APPLE AIRPODS 3- From the destruction of the outside voice we need airpods. So we can work and enjoy without any disturbance. The Air Pods 3g headsets have been revealed by Apple. They’ll replace Apple’s Air Pods 2 and Air Pods Pro that are among the coolest wireless earphones on the market these days currently.

For the excellent sound performance, the apple Air pods include better sound for Face Time conversations, Structural Sound, low distortion speaker, strong bass, clear frequency range, moisture proof, new rounded shape, and adjustable EQ, much like the Air Pods Pro.

These sound fantastic than they’ve ever been before. For strong base & clear, pure broad band width, Air Pods (THIRD GENERATION) contain a unique speaker and high – contrast processor. The air pods Pro include AAC-ELD, a speech coding that provides HD voice quality as well as an acoustic net over the microphone to improve sound quality.

Adaptive EQ, spatial sound, and Dolby Atmos combine to create a three-dimensional sound quality that rivals that of a theatre. These characteristics, together with the head-tracking, will allow to feel  good as when you’re in the same room as your Teleconference is going on participants.

Design of APPLE AIRPODS 3-

The AirPods will come with a cover and earphones that are similar to the Apple Airpods. The cover is, although, shorter than the AirPods Pro cover.


The redesigned AirPods will also be devoid of silicone points.

Charge time and battery life-

The AirPods add an additional hour of battery capacity (3g). Up to six hours continuous listening time and four hours of talking time are available. The third Headphones, like the AirPods Pro, can be charged with a MagSafe adapter.

With just five minutes of charging, you can enjoy approximately an hour of battery capacity. Four extra charges are included in the case, giving you a total of up to 30 hours of playback time.

Where Can I Find My-

The Get My connection includes the AirPods (3g). In the Locate My application and Missing Mode, you can get a closeness view but also detachment alarm noises.

Will they be able to use ANC?-

So, if 3 get a redesign like the AirPods Pro, will they also have Active Noise Cancellation like the AirPods Pro?  For the time being, ANC will only work with Air Pods Pro.

It’s simple to understand why. Because ANC is still a popular premium feature in many headphones, the business has decided to keep it in the higher-end versions.


• More peoples choices hearing are supported by the in-ear style compared via other Earbuds.

• A survival rate of two to three years• Excellent audio performance over previous Earbud.

• The noise suppression is quite good.

• Comprehensive iOS start updating.


• AirPods with the highest price tag ever.

• The battery backup hasn’t improved.

• Apple’s community members get the better outcome.

• Approx 2 year survival rate.

New design features-

The most noticeable modification is the redesign, with adopts an in-ear style with silicone tips. This is a substantial upgrade that will appeal to a large number of individuals right away. AirPods’ initial two generations were hard plastic earbuds which sat in your ears as Apple’s famous iPod speakers. They performed admirably thanks to this layout, as proven by their enormous popularity. The one-size-fits-all strategy, on the other hand, invariably leaves some of us out in the cold. I’ve never been able to make it work for me. I was able to slip in my ear, however any abrupt motions or even a short tilt of my head would send them crashing to the floor.


Transparency, Apple’s approach on a managed switch audio setting, would be among the finest I’ve experienced on headphones so far. Although outside noise is increased, the sound is very natural. Visibility mode can be used in small proportions or left on permanently. So, if you prefer the sensation of attentiveness that normal AirPods provide — for example, when walking outside — you may have the same feeling with the Pros.

The audio quality of the Pros is noticeably better than that of the basic AirPods. The ear points’ seal plays a very important role in increasing bass output, and their headphones reach a sweet place in this regard.

It’s tense and direct without being overbearing. However if sound avoidance is disabled, you won’t need to put an emphasis to drown out the clangour of a subway vehicle or the general din of a busy street. Pro, on the other hand, are up to the task if want to bump it up a notch. Well-balanced and accurate to the sound being produced.

Another factor the New Airpods sounded stronger is due to Apple’s Responsive EQ function. Similar to whether the HomePod’s sensors are used to tailor its performance to the architecture, Adaptive EQ uses that in from the outside speaker and changes the lows and mids depending on the personal ear structure, comparable to how sound quality does.


If have a smartphone and haven’t ever purchased Earbuds previously — most likely even though they didn’t fit your ears — the Pros becomes a much good fit. It’s just a shame that if the regular AirPods don’t suit your ears, you’ll have to pay an extra for a pair that does, even if users receive a number of other benefits in the deal.

The AirPods Pro, but from the other hand, remotely compare to completing the classic AirPods theory: the in-ear fit perfectly more ears, the sound isolation exceeds what you’d imagine from tiny earphones, and the audio quality is greater than before.

Pressure sensor adjustments are available on both the Earbuds and Earbuds (third generation). Instead, you must press the outside of the bud with AirPods 2, which would be a bit hit-or-miss.

A sensitive force sensor within every bud is squeezed with your pointer finger to change tracks on the Pro and 3, while a tap and hold on the Pro changes between noise-cancelling and openness modes. Active voice cancellation is available on the AirPods Pro, but not on the AirPods 2 or AirPods 3.

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All of them seem to have the now-standard feature of automatically pausing your music when you remove a bud.

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