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How To Unlock Developer Options In Android 12 And Access Powerful Hidden Features

Android 12 was released a few months ago, and it comes with a slew of new forward-facing capabilities. The majority of the changes are evident on the Home screen, and icons have finally gotten their due. The new ‘Material You’ design language from Google is flatter and more in line with the rest of the operating system.

Even if Android 12 adds a slew of new customizable features, users could always activate or unlock the Developer Options to access a wealth of secret features and functionality.

How Users Can Easily Unlock Developer Options?

At the moment, Android 12 is only accessible on eligible Google Pixel devices, but it will be rolled out to other OEMs in the coming months. If Users already have an Android 12 smartphone, anyone may access the Developer Options, which also will allow users to experiment with a variety of sophisticated tools and features.

Keep in mind that these capabilities are geared toward programmers. So be cautious when users are messing around.

One of the first things users have to do when users get the new Google Pixel 6 or 6 Pro is open the hidden “Developer options” menu. Don’t be put off by the word “developer” because this hidden Android 12 menu contains functionality that any Android user could use.

If you don’t have a Pixel 6 or 6 Pro, however could still access the “Developer options” menu on any other Pixel model, as well as devices from other OEMs such as Samsung. Even if Users have never updated any system or purchased a Pixel 6 or 6 Pro, Experts will teach everyone how to accomplish it on Android 12. Even if users have never upgraded the system or purchased a Pixel 6 or 6 Pro, the process is basically the same as on older Android versions.

Here’s how anyone can access developer options on Android 12 if Users are not familiar with it. Simply follow the step-by-step instructions provided below.

  • The first step is to open the Settings android phone.
  • Scroll down to About Phone and hit it.
  • Scroll to the bottom of the page and tap the Build Number seven times.
  • “Users are now a developer!” will be written on the prompt.
  • To unlock developer options in Android 12, users may be asked to input the passcode.
How To Unlock Developer Options In Android 12 And Access Powerful Hidden Features

To activate developer settings, simply follow the steps above. It is, however, another way to gain access to the unlocked developer choices. To access developer settings on Android 12, follow the steps outlined below.

  • Go to Settings and select System.
  • Select Developer Options from the menu.

How Can People Make Android Developer Option Faster?

On Android, go to the Information section and tap the model number five times in a row to enable Developer Options. Developer Options will then appear in the Settings menu. Users can turn off the device’s animations.

Is It Safe To Enable Developer Mode?

With development settings enabled, there is no (technical) security risk. They are normally deactivated since they aren’t useful to most users, and some of the choices can be harmful if used wrong.

Best Android Developer Options

Android’s everywhere This app, and also the options panels in individual apps, provide a wealth of customization options. Did users ever consider, though, that the Developer options menu contains extra tools with which people can try?

The Developer options section of Settings is concealed by default, but it’s simple to unlock it and explore its contents. Let’s take a look at some of the greatest Android Developer options to consider.

Stay Awake

While users activate this option, the phone’s screen would stay on even when it is connected into a charger. This is important for developers who want to keep an eye on their programme over period, but it can also be used by regular users.

This feature can be useful if People really need to keep Twitter or another similar app open for live updates but don’t want to continuously tapping the screen to keep it active.

Just keep in mind that if people already have an AMOLED screen, users should avoid leaving it on for too long to avoid screen burn-in.

OEM Unlocking

As much as people might be aware, most Android smartphones allow the user to access a custom ROM, which substitutes the default operating system with a different one.

Users must first unlock the bootloader in order to do so. The flashing process, which duplicates the present OS, will not work unless users want to do so.

It’s important to note because activating this option does not unlocked the bootloader; rather, it allows the device to do so later via fast boot commands.

As a result, unless users plan to install a custom Firmware on the device, then should just not activate this. It renders the phone more susceptible when it is turned on.

How To Unlock Developer Options In Android 12 And Access Powerful Hidden Features

Running Services

The Windows Task Manager can be used to examine current activities in Windows. There isn’t a similar app on Android, although this Developer options entry comes close. Running Services allows customers to see how much RAM is being used by presently running apps. Tap one to learn more about each of its current procedures and offerings.

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While this knowledge is important, users should not be concerned about managing everything users see here. Users shouldn’t have to interfere because Android handles RAM well on its own.

Experts urge that people should only use this information for academic purposes. Use these to correctly manage space on the Android phone if it appears that apps are continuously using more and more RAM.

USB Debugging

Without mentioning USB debugging, no list of Android Developer capabilities would be complete. It is necessary for developers and beneficial to everyone else.

By utilizing specific instructions, USB debugging allows any Android smartphone to communicate with the PC. Users may use the Android SDK on the computer to issue orders to the phone, such as installing apps, collecting logging data, or even rooting it. For additional information, see the complete USB debugging guide.

Select Mock Location App

It’s no secret that smart phones track people whereabouts on a regular basis, which creates privacy issues. But did  guys know that Android can report fictitious places instead of the actual location? This option necessitates the installation of a different program, such as Location Changer, that may create fake locations.

Anyone may use the app that makes the phone claim that people are everywhere they want once they have installed it and selected the Developer option.

However, please remember that this merely spoofs GPS coordinates—other data points, such as the IP address, might be used by apps and websites to figure out where users actually are. For additional layers of privacy, users might want to use a VPN on Android.

How To Unlock Developer Options In Android 12 And Access Powerful Hidden Features

Feature Flags

You might be familiar with the phrase “flags” from other apps, such as Google Chrome. They are exploratory functionality that Google would not include in future regular releases. These capabilities for Android can be found under the Feature Flags menu.

On Pixel 4 running Android 11, this menu remained empty at the time of writing. If people are using a beta version of Android, then might see more options here at various times. Take a check now and then to see if there’s anything new might want to try.


This is the only thing users need to do. The Developer Options in Android 12 provide a lot of tools and capabilities, as users have seen. For example, users can activate wireless and wired USB debugging, as well as the option to display the refresh rate. If users don’t like the option, users could always restore Developer Options using the Developer Options toggle.

Users can experiment with the developer options, but keep in mind that the functionality is designed for programmers. If users activate capabilities that they will be unfamiliar with, the platform will suffer as a result.

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