKTEC only gives a one-year warranty, while ViewSonic offers 3.

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