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Picoworkers Review 2022

In this Picoworkers review, Picoworkers is a website which pays people for small tasks such as commenting on Instagram post, installing an app and much more.

It is an online marketplace which connects freelancers and businessman all over the world with easy to do and affordable tasks.

Here employers post different jobs or tasks and workers get paid for completing that jobs or tasks. So it might be your another source of income.

What is Picoworkers and How it Works?

Picoworkers is a crowdsourcing platform which is established by OctoBrain Inc., which connects employers and workers to fulfil their needs.

When you sign up, you receive a $2 incentive that you can use to advertise jobs for other workers. Like virtually every other micro jobs website, there are two types of users here:

  • Employers
  • Workers


Employers are people who need employees to complete their tasks. These people give workers certain tasks to accomplish and pay them when they do so successfully.


Workers are folks like myself who want to make money accomplishing simple activities like liking a Facebook page or submitting a review.

You can be a worker and employer at the same time. Yes, you can complete the tasks for money as well as post the tasks for other people at the same time and from the same Picoworkers account.

Hidden Facts About Picoworkers

  • You must achieve good accuracy—more than 90%—or else they will block your account and take all of your pending funds.
  • If particular owners feel you made a mistake, your outcomes will be in their hands. They won’t correct it; they’ll just reject it.
  • The “raise dispute” feature is ineffective.
  • While some jobs are simple, others are far too complex for the time allotted.
  • Although it seems simple at first glance, not everyone finds it to be so. You’ll put in a lot of overtime to make pennies.
  • They have a steep withdrawal fee that the Pico workers conceal from new users.

Picoworkers Overview

Who can joinAnyone
Where it is availableWorldwide
Expected earningAverage $1 to $2 daily
Withdrawal at$5
Is it legitYes it is
Customer supportThrough website
Mobile AppNo(mobile–friendly website)
ReviewsMostly positive
Payment proofAvailable
Overall rating3/5

Who can Join Picoworkers?

The fact that Pico workers is accessible worldwide is a significant benefit. Everyone is welcome. To join, you merely need to be at least 18 years old.

Simply complete their registration form and click the activation link in the email you will receive from them to become a member. Once you’ve completed that, you may log in to the website and begin working.

What are Different Categories of Picoworkers Job

There are several categories, but the work linked to signups and website visits is the most common. Categories consist of:

  • Sign up
  • Search, Click, (Engage)
  • Data Entry, Collection, Extraction
  • Telegram
  • Discord
  • Video Marketing
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • Promotion (Voting & Rating)
  • Reddit
  • Yahoo Answers/Answerbag/Quora (other)
  • Forums
  • Computer programs (PC)
  • Comment on Other Blogs
  • Write an honest review (Service, Product)
  • Write an article
  • Mobile Applications (iPhone & Android)
  • Blog/Website Owners
  • Leads
  • Surveys / Offers
  • Other

The tasks have been categorized into varying degrees. Beginning with a Starter, you can unlock easier and higher-paying categories like Advanced and Expert with good performance.

More Options to Earn Money From Picoworkers

  • Survey
  • Referral program
  • Switch to Employer


They have the choice of a paid survey. There are 12 surveys available right now, with the highest payout being $1.60.

Referral program

You will receive a 5 percent commission of any earnings your referral receives from completing assignments, as well as a 5 percent payment for any deposits they make on Pico workers.

You can ask for as many recommendations as you like. There aren’t any limitations.

Switch to employer 

You’ll come across a lot of sites while working on Pico workers that pay well for referrals. You can hire people and manage projects to get recommendations.

Let’s say a website pays $0.20 for a recommendation that is successful. You can set up a job to pay users $0.10 for signing up. By doing this, you can make $0.10 off of each signup.

To start a work in any area, a minimum payment is needed. As an illustration

  • For signups, you must pay employees a minimum of $0.08 per task.
  • It costs $0.14 for app installation and complicated signup.
  • Go back to the employer page and select Post a Job. You can find the precise breakdown there.

How Much Can You Earn on Picoworkers?

Employers are not restricted, but if you are working for money, the majority of occupations only pay $0.08 per task.

There are numerous tasks that pay $0.03 each assignment that involve viewing websites. Despite the low salary, the task is incredibly simple.

Sometimes you can get those high-paying jobs and make up to or more than $0.7 per work.

If you use a plan, you can earn about $1 or $2 per hour. For typical users, you could spend $30 to $40 per month.

You cannot simply keep finishing jobs; others must post them as well. There is a difference because of this.

Picoworkers Payment Proof

Picoworkers payment proof

How to Withdraw from Picoworkers? 

The minimum withdrawal amount for Pico workers is $5, however because there is a fee for withdrawals, you must have a minimum of $5.75 to withdraw money.

The withdrawal methods include Litecoin, PayPal, and Skrill.

Even you are permitted to operate a task with the identical sum. 

Does Picoworkers for Android? 

They have a simple website where, when viewed on a mobile device, you got the desktop view and must constantly zoom in to find stuff.

It has since altered, though. Although Pico workers doesn’t have a mobile app, their website is responsive and functions precisely like one.

Working on a mobile phone is simple. It works flawlessly on both iOS and Android.

Is Picoworkers Legit? 

Although rigorous, Pico workers is legitimate. Even  across reviews of users who have earned more than $60 from Picoworkers.

It’s legitimate, in opinion, for the following reasons:

  • They have been paying since 2019, and the website is not new.
  • There are numerous payment proofs accessible.
  • The SSL certificate for the website is active.
  • Customer service is available and responsive.
  • Picoworkers received a rating of 58.5 percent from the scam detector, which is quite good.
  • Don’t submit any incomplete or inaccurate tasks. If not, it’s legitimate and will reward your efforts.

Is it Safe? 

They obtained a legitimate SSL certificate, and neither my web browser nor my antivirus software nor firewall software ever flagged the website as suspicious.

The Picoworkers website is straightforward and appears secure at first glance.

Right now, it is secure to work for and deposit money on Picoworkers.

Picoworkers Customer Support

There isn’t a specific email address for support for Pico workers. By using the support tickets link at the website’s bottom, you can get in touch with them.

You can submit your issue by writing it down and including a screenshot, and they promise to get back to you within 24 hours. For general inquiries, they direct you to the FAQ area.

Must remark that the customer service is excellent and quick to answer.

Picoworkers Review

People faced some issues and we are going to share with you in this article. To find out exact benefits and problems, there are reviews of multiple rating websites, YouTube comments, social media, etc.

Rating As Per Websites

WebsiteRatingNo. of reviews
Trust Pilot4.2/5 stars3,368
Site Jabber4.67/5 stars407
Foxy Rating3.5/5 stars56


Pros and Cons of Picoworkers

Give people enough work to get by.Allegations that positive evaluations were purchased.
Straightforward user interface.Exorbitant withdrawal costs.
There are several ways to make money.They are quite stringent and will block you for making even the smallest errors.
There are many favorable evaluations and happy consumers.The majority of jobs pay very little.
Genuine and timely payment.Take a long time to finish chores.

Problems with Picoworkers

You might experience some of these issues at work:

  • No withdrawal option until
  • Rejected proofs
  • Boring work

No withdrawal option until

The withdrawal option is not available until you reach the minimum requirement. This is how your wallet will seem.

If you wish to check the withdrawal alternatives before working as a random user, Pico workers does not offer that. They do it to conceal the withdrawal fees.

Rejected proofs

Most of the time, even though you believe that you have completed the task correctly, you are notified to resubmit the proofs or that your job has been refused.

Boring work

The majority of you will find it challenging to work longer hours because the task is repetitious. Additionally, you won’t be able to withdraw any time soon if you labor for a brief period of time.

Should You Join Picoworkers? 

The question stands even after a thorough dissection of Pico workers. What is the result, and should you participate?

If you are content with earning $1 or $2 a day and enjoy microtasking, we advise you to join picoworkers. There are more effective websites, but it doesn’t imply you should use them.

The greatest micro tasking website by far is Picoworkers; although there are issues and certain unstated terms, it is still legitimate and will pay you on schedule.

Avoid making many mistakes, and the rest will go well. You’ll get paid.

How to Join: Picoworkers Sign up

Pico workers registration is quite simple. There is a brief sign-up form that asks for information like your name, country, and preferred login details.

Later, before you can do any chores, you are required to provide your birthdate and the city that is closest to you.

Everything is really simple and casual, allowing you to get to work right away.

What is the Pico workers rating time?

This phrase refers to the maximum number of days that an employer may need to review the assignments that were submitted.


Picoworkers is a legitimate website that pays on time, offers excellent customer service, and pays fairly for microtasking, according to our assessment.

Along with these, they have severe problems like providers rejecting your assignments and providers hiding withdrawal fees from users.

In conclusion, Picoworkers is a good website to use if you enjoy earning money by browsing websites, leaving comments on social media postings, and installing apps. The website is legitimate, but they are strict.

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