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HBO Working on Fix for ‘Can’t Play Title’ Error on Apple TV 4K

HBO Working on Fix for ‘Can’t Play Title’ Error on Apple TV 4K. HBO is working on a patch for the “can’t play title” issue that some customers are getting on their Apple TV 4K. All Apple TV 4K units using the HBO Max app version 52.50.1 on tvOS 16.1 appear to be impacted by the problem.

According to Chris Willard, SVP of Communications at HBO, they are “informed and working on a fix.” The development team is actively looking into the problem, according to the company’s specialized support staff, who advise checking for upcoming updates to assist resolve it. They responded to my own ticket with this information.

If you’re having this problem, some people have had success with force quitting, logging out, reinstalling, or restarting to resolve it. If none of those suggestions work, you can briefly disable HDR. You may accomplish this by going to Settings > Video and Audio. Change Format to SDR, disable Match Content, match Dynamic Range, and match Frame Rate after that.

How to fix HBO for ‘Can’t Play Title’ Error on Apple TV 4K

That is merely a part of the offered solution. To get started, select Settings from the Apple TV Home Screen, then select Video and Audio. You can adjust Format to SDR, Match Content to Disable, Match Dynamic Range to Off, and Match Frame Rate to Off in this section.

A Second solution to try was to adjust the resolution to 1080p or 720p, according to customer service.

Hopefully it will fix soon.

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