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How to Watch Amazon Prime for Free

How to Watch Amazon Prime for Free- Amazon Prime Video Is monthly Subscription there is way to watch Amazon Prime for free.

One of the biggest streaming services in the world, Amazon Prime Video is a fierce competitor of services like Netflix and Disney+.

It’s simple to understand why more and more people are joining up for a subscription when there is such a strong lineup of originals available, like The Boys, The Wheel of Time, and the impending The Lord of Rings: The Rings of Power series.

The more comprehensive Amazon Prime subscription service that costs $14.99/£7.99 per month or $139.99/£79.99 per year, includes Amazon Prime Video. For $8.99/£5.99, you can also purchase it as a stand-alone video streaming service.

However, you can also watch all of your favorite TV shows and films for free.

How to Watch Amazon Prime for Free

Use a free trial of Amazon Prime Video

Right now, signing up for a month-long free trial is the easiest method to receive a free Amazon Prime Video subscription. You won’t incur any fees if you cancel before the time period expires.

Here you may sign up for a free trial of Amazon Prime Video.

Since the free trial is linked to your Amazon account, there isn’t really anything prohibiting you from creating other Amazon accounts and using them all for the free trial.

But that’s not just a little cheeky; it’s also inconvenient. However, there are alternative free options for obtaining Amazon Prime Video.

Bundle in Amazon Prime Video with a phone contract

US customers who have a Metro by T-Mobile plan that includes Amazon Prime Video can also bundle in a complete Amazon Prime subscription. Additionally, you will benefit from all of the additional Prime benefits like e-books, flash deals, and next-day delivery.

If you’re searching for a new mobile contract in the UK, select O2 contracts include Amazon Prime Video for free up to 6 months. Customers can also choose Audible or Amazon Music Unlimited as alternatives.

Sign up for Amazon Household

You can utilise Amazon Household to access Amazon Prime Video for free if a family member is willing to share their Amazon Prime account with you. As an alternative, you can each pay your own portion of the monthly fee to save money.

What you need to do to add a second person to your Amazon household is as follows:

  • You might need to log onto your account before you can access the Amazon Household page.
  • Decide if you want to add an adult or a child.
  • Enter the person’s name and email address if you want to add them to the account.
  • Give someone permission to use your account and your payment information.
  • The invitee will receive an email and have 14 days to accept the invitation.

Amazon Prime Student Six Month Membership Trial

Any student who accepts this excellent deal is entitled to two days of free shipping as well as unrestricted movie and television streaming for six months. Additionally, they are qualified to receive a 50% reduction on the yearly membership fee at the conclusion of their six-month trial.

Necessary to finish the verification.

Authenticated school e-mail address
Transcripts OR a copy of your letter of acceptance
A valid student identification card

Key Features of Amazon Prime Video:

  1. Watch anywhere: Prime Video is available for use on mobile devices, tablets, smart TVs, and gaming consoles. It functions on three devices at once.
  2. Watch Offline: You may effortlessly watch titles offline by downloading them to your Android and iOS devices.
  3. Low Data Usage: Use your mobile data or WIFI network to watch your preferred movies or videos.
  4. Family-friendly: Parental controls are simple to utilize. Parents can therefore personalize the viewing experience. Successful shows like Chhota Bheem, Doraemon, and Shinchan are loved by kids.

How to activate Amazon Prime Video FREE Trial:

  1. Visit the Prime Video website by clicking Here.
  2. Select “Start at Rs. 999” from the menu.
  3. Register for a new Amazon account.
  4. You will see a $2 payment option to start the free trial.
  5. Your Amazon Prime Video FREE trial has been successfully activated.
  6. To prevent being charged Rs. 999, make sure to cancel before the 30 day mark.

Information on Prime Video:

Top Prime shows streaming now: The Family Man Season 2

Amazon Prime Video is now available in India at last. After Amazon Prime was introduced in India for FREE and FAST delivery, Prime Video was available in the US. As a result, Indian consumers are really excited about Prime Video. However, its live streaming services are now available to us.

It offers streaming options comparable to our Hotstar and Netflix in the United States. If you have Amazon Prime, you can watch Prime Video without doing any additional work. Simply sign in to Amazon and start using their services.

Following the trial, you may join Prime for a full year for just Rs 499. Therefore, Prime Video currently costs Rs 42 per month. Compared to Netflix, which costs Rs 650 a month, this is a much better deal. Additionally, Hotstar costs Rs 199 for subscription each month. So, compared to other streaming services, this one from Amazon is far more inexpensive.

Unexpectedly, Prime Videos can be seen using an Amazon Prime account in other nations. As a result, you can use your active Prime account abroad. Depending on the country, Prime Video has a distinct catalogue. You may use an Indian account for just Rs 499 in the US, where it would cost approximately Rs 6700 ($99).

Popular and recent Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Bengali, Marathi, and English films make up its filmography. Amazon Prime Video offers the possibility to download videos and watch them offline in addition to a huge selection of movies.

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