What is MS Word? Basics, Uses & Features (2022)

What is MS Word?- It is a word processing software. Ms word is widely used Microsoft software of Microsoft. Because in it we can make all types of professional work or documents like: resume and CV, letter, mailings, cover page, applications, certificates and DTP(Desktop publisher). Ms word has two Extension and that is .doc or. Docx. And we can see .doc in those versions which came before 2007. And we can see .docx in the latest versions which is released after 2007.

What is MS Word? Basics,Uses & Features

WinWord and winword.exe opens the word. We can see winword.exe in 2007 and before 2007 versions and we can see WinWord in latest versions which came after 2007. It has 5 bar and in it if you forget the file or documents to save by default then it will automatically save the data in doc.1.

What Are Some Features Of MS Word?


Here, we get some basic elements like: font size, font style, bullets, font colour, line spacing and alignment etc.


In it we get so many options like: we can add graphs, images, charts, tables, footer, page number, shapes and header.


here, we get some features like: we get a lot of templates and designs which helps us to create the documents and improve the documents appearance.

Page Layout

here, we get some common features like: columns, lines, spacing, identification and orientation etc.


It is very useful for those people who love to write the books, creating a thesis etc. In it we get more features like: bibliography, caption, citation, footnote and table of content etc.


In it we get some different and very useful features like: spell check, language, grammar, translation, word count, comments etc.

What Is Thesaurus In MS Word?

Thesaurus is a Software tool which is used in MS word. And it helps to find synonyms and antonyms for the selected word area.

What Is The Difference Between MS Word And MS Excel?

MS Word

It is a processing software. It is used for writing the content, essay, preparing graphical documents with images, editing and formatting etc.

MS Excel

It is a spreadsheet software. It is specially used by accountants where they can save the data in a tabular form, in numerical and alphabetical values.

It Provides So Many Shortcuts Like:

  • New = Ctrl+N
  • Open = Ctrl+O
  • Save = Ctrl+S
  • Paint = Ctrl+P
  • Copy = Ctrl+C
  • Cut = Ctrl+X
  • Paste = Ctrl+V
  • Undo = Ctrl+Z
  • Redo = Ctrl+Y
  • Bold = Ctrl+B
  • Italic = Ctrl+I
  • Underline = Ctrl+U
  • Superscript = Ctrl+Shift+’+’
  • Subscript = Ctrl+’=’
  • Font size = Ctrl+Shift+P
  • Right align = Ctrl+L
  • Center align = Ctrl+E
  • Select all content = Ctrl+A
  • Find and replace options = Ctrl+G
  • Open help = F1
  • Spell check of selected text = F7
  • Save as = F12
  • Close = Ctrl+W
  • Insert correct date = Alt+Shift+D
  • Insert current time = Alt+Shift+T

Where Is The Auto Correct Options In MS Word? And What Is The Use Of Auto Correct Features?

First, Open the MS word doc, and then go to file, then click on ‘options’, after that go with proofing and click on Auto Correct options. And the Auto Correct tab tick mark the misspell word in the box and saying replace the text as you type.

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Uses : it helps to correct the spelling errors and find misspelled words and sentences. It is also automatically insert the symbols and other text wherever is required.

(Personal tip: Add one picture of MS word screen where describe the all the parts of that page.)

Some Magical Tips And Tricks:

  • Press =rand() for sample of the paragraph.
  • Press =rand(no. Of sentence and no. Of paragraph) for specific sample of a paragraph. Ex. =rand(3,4)
  • Press _ _ _+enter for making a thin line after the paragraph.
  • Press shift+’_ _ _’+enter for making thik line.
  • Press shift+8 or * for 3 times to make a dotted line.
  • Press ‘=’ for three times to make double line.
  • Press shift+3 or ### for making three lines.
  • Press shift+’~’ for three times to make a zigzag line.
  • Press ‘(word+Enter’ for copyright symbol. Ex. ‘(c+enter’
  • Press'(Tm+enter’ to create TM (trade mark) symbol.
  • Press ‘(’+’r’ to create a registered mark.
  • Press shift+’;’+'(‘ to create sad emoji face.
  • Press ‘:’+'(‘ to create a smiley emoji face.
  • Press shift+|\ to create simple emijo face.
  • Press less than button for one time and press dash button for two times to create left side arrow.
  • Press dash button two times and greater than button for one time to create right side arrow.
  • Press less than for one time and equal for two times to create left side thik arrow.
  • Press equal button for two time and greater than button for one time to create right side thik arrow.
  • Press less than button+ equal button  + greater than button for one time to create double side arrow.

What is Microsoft Word, and what are its features and applications?

MS Word is a word processor developed by Microsoft that is used to create professional-quality documents, letters, reports, and so on. It offers advanced capabilities that enable you to format and modify your files and documents to the best of your ability.

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