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How to send anonymous mail

How to send anonymous mail- Having an anonymous email account has many benefits. Discover how simple it is to send anonymous emails.

Have you ever had a desire to send an email entirely anonymously? Maybe you want to secretly confess your love to someone. You may also be a journalist or an informant who has to alert someone without raising any red flags.

There are several good reasons for sending an anonymous email. Online services that let you send an anonymous email are available for free. As an alternative, you may safeguard your identity by using a VPN and a throwaway email account.

Sending an email without exposing your identify is simple. Here’s How to send anonymous mail.

How to send anonymous mail

These are some methods on how to send anonymous mail

1. Use a Burner Email Account and a VPN

2. Use Your Email Client and a VPN

3. AnonEmail for sending Anonymous email

4. Cyber Atlantis for sending Anonymous email

5. ProtonMail for sending Anonymous email

1. Use a Burner Email Account and a VPN

An excellent option for sending an anonymous email is using a webmail service like Gmail. You may open a Gmail account without giving any personal information. You can use that email id as a burner account later on.

Additionally, when you send an anonymous email through Gmail, the email header’s originating IP address—which indicates where the email originated—is a Google server address rather than your own. You gain more privacy thanks to the change in IP address.

The IP address in the email header would only identify a Google server location if it were possible to trace it. Even if the server may not be nearby, it is still worthwhile to hide your identity.

Increase Your Email Anonymity Using a VPN

By adding a virtual private network, you may improve your privacy (VPN). Not certain what a VPN is? Read about what a VPN connection is and how it functions specifically.

Instead of depending on a free VPN, we strongly advise subscribing for a reliable VPN service. 

Your IP address is protected once you are connected to the VPN. There are two variations when you send an email from your Gmail account:

If you look for a server’s IP address, you won’t find a Google server close to where you are, and if the government asks for your IP address, Google can only provide it to them if you use a VPN service.

In relation to the latter, it’s critical to choose a commercial VPN provider that doesn’t keep track of your connection information. They can flip over a log if there is one. More records will likely be kept by a free VPN.

You should be aware that a disposable email address is not same as an anonymous burners email account.

2. Use a VPN and your email client

Using an email client that is already installed on your computer is the second way to send an email anonymously. There are three actions to follow to guarantee your anonymity:

Create a disposable email account (like Gmail, Yahoo Mail, GMX, or similar)

Install Thunderbird or a different cost-free email programme.

Download and sign up for a VPN service (follow the instructions from the first section)

Simply start your VPN and check that your machine is utilizing a distant IP address. Next, utilize the throwaway account to send an email using your email program. Rather than your originating IP address, your VPN IP address will be displayed in the email header.

3. AnonEmail

AnonyMouse offers the anonymous email service known as AnonEmail. Using a network of nodes, the AnonEmail service enables anonymous email transmission. It is hard to trace an email sent using the service back to you since it bounces via a number of random nodes.

Utilizing AnonEmail is simple. You select “Send Anonymously” after entering the recipient, the subject, as well as a brief plain-text message. AnonEmail does not (appears to do) log your IP address, in contrast to many other services. My IP address was not shown or tracked throughout testing. However, I would highly advise against sending any confidential or unlawful information.

AnonEmail will hold off sending your email for an unspecified amount of time as an added security precaution. Because you become even more cut off from the email by doing this, you are no longer aware of the email’s send time, send location, or any potential geographic assumptions based on time zones.

4. Cyber Atlantis

Another free anonymous email provider that removes your IP address is Cyber Atlantis. PGP encryption is also a feature of the Cyber Atlantis service. This implies that in addition to sending your email without revealing your IP address, you can also encrypt its content before delivering it.

The email’s contents are then entirely secure. With a private key, the message’s content can only be seen by the public key’s owner. Public-key encryption, however, may have unforeseen consequences. For instance, the anonymous email receiver might try to identify the sender if the encryption key isn’t frequently used and has only been given to a small number of individuals.

5. ProtonMail

ProtonMail is the solution if you require a totally secure, anonymous, as well as two-way email service. Millions of individuals depend on ProtonMail’s long history of providing secure email services to keep their correspondence private and anonymous at all times.

ProtonMail’s essential features include:

End-to-End Encryption:

All saved messages are encrypted in addition to being encrypted when they are transmitted from ProtonMail servers. No one can view your messages unless they have access to the authorised ProtonMail account.

Private User Data:

Even ProtonMail’s system admin cannot see your messages since ProtonMail encrypts communications using a key that is stored on your machine. Unfortunately, this means they are unable to help you retrieve your account. The good thing is that they are no longer able to deliver your messages to any regulating body.

Open-Source Cryptography: 

You can be certain that ProtonMail employs open-source encryption tools and that no one has access to your emails because there are no “back doors” available. Both system admin and hackers fall under this category.

Consider opening a ProtonMail account and using that as your primary address if you often send two-way encrypted emails.

The Best Anonymous Email Provider

Which anonymous email provider is the best? Your needs will determine the response. Check out ProtonMail if you often send anonymous emails and need the added security of encryption. Your email account is inaccessible even to ProtonMail!

One of the browser-based anonymous email providers provides a fast cure if you’re in a bind.

How can I send an anonymous email for free?

The best free anonymous email accounts in 2022
Guerilla Mail.
Secure Email.

Is sending anonymous emails legal?

As long as you’re not utilizing anonymous messaging to breach the law, it’s lawful to send messages. For instance, you are not breaking the law if you are not utilizing your anonymity to send spam or violate any online regulations, such the American CAN-SPAM Act.

How can I send an anonymous letter or mail?

An anonymous letter or mail ought to be formatted similarly to a typical letter. Add your target’s address but leave out your own in the letter. Leave a blank space at the top right of the letter. Instead, put the date at the top-left corner of the letter, followed by your target’s address in the space immediately below.

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