How to Automate Travel Booking Processes for Maximum Efficiency

Automate Travel Booking Processes: Automated travel systems streamline the booking process and the data collection involved, making corporate travel plans easier to organize and create. Corporate travel has seen a steady increase over the last decade, and the use of automated systems has become the new standard within many industries.

If you are interested in automating travel booking processes for maximum efficiency, keep reading because below we go over how to do so.

Consider Which Processes to Automate

For some companies, it is beneficial to automate the entire travel booking process while other companies only need to automate a few processes.

Consider which processes can be streamlined for efficiency and which should remain within the hands of a travel manager or agent. Once you have determined which tasks to automate, you can start looking into specific software and applications.

Knowing Your Budget

Before any plans and reservations are made, you must know how much can be spent on your trip. Many tools can be used to automate your company’s budget to ensure minimal human errors interfere with the financial side of things.

Here are a few top-rated tools that can optimize the budget portion of booking and planning a trip.


Tripcoin lets you enter your expenses per day or trip and creates a categorized breakdown of where money has been spent. For example, restaurant visits and grocery store shopping will be in one category, while cab fare and plane tickets will be in another.

This data can be used by individual travelers on the team, or all spending on a company card can be recorded in one account. With Tripcoin, management can monitor daily spending without requesting expenditure reports.

Tripcoin is especially helpful during the planning process because as you book hotels, air travel, etc., you can see an automatically updated visual representation of the budget.

Trip Expense Manager

Trip Expense Manager is similar to Tripcoin but focuses more on group traveling plans.

With this app, you can link Google users and see the categorized purchases of each individual.

Some categories include dining, hotels, transportation, and entertainment. Trip Expense Manager is great for planning because users can add their destinations including business meetings, hotel locations, and airports.

Booking Accommodations and Transportation

Most team members know the broad details of who they are traveling with, where they are going, and when they are departing, but when it comes to making reservations, they become overwhelmed.

With the apps and websites below, you can simplify the booking process for hotels, and transportation.


TripIt will be the place where your team members see the fine details of their reservations. This app is easily accessible and has all reservations organized in a calendar. One of the primary benefits of TripIt is its ability to store and send confirmation emails, so booking details are always at your fingertips without having to search through emails or paperwork.

Hotel Engine

Hotel Engine is a business-to-business booking platform that offers discounts on over 700,000 hotels around the world. Since Hotel Engine is for business travelers, creating group reservations is easier than typical booking sites.

Hotel Engine provides its users with a project manager who will take care of the entire process. Your project manager will take note of preferences such as location, whether you would like a hotel or a motel, how many rooms are needed, and the length of stay. After receiving the trip’s details, your project manager will prepare all bookings for you.


Finding group airline tickets at a good price is one of the most challenging tasks within the booking process, which is why Flightfox is such a handy tool.

Flightfox is an app dedicated to finding corporate travelers the maximum discounts on airfare for the entire team. Flightfox is simple to operate. All you do is provide a few details and an agent will find the best flight options for all travelers.

Start by registering your team with Flightfox, and the agent will select the perfect transportation option according to convenience, comfort, rewards, upgrades, and more.

Using Flightfox is one of the best ways to automate transportation bookings because their agents ask for travel specifics and then handle the entire reservation process. All you have to do is confirm the proposed transportation option and let your team know the details.

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