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Will Twitch ban gambling streams following more controversy?

Will Twitch ban gambling streams following more controversy? Twitch will it outlaw gambling? Many people are wondering that now that scandals are piling up and becoming more visible on the streaming platform.

With many of Twitch’s most successful streamers devoting whole live broadcasts to spending huge sums of money on sponsorship gambling sites, gambling has grown to be a significant presence on the network. The streaming community is concerned about the impact these well-known streamers have on their primarily youthful audience, which is another major cause of criticism surrounding the expanding category on Twitch.

Will Twitch outlaw gambling given the uproar it has generated on the streaming service?

Is gambling allowed on Twitch?

Due to sponsorships from gambling companies, several prominent streamers have been deeply involved in the industry. Adin Ross and Felix “xQc” Lengyel, two broadcasters, recently acknowledged having wagered more than $600,000 on virtual slots. The tremendous quantity of gaming that xQc has engaged in has even raised concerns from xQc’s own father.

Several well-known broadcasters, such Amouranth and Imane “Pokimane” Anys, have stated a dislike towards gambling on Twitch.

“Just because something else [on Twitch] that is less awful is legal, does that indicate that we should allow worse things? Such poor reasoning for a civilised society. If anything, the order should be reversed. Pokimane said that we should declare “f— gamba” and “f— some of these microtransactions that exploit people.”

Despite the prevalence of gambling on Twitch, until quite recently, most discussions about it took place primarily inside the broadcasting community. The seventh-most watched category on Twitch, according to a report on gambling recently published by mainstream news outlet Bloomberg, is gaming.

Some in the streaming community are speculating as to whether negative news will finally persuade Twitch to take action now that gambling has gained more attention. According to a Twitch spokeswoman quoted in the Bloomberg article, the firm is “now in the process” of researching gambling habits on the platform and future enforcement measures.

Direct connections to gambling websites cannot currently be marketed through the platform’s Twitch feeds. However, it’s been said that Twitch is looking into additional options to safeguard its viewership from harm. This indicates that Twitch could want to regulate gambling more rigorously in the future, but nothing concrete has been officially said to that effect to far.

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