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Apple is reportedly developing its own search engine to take on Google

As per a recent article, the team is focusing on "search skills that may compete head-on with Google." It won't be completed, though, until at least 2026.

Apple is reportedly developing its own search engine to take on Google- A recent article from The Information examines Apple’s continued effort to build internal search capabilities but paints a bleak image of the introduction of a direct Google search competitor. The report’s sources claim that an Apple search engine cannot feasibly launch over the next four years, even if it does.

By purchasing the news/recommendation business Laserlike, which was created by three former Google search personnel, Apple’s search strategy received a boost in 2018. At the time, the project was important for Cupertino, and Srinivasan Venkatachary, a co-founder of Laserlike, had a leadership position in a team of at least 200 people dedicated to search, which was independent of and in addition to the team in charge of search on the App Store.

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The three Laserlike founders, however, have now joined Google, “giving a possible blow to the Apple team discreetly building search capabilities that may fight head-on with Google’s,” according to The Information. Apple is reportedly “at least four years away from introducing a potential Google search alternative,” according to sources.

It’s crucial to emphasize that Apple’s intentions, both before and after losing key search personnel to Google, were probably not centered on creating a direct rival to Apple prioritizes search as an integrated feature since it’s essential for Spotlight on Mac and iPhone, Siri Suggestions, as well as Siri’s ability to better respond to inquiries.

Even if the team is independent, it would be anticipated that developments in one area may at least somewhat influence others since App Store search has traditionally not been outstanding. In fact, the paper mentions that work done by Venkatachary’s old team may someday be used in both Apple Music and this field.

Additionally to improving the caliber of its goods, internal search capabilities could have a more noticeable impact on Apple’s revenue.

Regaining internal control over search would open up new revenue growth based on advertising as well as data capture, regions that Apple hasn’t previously shown attention to but which might fit its recent behavior. Currently, it outsources search to Search engines in a deal that earns it approximately $18 to $20 billion annually.

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