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How To Activate Amazon Prime With Airtel

How to activate amazon prime with Airtel? It goes without saying that the majority of Indians enjoy watching television and movies. But over the past few years, something has changed.

Cable TV used to be the main source of content consumption. That is no longer the case, though. OTT is currently the emerging trend in entertainment.

Due to a number of advantages, Over-The-Top platforms have recently experienced enormous growth in popularity. For instance, there are no intrusive commercials, you can watch them wherever you are, on a variety of devices, with support for numerous languages, and a lot more.

Due to their popularity, a number of OTT services have emerged, with Prime Videos being one of them.

Content on Amazon Prime Video

The Amazon Prime Video OTT streaming service is really amazing! It has a vast library of movies, serials, and web series.

Viewers can watch these programmes in a variety of languages, including English, Hindi, and others.

As a result, you may now enjoy top-notch entertainment from the comfort of your home regardless of your language proficiency.

What else? Even several movies that have won awards might be found here. The top Hindi and local films and television shows may also be found on Prime Video.

For the little ones in your house, it also provides a sizable selection of animated television series. This is one of the greatest OTT subscriptions available because to all these features.

There is just one minor issue, though. The cost of an Amazon Prime membership is fairly high at $1,499 per year. What can we do in such a situation, then? Be at ease. Airtel has your back once again in this situation.

Keep reading to learn how Airtel You may watch material for free thanks to Prime Video.

How to Activate Amazon Prime with Airtel Thanks?

It’s really easy to sign up for Amazon Prime with Airtel Thanks. Simply take the following actions:

  • Installing the Thanks app on your mobile is the first step.
  • It is accessible on both the Android and iOS operating systems.
  • You must set up your account after downloading the app to your device.
  • Request an OTP by entering your 10-digit mobile number.
  • Your phone number is now validated after you submit the OTP.
  • You can now utilize your Thanks app.
  • You must now use the Thanks app to perform a prepaid reload.
  • Prime Video Mobile Edition will be available to you for 30 days after you complete the recharge at no additional cost.

How to activate Airtel Thanks Amazon Prime?

To activate your Airtel offer for the mobile version of Amazon Prime Video, follow these steps:

  • On your smartphone, launch the Thanks app.
  • Customers who qualify can view the Prime Video voucher in the app’s rewards section.
  • Simply click “claim now” at this point to continue.
  • You can log onto the app with your Amazon credentials if you’re already a customer. If not, you will need to open a brand-new Amazon account.
  • The Prime Video mobile app will now display a welcome page. This indicates that your subscription is now active.

More ways to get Airtel Thanks Amazon Prime Video

Even more options exist for obtaining Prime Video. Change to the Thanks Platinum programme to receive 6 months of Prime Video for free on your mobile device.

However, there’s still more. Additionally, Disney+ Hotstar will be available on mobile.

In light of this, joining the Platinum programme grants you access to not just one but two OTT platforms!

Other advantages include the following, among others:

  • Airtel offers special treatment
  • Free Apollo 24/7 Circle membership with a $100 FASTag cashback.
  • Free Wynk Premium membership
  • Airtel Secure access
  • free online training


So, now you completely aware about how to activate amazon prime with Thanks App. You only need to adhere to the requirements to upgrade to the platinum plan in order to receive these benefits. Additionally, Airtel will give you customized deals and discounts that are made especially for you.

Use Airtel to pay utility bills or as an extremely efficient recharge app. You can even use it as a payment app, in addition. Continue to wait? Get the app right away!

People May Ask 5

Q- For Airtel customers, is Amazon Prime free?

A- A one-year Amazon Prime membership is included in the postpaid plans from Airtel. The operator offers a Free Amazon Prime Membership with postpaid pricing starting at Rs 499, Rs 999, and Rs 1,599.

Q- How is Amazon Prime activated?

A- You may currently acquire Prime membership at a discounted rate by paying 179 for a month, 459 for three months, or 1499 for an entire year.

  • Subscribe to Amazon Prime
  • Visit Amazon Prime now.
  • Tap or select the sign-up button.
  • To complete the payment and register, adhere to the on-screen instructions.

Q- Airtel offers Amazon Prime, right?

A- You have a terrific choice in the Airtel Amazon Prime Package if you want to watch the entire library of high-quality Prime Video content on your phone. By purchasing the Airtel prepaid recharge plan, which offers a selection of Data Packs and Unlimited Calling Packs, the Prime Video Membership can be activated.

Q- How do I make use of my Airtel Thanks rewards?

A- These awards are easy to claim. Simply click on the Thanks banner to download the Airtel Thanks app or update to the most recent version. You can directly claim the prizes from this page after receiving all the information about the awards that are qualified.

Q- How can I obtain my Amazon Prime After Airtel free trial?

A- Visit the Airtel Thanks app and select the Discover #airtelThanks option in the top right corner of the homepage. To redeem the promotion, click the PVME tile on the Thank You page and sign up or log in with Amazon. After you recharge a pack that qualifies, you’ll get an SMS with a link to activate your 30-day PVME free trial.

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