What is a Business Day?

What is a Business Day? The term Business Day is used to designate those days on which you have to work, and that do not belong to the weekend.

It is an old concept, which does not always coincide with working days, since currently, there are many workers who have to carry out their work on non-working days.

But, nevertheless, it must be taken into account that Business Days are when the state and regional Public Administrations will work.

Normally, these Business Days will be the days of the week when the person is dedicated to producing, having to be a longer period than the rest.

Another important aspect is the duration of the Business Day since for financial institutions it will last from 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m., while for other institutions it will be until 8:00 p.m. or 9:00 p.m. 00 hours.

What is the difference between Business Day and Natural Day?

All calendar days are considered Natural Days, if the year has 365 days, all of them will be natural, 366 for a leap year.

Business Days are marked by Law, and are Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday, while Saturday and Sunday are considered Non-Business Days.

The most important thing about this issue is that when a procedure ends on a Non- Business Day, the completion period will be the next Business Day, that is, if it ends on Saturday, the next Business Day will be Monday, and not Sunday. a Non-Business Day as well.

What are Non-Business Days and Working Days?

As we have previously commented, the Non-Business Days will be Saturdays and Sundays, in addition to all the days that are declared state or regional holidays.

While the Working Days will depend on the company where we work, since each one will have its own working calendar, although, in general, Working Days are considered from Monday to Saturday.

How long does it take on a business day with shipping?

In shipping, a business day refers to an official business day, weekends and holidays are excluded. This varies in different regions. In North America, a business day is typically Monday through Friday. In the Middle East, a business day can be Sunday through Thursday.

What is considered 1 business day?

A business day is a popular time unit of time that typically refers to any day that normal business operations are conducted. In Western countries, this is generally considered Monday to Friday 9 am to 5 pm local time, and excludes weekends and holidays.

What day will it be in 10 business days?

So if you are expecting something to arrive in 10 business days, it will be around 2 weeks (including the two weekends). 10 business days are only considered Monday through Friday on weekend days. So 10 days is 2 weeks. A trading week is Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday.

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What day will it be in 9 days?

This means that 9 weekdays today would be May 13, 2021.

Can you ship overnight?

Delivery Days Saturday delivery is available in certain areas for an additional charge. FedEx Standard overnight is only available for Saturday pickup. Saturday delivery is not available for this service. On-site Saturday wait is available at no additional charge.

Does the post office deliver on Saturday?

As a result, we are making some temporary changes to postal services. «From May 2, we will no longer temporarily deliver the letters on a Saturday. We will continue to provide a letter delivery service from Monday to Friday as Normal. “Customers should continue to post both letters and packages as usual on Saturday.

Do we receive mail on Saturday?

USPS offers mail Monday through Saturday. If you live in a rural area, you may have to drive to an office post office store or USPS office to get mail because sometimes carriers do not go out to rural areas on a daily basis. There is no mail delivery on Sundays or holidays unless it is a category of special mail.

On what days is the mail delivered?

Mail is delivered every day, except on Sundays and the following holidays:

Friday, January 1new year day
Monday, January 18Martin Luther King JR Birthday
Monday, February 15Washington’s Birthday (President’s Day)
Thursday, May 31memorial day


When legal and judicial documents and texts are analyzed, it is very common to see the review on the same business days and hours. However, it is not always very clear when a day is considered a business day for judicial purposes and at what time.

It is the Civil Procedure Law that clarifies these points, as well as the one that indicates a basic rule:

“Legal proceedings must be carried out on working days and hours.”

Starting from this premise, the law proceeds to analyze what are the business days and hours, in addition to many other considerations that must be taken into account in relation to judicial deadlines


The law defines business days indicating which are non-business days. Therefore, we find that for procedural purposes the following are non-working days :

  • Saturdays and Sundays
  • On December 24 and 31.
  • The days of National Holiday.
  • Holidays for labor purposes in each Autonomous Community or Town.
  • August.


For its part, with regard to business hours, the regulation states that business hours shall be understood to be between eight in the morning and eight in the evening.

Regarding acts of communication and execution, however, the hours will be somewhat broader, since working hours will be considered those who take place between eight in the morning and 10 at night.


Regarding business days and hours, everything can be varied by the courts.

The rule states that ex officio, or at the request of a party, the courts can authorize non-business days and hours, although there must be an urgent cause that requires it.

In addition, this authorization may be carried out by Court Clerks in the following cases:

  • When its purpose is to carry out procedural actions that must be carried out in matters of its exclusive competence.
  • In the case of actions ordered by them.
  • When they tend to comply with the resolutions issued by the Courts.


We have explained that the court may convert non-working days into working days and hours, but for urgent reasons. The logical question is, what is considered urgent?

The current legislation explains it. It indicates that the actions of the court whose delay could cause serious harm to the interested parties or to the good administration of justice, or cause the ineffectiveness of a judicial resolution, will be considered urgent.

Furthermore, in urgent actions such as those indicated, the days of the month of August will be direct business days without the need for express authorization. The same occurs with non-business hours, where authorization will not be necessary to continue urgent actions that have been initiated during business hours for the essential time.


Q: What is a business day?

A: A business day is a day on which businesses operate and conduct their usual activities, such as opening for business, conducting transactions, and performing regular business operations.

Q: What days are considered business days?

A: Business days typically refer to Monday through Friday, excluding weekends and public holidays. However, some industries may have different definitions of business days, such as financial institutions that may consider Saturday a business day for certain transactions.

Q: What is difference between a business day and a calendar day?

A: A calendar day is any day on the calendar- but a business day is a day on which firms are open for business. Weekends and federal holidays are included in calendar days- although they are often excluded from business days.

Q: How many hours are in business day?

A: Depending on the firm and the sector- a business day can be any number of hours. A normal business day lasts between 8 and 10 hours- while certain companies may work for longer or shorter periods of time.

Q: What are the typical business hours?

A: Business hours vary depending on the industry and company. Most of businesses are open during standard business hours. Which are generally Monday through Friday from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm.

Q: What happens if a deadline falls on a non-business day?

A: If a deadline falls on a non-business day. Like weekend or public holiday, the deadline is typically extended to the next business day.

Q: Do business days vary by country?

A: Yes, business days can vary by country and region. For example, some countries may have different public holidays or work schedules that affect business days.

Q: How do businesses handle weekends and public holidays?

A: Businesses may be closed on weekends and public holidays, or they may have reduced hours of operation. Some businesses, such as hospitals or emergency services, may operate 24/7 regardless of weekends or public holidays.

Q: Can businesses choose their own business days and hours?

A: Yes, businesses can choose their own business days and hours based on their industry, customer needs, and other factors. However, some industries may be subject to regulations or standard business hours set by government agencies.

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