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Hide Apps: Best App Hider On Play Store

Hide Apps stands as the best App Hider on the Play Store. Ever heard the saying that precise calculations yield flawless results? Well, here’s a clever twist – imagine a calculator app that’s not just for math but also a secret keeper for your important apps! This special App Hider, available on the Google Play Store, has captured the attention of 5 million users since 2020. Despite appearing as a calculator, it’s a nifty utility working behind the scenes to conceal your Android apps. Let’s explore the features of this App Hider for a clearer understanding. Download it now to add an extra layer of security to your phone!

App Hider on Play Store:

  • App Name: App Vault
  • Provider: ZipoApps
  • Current Downloads: 5M (38.2K Reviews)
  • Published on: Google Play
  • Size: 25 MB

Why hide apps?

Well, when we get a phone, we fill it up with things like social apps and banking stuff. Those apps become super important. So, to keep them safe from snoops, you can use an app hider from the Play Store.

Is it a must?

Yep! Think about it – sometimes we leave our phone unattended, like when we’re in the shower or sleeping. Someone might try to peek at our phone, and that’s where an app hider saves the day. It’s like a secret keeper for your apps!

Here’s a list of more vaults for added privacy:

Double Tap App Hider, Clock Vault, Audio Vault, Torch Vault, Dialer Vault, Notepad Vault, Calendar Vault, Compass Vault, and Calculator Vault. Each one is like a secret hideaway for different things on your phone!

Is App Hider safe and where does it come from?

Well, we got it from the Play Store, as mentioned earlier. No worries about safety because the Google Play Store has strict rules, and they only have apps that follow those rules. And if an app breaks the rules later on, they take it down.

Hide Apps – a cool secret folder!

All the hidden apps are web-based, so no need to install them on your phone.

Here’s what the fake calculator can do: Hide Apps securely! It turns into a secret space where you can access almost all web apps by setting up a fake calculator icon and interface.

App Hider is super for social apps! It supports various web apps like Social Apps, Shopping Apps, and Media Apps. Using Calculator Vault is easy:

  • Find the apps you want on the secret list.
  • Add them to the app home screen.
  • Set up a fake calculator password.
  • No installations needed – quick access to all hidden apps with App Hider. They’re all web apps, so just click in the drawer to find almost everything.

Hide Apps – Double Up on ONE Phone:

It’s not just for hiding; Hide Apps can be your second space too. With App Hider, you can have dual apps on your phone and log in to two accounts simultaneously.

  • Pick the apps you want for your second account.
  • Log in to your second account using Hide Apps.
  • Two accounts, two lifestyles – all in one place!

About App Hider-Hide Apps and Photos:

App Hider is a versatile app available on Google Play that excels at hiding other apps, such as WhatsApp, Instagram, and Facebook Messenger. It also functions as a reliable app cloner, allowing you to access multiple accounts from a single device. Additionally, App Hider can conceal photos and videos and even disguise itself as a Calculator for added privacy.

Key Features:

  • Hide Apps:
    • Import the app you want to hide into App Hider and uninstall it from your home system.
    • Optimized for social apps like WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook Messenger, and Telegram.
  • Clone Apps (Dual Apps):
    • Access multiple accounts for social media and games from a single device.
    • Clones can run independently without the original app installed.
  • Hide Photos and Videos:
    • Import photos to a hidden gallery within App Hider.
    • View and play hidden photos and videos directly from the app.
  • Hide Myself (Calculator Vault):
    • App Hider can transform into a Calculator Vault for added privacy.
    • Input the correct password into the calculator to reveal the App Hider home.
  • 64-bit Support:
    • Supports 64-bit mode for apps like WhatsApp and Telegram.
    • Additional 64-bit support library may be required.
  • Android 8 Oreo Supported:
    • Compatible with Android 8 Oreo.

How to Hide an App:

  • Import the app into App Hider.
  • Launch the cloned app within App Hider to ensure functionality.
  • Uninstall the original app from your device.

Managing Notifications:

  • Turn off notifications from hidden or dual WhatsApp through App Hider settings.

Hide App Hider Itself:

  • Tap ‘Protect App Hider’ in App Hider Home.
  • Set up a password and wait for App Hider to transform into a Calculator.
  • Open the Calculator, enter your password, and access the App Hider Home.

Additional Information:

  • Settings allow customization of the default icon and name.
  • Consider using an alternative app with similar features if you want to avoid default app icons and names.

About App Hider-Hide Apps and Photos:

  • Developed by Hide Apps (NO ROOT).
  • Version 3.4.0 available on Google Play.
  • Install by clicking ‘Continue to App’ on our website or through Google Play.
  • Follow on-screen instructions for a secure installation process.

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