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Alldocube iWork 20 Pro 2-in-1 Window Tablet Review

The third edition of Microsoft’s pretty popular Surface Go 2-in-1 foldable notebook was just introduced. The technology has spawned a generation of imitators, the most current of which is the Chuwi Hi10 Go.

Alldocube iWork 20 Pro-

Alldocube iWork 20 Pro joins the roster as a viable competitor towards the Surface Go 3 on paper, but with a somewhat lower performance but a much, much cheaper cost tag.

Besides its awful found it very useful, it scores admirably over a wide range of evaluations, and it is somewhat transportable and well-connected.

The sleek design, on the other hand, is a bit of a stumbling block for individuals who would use it to type. For efficiency enthusiasts, the multitouch trackpad and the tiny trackpad are underdeveloped.

It isn’t that they’re awful inherently; rather, they can’t override the basic laws of physics. The architectural limits, as well as the requirement to keep anything light and small, present a number of barriers.

Alldocube iWork 20 Pro, a new laptop from Alldocube, has been unveiled but is now available internationally. Users that want to create, investigate, and live stream on the go are the core demographic.

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The Pixel density is a 10.1-inch screen with a 1,920*1,200-pixel definition and a 180-degree objective lens. The microprocessor is a two-core Intel Celeron N4o20 with 4 GB of RAM memory function.

4K video streaming is supported by the CPU, and an external display can be attached through HDMI. The flash storage capacity is 128 GB, with M.2 SSD expansion options.

The Alldocube iWork 20 has a USB port that supports both Type-A and Type-C. In the telecommunication services industry, Bluetooth 4.2 and WLAN are supported.

The case’s two cameras, one on the front and one on the back, each have a capacity of 20 megapixels. The running system has been installed as Microsoft Windows 10.

The tablet can be easily placed on a table or in the kitchen thanks to the metal case’s incorporated stand. The Alldocube iWork 20 is instantly accessible in Asia and the middle east for the amount of roughly 250 Euros, and may also be acquired as an essential

Alldocube iWork 20 Pro 2-in-1 Window Tablet Review


The iWork 20 Pro’s quality has favorably impressed users. It’s totally comprised of glass and metal, as well as the back with front corners have a polished metallic finish.

Alldocube went with a much more traditional look with rounded edges. A 10.5-inch full HD+ (1920 x 1280 pixels, 3:2 aspect ratio) completely laminate IPS screen with a facing camera and a 2-megapixel webcam is included on the front of iWork 20 Pro.

A super hydrophobic layer appears to be present on the panel. A 5-megapixel camera is positioned on the back, which is useful for fast exterior photographs on the construction site.

A Type-C Access point, 2 consecutive USB 3.0 ports, a tiny HDMI output, a 3.5mm audio jack, a MicroSD card, and a 3.5mm barrel-style connector round out the connectivity options.

A POGO connection for the physical keyboard is located on the smartphone’s bottom edge, whereas the pushbutton and volume buttons are located on the upper portion.

The iWork 20 Pro’s measurements are 255 x 181 x 9.6mm, with a weight of 600g. Add an additional 5mm and 249g for the keyboard. It’s worth noting that the 1024-level pressure-sensitive stylus is, unfortunately, an added cost. The tablet is always at the proper angle thanks to an adjustable kickstand, which also conceals two loudspeaker grills.


The hardware part that the iWork 20 Pro runs on are a common one that will be found in so many low-cost laptops, small PCs, and 2-in-1 tablets. The Intel Celeron N4120 processor, which has four cores, four threads, and Intel UHD Graphics 600, is the most common.

The Core i5-5200U, which was released in 2015, is just marginally slower than that of the Core i5-5200U, according to Enjoy excellent CPU Benchmark.

It has 8GB of LPDDR4 memory and a 128GB SSD from an unknown Vietnamese manufacturer (Faspeed K7N-128GH), which is most probably upgradeable. A 26.6WHr batteries, powered by a 12V, 2A (24W) power supply, and a Realtek 8821CE Wireless LAN card with 802.11ac Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 4.2 are among the other capabilities.


CPUIntel celeronN4120
GraphicsIntel UHD graphics 600
Screen10.5 inch 1920 X1280 Full HD + Resolution
Storage128GB SSD
Ports1-USB-c,2-USB 3.0, 1-micro HDMI,microSD card reader,audio jack
ConnectivityRealtek 8821 CE,wi-Fi, Bluetooth 4.2
Size255X181X9.6 mm
Alldocube iWork 20 Pro 2-in-1 Window Tablet Review


The laptop runs Windows 10, and it is unknown whether it will be able to run Windows 11. There isn’t any malware, which is a big plus in the book. Whenever it comes regards sheer computing capabilities, the N4120 is a touch slower than the m3-8100Y (, and despite using an SSD, it is one of the slowest users have seen yet.

In terms of the overall customer experience, the iWork 20 Pro suffers from the normal drawbacks that come with any small Windows machine of that size.

The keyboard is still the biggest embarrassment, as the smaller, flatter keys with little feel are only ideal for brief typing sessions. The trackpad is more rectangular than we expected, measuring 48 x 100mm, which is shorter than the competitors.

The touchscreen, on the other hand, is the cherry on top. It’s clear and bright, with a pixel density that’s higher than the average, dark blackness, plus high contrast. Oh, and then when it comes to typing, the 3:2 aspect ratio works brilliantly and feels more natural.

The battery performance is also a happy surprise, clocking in at around over five hours on the YouTube countdown test with both the illumination set to highest and resource-conserving settings turned off.

Due to short storage capacity, the fact that now the iWork 20 lasted this long without needing to be charged is a huge plus.


Passmark CPU3126
CPU Z200single thread,809 multiple threads
Crystal Disk Mask503MBps(read),326MBps(write)
AJA452 MBps(read),308 MBps(write)
Windows Experience Index4.4


  1. True 10.5-inch form factor with a 3:2 aspect ratio
  2. Decent
  3. Bundled keyboard
  4. Good battery life


  1. Weak storage performance
  2. Bluetooth 4.2
  3. More Expensive

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