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Roblox to let users import contacts and add recommended friends

Roblox to let users import contacts and add recommended friends- To make it simpler for users to identify and interact with friends on the gaming platform, Roblox has included two new features: “Contact Importer” and “Friend Recommendations.”

To ensure a secure and excellent experience for its community, Roblox has taken steps to meticulously test the new functions over time, the platform said in a blog post.

Players can quickly locate and connect with their real-life pals using the “Contact Importer” tool by uploading contacts from their phones.

This feature uses the same contact names that are saved on users’ smartphones to make it easier for them to recognise their friends on the platform.

Players that are at least 13 years old will be able to use Contact Importer.

As opposed to this, the “Friend Recommendations” feature offers users a list of suggested Roblox players they may know and find interesting.

Users who are at least 13 years old can simply evaluate these ideas on the main page and add friends immediately by using this tool.

The gaming platform revealed its ideas for social gaming to top 3D artists, programmers, builders, and content creators in September after outlining its aim to enter the meta verse.

Although the features are widely used elsewhere, the majority of Roblox’s features operate rather differently from those of other social networks and more conventional online games. For starters, Roblox caters to a far younger audience, with tens of millions of children under the age of 13 regularly using the programme. Another sizable portion of the company’s user base is made up of young people, and Roblox is working hard to keep that demographic and develop its products to meet their requirements as they become older.

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