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How to Make Money with Clickbank Without a Website in 2022

Make Money with Clickbank Without a Website- The profitable field of affiliate marketing has now become widely accepted. More people are deciding to use online product promotion to boost their income. Despite the fact that there are several strategies and ideal practises for affiliate marketing, many people first wonder how they can promote ClickBank products without a website.

Promoting without a website’s primary objective is to drive visitors to a referral link. Media purchasing, influencer marketing, as well as content marketing are the three methods to use.

Every type has its own particular costs, scaling challenges, and learning curves. Find out which method is the most effective for you to use to promote Click Bank products without a website by reading on!

What is ClickBank and How we can Make Money with clickbank?

In 1998, ClickBank was established and has since grown to be one of the biggest online marketplaces for digital goods.

More than 10,000 active product sellers and more than 100,000 affiliates work for this international online shop to market the goods and generate substantial revenue.

Given how many people are already writing blogs and creating videos about ClickBank, many of you who have been looking for information on generating money online must have already come across this brand.

Here is a quick summary for those who haven’t heard of it.

Simply simply, ClickBank is one of the biggest marketplaces for affiliates and those who provide digital material.

It is a location where vendors (companies or individuals) post their goods or services (mainly digital goods or services), and affiliates advertise these goods and services in exchange for a certain percentage commission on each sale they bring in.

The commission may change depending on the product. You can make a commission on some things as low as 20% (which isn’t awful at all), and as high as 90%. As a result, it’s a great place to start earning money online.

There are two categories of products:

  1. Offer one-time commission
  2. Offer recurring commission

You have the option of selecting a product that pays you a one-time commission for each sale or one that continues to pay you commission (on top of the initial commission) as long as the consumer remains a customer of the business.

Since the latter offers a recurring commission, I favor it more often.

How to Make Money from ClickBank Without a Website

  1. Open a ClickBank account.
  2. Pick a product to advertise.
  3. Produce a Hoplink.
  4. Establish a landing page (Paid or Free).
  5. Make money by driving traffic to your landing page.

You can grasp the entire process by following these instructions. Make a note of these steps; they will be helpful to you later on.

Digital Media Buying

The technique of acquiring ad spaces on websites, search engines, and mobile apps is known as digital media buying. Without a website, it is the highest form of promotion. Additionally, it is the most costly. To purchase digital media, there are various options. The two most common methods for affiliate marketers are to purchase Google and Facebook advertisements. Through Google Ad Words, you may also purchase native advertisements and discover more about doing so.

However, several of the most popular ad buying channels have risen in cost and level of competition. New ad channels like Spotify and Reddit are some of the finest places to start if you want to get into buying digital media. The CPM (cost per mille) is cheap, and figuring out how to get started requires less time and resources.

Even while new methods of purchasing digital material may be less cutthroat, you will still need to invest money to get started. If you want to have access to thorough guides on purchasing digital media, you might also decide to invest some money on educational materials.

Digital media buying is infinitely scalable. You can advance as an affiliate marketer rather quickly after you discover offers that convert and gain confidence in your ad-design abilities. You will succeed if you learn to test ads and produce ads that work.

Pro Tip: No matter which platforms you choose to advertise on, always read, comprehend, and abide by the ad guidelines. Ads will be rejected if you break the rules and you will receive a penalty.

Cost: $$$

Unlimited Scalability

Class 4 learning curve; you might want a professional tour guide for this.

Influencer Marketing 

Another approach to conduct affiliate marketing without a website is through influencer marketing. The Ultimate Influencer Marketing Guide states that influencer marketing is a sort of advertising that focuses on employing influential people to spread the word about your business to a wider audience. Instead of actively marketing to a sizable audience of customers, you encourage, employ, or pay influencers to spread the word about you.

This refers to advertising a product to your audience through a referral link for affiliate marketers. Of course, your audience size is the limiting element for influencer marketing. You need customers to market to in order to be effective as an influencer marketer.

ProTip: Choose your field carefully because you don’t want to unintentionally label yourself as an influencer, which will make expanding your following more difficult. Check read our earlier blog post, “What Are Social Media Influencers?” for more details on influencer marketing.

Cost: $$

Scalability: Limited by the number of followers.

Class 2’s learning curve could see various ups and downs.

Content Marketing

Without a website, content marketing is the most basic type of affiliate promotion. The worst case scenario of content marketing is “link dumping,” which involves slathering referral links all over discussion boards, websites, and comment sections. However, this is irritating and shady, therefore we don’t advise it.

Instead, you may improve people’s lives by responding to queries about the things you are marketing on discussion boards like Reddit and Quora. Although it can be challenging, writing persuasive and educational text will increase your credibility and advance your affiliate marketing career.

In the end, content marketing is laborious and time-consuming. Meanwhile, it is totally free and a helpful method to begin. Depending on the caliber of your content, it can also offer some immediate gains.

If you want to progress to the more advanced kinds of affiliate marketing without a website, this is a fantastic place to start. The biggest obstacle to scaling with this approach is time. Simply put, there isn’t enough time in the day to create original forum responses and content that includes product referral links.

ProTip: Look for samples of material that includes a referral link and study the copy there. If you can identify what is effective in the market for the product you’re promoting, there is a formula for content marketing that may be followed.

Cost: $

Scalability: A solid foundation, yet unsustainable.

Class 1 learning curve: This is a rather simple process.

Affiliate Marketing Is Time Consuming

No matter which strategy you use to advertise ClickBank products without a website, be ready for failure. Learning affiliate marketing requires perseverance, practise, and time. Finding something that works and then making your own version is the best way to learn.

Follow the successful examples. No matter what, if you persist, you’ll undoubtedly score one or two victories. When you receive your first commission check, allow that wonderful sense of victory to motivate you as you move forward in your career as an affiliate marketer.

Can you make money on ClickBank without a website?

By listing your own products on the network, you can start making money with ClickBank without having a website. You can upload your games and programmes to the website if you’re a software creator so that others can advertise them. You might also include eBooks you created about business, education, or other subjects relevant to your expertise.

Can ClickBank Actually Generate Income?

Absolutely, yes! You can anticipate making between $15 and $50 from a single sale thanks to ClickBank’s comparatively high commission rates. This means that affiliate marketers can make up to $200 per day in passive income by referring just four sales.

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