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Model PI :Tesla’s 1st Smart Phone

Model PI is the First Smartphone launched by Company Tesla which is an Automobile company. Paypal. Tesla. X is for ‘space’. Dogecoin. Everything Elon Musk touches seems to convert into money and good technology for individuals that can be used in their daily lives. People pay attention when someone speaks. But, for some reason, Musk and Tesla made a potentially large revelation this week, and no one appeared to notice.

The smartphone in question is the Tesla Model Pi. Tesla will begin producing and selling it in the near future.

As a result, in this piece, we’ll look at what Tesla has planned for this newer model and, more significantly, why. Then, if people get one, people will consider the long-term ramifications of having this smartphone.

Why Does Tesla Want To Make And Sell A Model Pi Smart Phone?

Tesla has long claimed to be an automobile technology firm, not merely a car manufacturer. This is also supported by the performance of the company. The ‘conventional automakers’ are dwarfed by its stock price and the market value. As people can see in this chart, Tesla is worth upwards of twice as much as Toyota and almost ten times as much as BMW.

Tesla is also defying the downward trajectory in auto sales. They’re delivering more automobiles throughout a period when the industry is experiencing chip supply problems. Traditional car manufacturers are unable to produce and sell additional vehicles as a result of the these shortages. Now, if Tesla is so good at creating cars, why would it want its own smartphone?

Many smartphone firmware upgrades, Musk claimed in a presentation, cause significant emotional and psychological distress in ways that are compatible, performance, especially protection. Musk also claims that as an iPhone user, each upgrade is becoming less remarkable.

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Would it not have been amazing if people can somehow convey the destination to the automobile immediately from the phone? Tesla and Musk believe that a smartphone’s objective of becoming the car’s principal processor is achievable. Use mobile phone to connect with the automobile so that it understands what people really want about and how to get people somewhere. So there people have it: the Model P/Pi phone’s inspiration.

Tesla Model PI Phone Features

So, whatever distinguishes this phone from everyone else? First, another of the iPhone’s main architects, Antonio de Rosa, nowadays is heading for Tesla, having created some of Apple’s best high – end specifications for the iPhone. Here’s a video that introduces the Tesla Model PI phone:

  • Start the car, turn off the engine, and contact Tesla or the authorities.
  • When people can’t speak, such as after an accident, use a Neural link Neural network to read both thoughts and nonverbal communication requests.
  • There are four cameras in all.
  • Sync with other Tesla devices, not only the car, for crypto mining resources for Marscoin.
  • Solar energy has been used to charge the device.
  • A possible link to data from the Starlink satellite

Let’s Take A Closer Look At A Few Of These Characteristics:


Neural networks appear weird, if not spooky, in this context. However, it is employed as a safety mechanism with Neuralink to assess ideas and prospective statements that are just not comprehensible to some other person. And if people are unable to speak as a result of a terrible car accident, this could save the life.

4 Cameras

It appears that people may be possible to use both cameras at the same time, for example, one to take a photo and the other to take a video, or one to zoom in near and another to zoom out. This functionality would be a lot of fun for individuals.

"Model Pi": Tesla's 1st Smart Phone

Crypto Mining Resources For Marscoin

people are aware that Elon Musk is enthusiastic about conquering Mars, right? He claims that the smartphone would facilitate crypto mining for Marscoin, the crypto and governance coin which will be required by inhabitants on Mars. Marscoin ($MARS) is presently traded on and Finexbox against USDT or BTC. MARS is currently trading at a bit over 6 cents for those who are interested.

Solar Energy Charging

This is a fantastic idea that has finally come to fruition. people wi You’ll spend less time looking for adapters and can charge the phone from wherever.

Sync With Other Tesla Devices

Do people really have any idea what Starlink is? It’s a subsidiary of SpaceX. It makes use of satellites to assist bring high-speed internet to rural as well as other lower elevations.

Users might well be able to connect with Starlink and upload additional data into the phone or immediately into the car since Tesla wants people to be able to connect to other Tesla devices, not even just cars.

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Effects And Benefits Of Tesla Model Pi Phone O The Crypto Economy

Mining Marscoin and doing so using satellite communications could have significant consequences for the Tesla Model Pi. Users might be able to extract additional PoS and non-energy intensive PoW cryptocurrencies using the phone. Users might even use it to stake ones chosen cryptocurrency without any need for other accounts.

Consider how the phone and car communicate with one another. The automobile will notify customers if they have earned a portion of a block reward as well as how much staking fees they have received.

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But at the other hand, here seem to be three scenarios in which the new Tesla Model Pi Phone could benefit crypto users right away:

Scenario 1: Built-In Wallet That Crushes Apple Pay, Google Pay, And Banking Services

Just about everyone people encounter in crypto needs to break free from the shambolic legacy banking system that is in place in the majority of countries. Imagine not having to use any debit or credit card when driving in the Tesla or simply out and about with the phone; instead, customers may pay with the Tesla wallet.

There was no need for ApplePay or GooglePay to keep the credit card details from leaking out or their reputation from being stolen. It’s something that people can purchase for with the cryptocurrency wallet. Alternatively, Tesla may opt to establish a TeslaPay to competing with ApplePay.

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And just knows Tesla and Musk would make it enjoyable and simple to use. Probably with Marscoin’s reward points as well.

Scenario 2: Contactless Gas And Toll Payments All In One Place

Every car, whether that’s a gas, CNG (compressed liquefied natural gas), electricity, or Plutonium like the “Back to the Future” car, requires fuel from time to time. Consider the case of Tesla:

  • The phone interacts with the automobile.
  • The phone receives a notification from the automobile that people really are almost out of gas.
  • The phone consults Google Maps to determine the location of the nearest petrol station (or charging station).
  • It’s paid for in bitcoin or one of a variety of other methods through the built-in wallet.
  • Just fill up the petrol tank or charge the car, and people are off. All of this happened in a matter of a few seconds.

Each significant toll roadway, as people can see, has its own mechanism, and many of these are inconsistent. It’s also possible that this is cashless. So rather than sharing both payment and personal information with EZ Pass and five other toll-management businesses, a built-in Tesla purse that works in tandem with the car and phone could pay and go.

Scenario #3: Crypto Adoption Soars

Crypto popularity might explode from where it is currently, thanks to mining, payments, and possibly incorporation of other companies like Lightening or crypto debit cards. All of these applications are presently available. They are, however, splintered, with individuals using:

  • for debit cards
  • Figment for staking
  • Lightning for Bitcoin micropayments
  • Uniswap for swapping
  • Pancake
  • Swap for farming

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What about if the Tesla Model Pi only includes two or three of these services for people?

What about if crypto services were just that much easy to use and integrate? Tesla has their wallet, and they want to use it.

The use and adoption of cryptocurrency in the retail sector would soar. That’s ordinary folks using technology in various ways.

"Model Pi": Tesla's 1st Smart Phone

Full Specifications


Screen Size5.8 inches
Screen Resolution1920 X 1440 pixels
Pixel Density400 Pixels Per Inch (PPI)
Display TypeLPTS QHD+


Rear Camera Resolution16 MP
Front Camera Resolution13 MP
Video RecordingYes
Video Rec Recording4K Video recording
Camera FeaturesAutofocus, Flash, Geo-Tagging, Touch Focus, Panorama, Digital Zoom, Face Detection


Internal Storage128GB


Operating systemAndroid
OS VersionAndroid Oreo 8.0


Battery Capacity3850 mAh


SIM card SlotDual SIM
SIM Card TypeSIM 1: Nano SIM
SIM 2: Nano SIM
BluetoothYes, v4.2
3.5mm JackYes


ProcessorOcta core processor


4GYes, 4G LTE – B1 / B3 / B5 / B8 / B40 / B41
3GYes, UMTS 2100 / 900 MHz
2GYes, GSM 1800 / 1900 / 850 / 900 MHz
Wi-FiYes, Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n, Wi-Fi Direct, Hotspot

Other Feature

Fingerprint ScannerYes

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